Camera accessories: 5 Accessories Every Avid Photographer Should Own


Globally there has been an increase in the overall individuals who want to become better photographers or videographers. Camera accessories enable photographers and the videographers to excel in their field.

Whether its a photo studio in Dubai or a vlogger on the mountains of china they will still be able to provide higher quality content.

The camera does matter after all

Yes, you read that right. The camera does matter so we recommend that you choose the best camera for your needs.

There are tons of options to choose from and different camera have different accessories that go along with it. There are compact, bridge, DSLR and mirror-less cameras.

Each of the aforementioned cameras have advantages of their own. It is essential to be aware of your needs. If you want to do professional photography you are better off with a mirror-less or a DSLR camera.

Whereas, if you are looking for a camera to just do light recording then you are advised to refer to compact or bridge cameras.

Cameras such as Fujifilm Instant camera are not ideal for content creators. Although the cameras can be used for any desired activities.

Some cameras require just charging and a small compact SD card. Whereas, older bridge cameras relied on films to capture the picture.

Chances are if you are a content creator you are better off with modern smartphones cameras that can provide the best picture quality.

Top 5 camera accessories

Now that you have picked your poison. Let’s talk about 5 essential accessories that can possibly help in improving the quality of the content.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4

DJI Osmo is a unique hand held tripod that results in smoothest and the most stable video. Using DJI you can capture the crispiest content.

DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is ideal for vloggers and travellers. It useful with smaller mirror-less cameras such as the infamous Sony A7 Mark III.


It is the go to choice for most travellers for years. The handheld device can work with your smartphone by changing the interchangeable bracket to hold smartphones.

Accessory Mic: Rode VideoMic Go

If you are a vlogger for someone who produces videos for a living. RodeMic is a high quality on camera microphone that is used by filmmakers and content creators such as vloggers.

The mic uses a supercardioid polar pattern ensures the focused audio directional audio. The mic is made from high quality light weight materials.

The Mic comes with a shock mount that removes the noise that comes from handling. This leads to the crispiest sound that does not even require any background noise reduction.


The new high quality lightweight construction provides a windshield that is best for outdoor recording. The mic does not require any batteries, as camera directly powers it.

It is most popular amongst DSLR and Mirror Less camera fanatics. The mic is easily the best investment that ensures the best quality audio.

Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 LED Light

Ever wanted to capture video in different luminescent shades? External led lights for camera to record naturally filtered content has can be done for a long time.

The led contraption has eight LED lights that provide the best color whilst ensuring that it fits right in your pocket.

The led light has its own rechargeable battery that can charged using a USB cable. This is an inexpensive product that improves the quality of the content.


The other solution would be to buy the stand and led lights to light up the subject area that is being recorded which costs a lot and takes time to set up. What does this mean for you? It means the most appealing content.

The products provides different shades that change the warmth and the coolness of the video which is essentially the hue of light.

Now you can do that with the help of Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 Led light. This is one of the best camera accessories that must be in every camera enthusiasts backpack.

Atomos Ninja V

One of the modern day tech that really adds to the picture quality is the capability of HDR and SDR content. So if you are content creator who has an eye for attention to detail.

In that case it is a no brainer to recommend that you look into Atomos Ninja V which is a small Monitor that provides live quality of the footage in its raw form.

It’s small appearance may fool you but you can rest assured that currently leading content creators use it. The device is an extremely bright display that provides an output of 1000 nits.


So it does not matter if you are producing SDR or HDR content you can always rely on this product to give you a clear picture and understanding what the final shot is likely going to look like.

This contraption attachable to different types of cameras. Although vloggers are likely not to use this display as its used by professional photographs. They can definitely benefit from it in terms of clearer understanding of what the end product may look like.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD V2

Recording highest resolution footage such as QHD or Full HD with audio from a microphone can result in the files getting heavier. Hence, as a result you are going to need space to store these large files.

We reckon that SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is going to fulfil your day to day needs. This ensures that you always have space in backup when suddenly hit with the storage full prompt.

Keeping an SSD will enable you to avoid creating a cluster of images in two or more places. it’s ruggedness and toughness ensures durability and well protected content.


You can just transfer the data directly to the SSD from the camera if not then you can also use a computer to do it.

There are different versions are 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB. Which is going to be more than sufficient for your needs.

SanDisk products ensure that your content remains in its original form and is not subject to changes. Which makes it one of the most essential camera accessories to make the process easier.


The aforementioned list comprised of accessories that are essential for media related content creators such as YouTubers.

Irrespective of whether you are a photo studio in Dubai or a vlogger you can benefit from these accessories. You’re content quality is very much likely to improve when using these accessories.


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