Called a prisoner to work: 8 fresh facts about Gordon Ramsay


This chef has been known for so many years, not a month has passed without him making himself felt. Each time, the level of his skill grows, and the fan base is replenished with tens of thousands of fans and imitators. Today we will talk about new facts about Gordon Ramsay.

  1. Using the microwave oven incorrectly

Everyone knows that you should not stick metals, electronics, plastic, and other materials that are not suitable for it into the microwave oven. But Gordon went further. Knowing the risk very well, he uses foil. He does this in order to fry the herbs, for this he rubs the basil leaf with oil, places it on foil, and then puts the foil on a plate covered with cling film. And puts all this madness for 45 seconds. He thinks the herbs are crispy this way.

  1. Love for restaurants

According to Gordon himself, he loves restaurants and loves them, even more, when he does not have to work on filming in these establishments. But the reality is that every time the owners are waiting for a catch. And the first thing they pay attention to is whether there are cameras behind Gordon, and in whose name the table is reserved.

  1. Fast food as a reason to be bored

There is such a network in the USA, it is called In-N-Out Burger. And as the eminent chef says, when he leaves the states, he only misses this fast food, because he does not like it, and would like their branch to appear in London.

  1. Regular composition

Gordon Ramsay is not one of those people who like to brag, but he does not hide the pride in his establishment. And there is something to be proud of. For 18 years already, one staff has been working as his head waiter. 18 years as one team, says a lot.

  1. I saw a rough diamond

On one of the television shows, Gordon Ramsay offered a job in his restaurant to one of the prisoners. As he put it, he would like to work side by side with that person. Unfortunately, almost immediately after the show, that person committed an offense again. But Ramsay did not despair and said that his proposal would remain in force until the last and that immediately after the end of the term, the prisoner would have a job at Gordon’s restaurant.

  1. Cuts the truth, and it doesn’t matter if it is painful or pleasant

The show “America’s Best Chef” in one of the seasons was attended by a visually impaired participant. For Ramsay, she prepared her signature cake. And after trying it, Gordon could not hold back his tears. This cake was so delicious. Subsequently, the chef said that he had not eaten a cake tastier in his entire life. This apple pie, according to the boss himself, blew his brain.

  1. A little more about pies

Coming to check the establishments, if there is a meat pie on the menu, Gordon will definitely order it. As he himself says, he grew up on these pies, so he treats these dishes with great scrupulousness.

  1. Speech is not a vice

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most “eloquent” chefs. In his show, and in his kitchens, you can hear a huge number of censored expressions, which he is not shy about. But in his opinion, if he tries very hard, he can live 60 minutes without swearing.

This chef gave impetus to all other chefs to act. A lot of culinary shows, which are copied one after another, and even “Revizorro” is not such a unique project, because Ramzi had similar checks even before the appearance of the “Friday” channel.


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