Call Center Headsets: A Must-Need These Days


Call Center Headsets are headsets that are very common these days and are familiar to everyone. They are available with USB connectivity and a built-in microphone. These headsets are useful for both call center work and personal video calling. These headphone are make with cutting-edge technology that cancel out background noise with both the caller and the listener. Let’s take a look at their amazing abilities and techniques.

Some of the advantages of call center headphones are listed below:

  • Noise cancellation performance:

No one wished their caller to hear background noise, whether in a call center, an official video call, or a personal Skype call. The noise cancellation technology in the Call Center Headset cancels out the external sounds for the caller. Not only that, but it also cancels noise for the listener, allowing them to hear the caller’s voice clearly. To accomplish this, these headsets employ multiple microphones, allowing the caller & listener to hear only their preferred voice.

  • Sound quality of the highest caliber:

Sound quality is important for a headset because it determines whatever the caller and listener will hear. If the headphone jack does not produce professional-quality sound, it is not worth the money.

  • Quick Disconnect function:

Plantronics-compatible headsets include a quick disconnect feature. It allows for quick correlation to cables and amplifiers, which improves the user experience. So, with a Call Center Headset, all that is require is to plug it in and begin a voice conversation without the use of any additional wires to improve compatibility.

  • Cable reinforcement:

Reinforced cables in call centre headsets ensure that the caller’s voice is delivered smoothly and without interruption, crackling, or cutting. It is critical to have a noise-free calling experience when making long calls. These feature are also require for expert call and call centre use in order to have a smooth contact experience.

  • Use of call centre headphones is beneficial to human health:

When the operator is speaking, he does not want to clamp the phone line receiver between his shoulder and neck as long as he wears the call centre headphones, because cracking the telephone handle in his neck can cause spinal deformation, muscle injury, and other problems. Cervical spondylosis is common, and most call centre headphones have a single-ear layout. Whenever the operator picks up the phone for an extended period of time, he can use both his left and right ears to avert headaches and dizziness.

The use of professional call centre headphone is very effective to the personal health of operators in order to avoid occupational diseases that are harmful to the health of personnel who have been engage in cell phone work for a long time.

  • Hands-free call centre headphones:

The noisy office headset allows users to enjoy the autonomy and comfort of not holding the phone receiver. The presence of hands as in call interior will make customers feel more at ease and allow them to handle other matters more easily.

  •  Call center headphones are more versatile and efficient:

The call centre headset with mic frees up users’ hands and helps to make calls! You can easily take notes, record handset information, view files, and use the computer while on the phone.

  • Background noise:

In a call centre, high-quality headsets will help in call center headsets noise canceling,  it mitigates the effects of low volume, as well as provide clear transmission. They are critical to the smooth operation of your call center.

Unfortunately, cheap headsets may cause a lot of problems. They might very well make it increasingly challenging for representatives to do their jobs while having no effect on call quality. Furthermore, low-quality headphones may be uncomfortable, resulting in decreased productivity.

Headsets are becoming a necessity in busy call centers. However, in order to provide a positive experience both for the caller as well as the agent, you must invest in better call center headsets. 

Here are some of the features:

  • Comfortable Features of a High-Quality Headset Comfort is essential for productivity, especially but unless agents will also be wearing their call center headsets for extended periods of time. There are three ways to wear it: over the head, the behind neck, & earpiece.

Over-the-head call center head seat are worn out overhead like a headband, as the name implies. They are either monaural or binaural.

They are the most easily adapt to by agent. Some people may dislike the mass of the headphone on top of their heads or are concerned that it will mess up their hair.

Headphones are worn behind the wearer’s neck & rest atop their ears. As a result, they are typically only available in binaural form. They may be more pleasant for some people.

  • Microphone: A microphone is indeed an essential component of a call centre headset. It allows the caller to hear the agent clearly.A boom arm enhance the effectiveness of the microphone.

Microphones are typically rate for various audio levels. You should select one that is                      appropriate for your space’s noise level and background noise level. If your call centre is noisy or busy, you may prefer a noise-canceling or super cancelling microphone.

  • Wired or wireless? It is a matter of personal taste and budget whether the call centre headsets are wireless or wired.

Wired headphones typically limit the wearer’s movement to no more than ten feet as from                connection. They do not, however, need to be levied and are simple to install.

Wireless headsets actually enable the wearer more freedom of movement. Agent may appreciate the freedom from being confined to their desk. Wireless headsets, on the other hand, can be more pricey and more difficult to set up.

  • Softphone: If you’re looking for a wireless call centre headset, you might want to consider a softphone. Softphone connects to your regular telephone provider and system through the internet using VoIP. There is no need for a hard line.

Any incoming calls can be effortlessly received & answered through your headset. There is no complicated learning process for agents so a softphone headset closely mimic a desk phone on a computer screen.

  • Durability: Call centre headsets would be worn for extended periods of time each day, sometimes by different participants. As a result, you’ll want to look for a long-lasting option. Look for headsets that are lightweight and flexible. Other features that contribute to durability include tiltable boom arms & adjustable headbands.

These are some of the features of call centre headset



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