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Have you wondered what the difference is between the students who pass the CA Final exams? All students study from similar material, yet some pass and others fail. Why? It’s because of the different preparation strategies they follow. The students who pass the exams have a very clear strategy, and they follow it strictly.

Here in this article, CA Final Preparation Tips are shared by CA Wizard. These tips are the key points of the CA Final Preparation Strategy. You can also read more useful CA Final Study Tips on CA Wizard by using the link above. 

CA Wizard is the best online space where not only CA Final students but all CA students can get the best advice, tips, and even study material. So do use all the tips shared by CA Wizard.

How to Prepare for CA Final?

Follow these CA Final Study Tips when you implement your CA Final Preparation Strategy. These tips will make your CA Final preparation more effective:

  • Use ICAI study material to do more focused study

The CA Final students have a very vast syllabus to cover. Using so many books, study material, and notes will only create more chaos. Each book explains the same concept in its language, and the ICAI study modules have their technical language. If you study the same topic from different materials, you will get confused. So always stick to ICAI study material. If you are using reference books, then be specific and don’t buy so many books.

  • Keep note of the latest Amendments

Use the material relevant for your attempt and stay updated with amendments. ICAI updates the study material with the new syllabus and changes in amendments. So you need to use the latest edition of the study material.

  • Learn how to present your answers

Focus on your answer presentation when you do writing practice and give mock tests. If you want to gain marks, you need to include this point in your CA Final Preparation Strategy. You should do writing practice when you have the time instead of regretting later. 

  • Take Coaching Classes 

Guidance from the subject matter experts will help you get the correct knowledge of the CA Final subjects and their concepts. You won’t have to cram up the texts in the books; rather, you will be able to understand and explain them in your own words. 

  • Practice how to write scoring answers

You should understand how to write answers that will be approved by ICAI in the CA Final papers. The answers you write in exams should have the key points and phrases explained in ICAI study modules and practice manuals. Even if you write correct answers but miss out the important keywords, you will lose marks.

  • Make revision easier 

Making self-notes and marking important points and questions during the in-depth study will help you in the revisions later. When you start your revisions, you won’t have to worry about ‘which topics should be covered in revisions’. It will also reduce your revision time.

CA Final Preparation Strategy and Study Plan

For the CA Final exam preparation, each student’s leave period varies on the number of days they have turned articleship. Though you should not wait for the study leaves to start your studies. Start a few months earlier, give 2-3 hours a day for self-studies. It will build momentum, and you won’t face many difficulties when you start studying for 10+ hours a day. Ideally, you give 10-12 hours a day for studies.

Divide the time for subjects, and also set targets for each day. Don’t take more than three subjects in a day because it will be hard to concentrate on so many subjects.

Your daily study schedule could be like this:

  • 7 am to 9 am (2 hours)
  • 10 am to 1 pm (3 hours)
  • 2 pm to 5 pm (3 hours)
  • 6 pm to 8 pm (3 hours)
  • 9 pm to 11 pm (2 hours)

Now moving to the revisions part, you should have a different CA Final Preparation Strategy. Start revisions 3 months before exams. Take one subject in a day for studies. Let’s see an example of a revision study plan.

You have 90 days for 8 subjects’ revisions, and you have to do revisions for each subject three times. So you can follow the below-given sample study plan for your revisions.  

First revision: Take 4 days per subject 

(4 days x 8 subjects = 32 days)

Second revision: Take 4 days per subject 

(4 days x 8 subjects = 32 days)

Third revision: Take 3 days per subject

(3 days x 8 subjects = 24 days)

In the next remaining two days before exams, go through the first paper again. Then for all the remaining papers, you will get 1.5 days. 

Bonus Tip for CA Final Preparation Strategy:

If you can’t stick to one subject, then give 9-10 hours for the main subject you have picked and then give 2-3 hours to the next subject you will study. For example, you are starting with FR, then study SFM for 2-3 hours with it. When you complete FR, take SFM as the main subject and study Audit for 2-3 hours.

Avoid Common Mistakes while Preparing for CA Final Exams

  1. Not getting proper classes and guidance from CA expert faculties.
  2. Not doing the practice questions given as homework from coaching classes. 
  3. Not taking proper care of your health. You will end up getting sick and waste more time. 
  4. Relying on ‘a single revision’ strategy.
  5. Not having a detailed CA Final Preparation Strategy and Study Plan.
  6. Leaving the ICAI study material.
  7. Not solving problems and lack of written practice.
  8. Not giving mock test papers and doing self-analysis. 
  9. Not assessing your writing speed.
  10. Not focusing on your answer presentation.

Now you know the right way to start your CA Final Preparation, so go ahead and make your study plan and CA Final Preparation Strategy. Use all the tips given here in this article to make the best strategy. Don’t forget to read the amazing tips given on CA Wizard. If you have missed the link, you have probably skipped the starting part of this article. So scroll up and get the link to read some really helpful tips that even the CA toppers have implemented.

All the best for your preparation!

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