Business Naming Software

Business Naming Software
Business Naming Software

Recently, we came across a product that markets itself as business naming software. It claims to help start-ups or businesses that are expanding by taking the difficulty out of discovering new identities. We decided to take a closer look at the product, engage in the video tour and offer our own opinion on how valuable this, and other similar tools, actually is .

How the Business Naming Software Works

Available as a downloadable file for instant use, the business naming software is installed to a computer and opened. A number of different business naming programs are available and the software has several different languages to choose from. The user inputs a keyword pertaining to the business type and can choose the position of the results either with or without suffixes.

After conducting a search, the software produces results and the user can use a unique blending feature to add in new keywords or descriptions that merge with the suggested business names on display. Through a process of what is essentially trial and error, the user can manufacture an extensive list of possible identities with the software.

What the Manufacturers Claim

The software manufacturers promise a multi-language resource that saves time, money and effort. The program is said to be fully adjustable, flexible and perfect for any type of business naming. Used correctly, the tool helps to promote analytical thinking, creativity and exploration. Ultimately, the software should make naming a business easier.

The Software Low-Down

The business naming software definitely helps to forge new ideas but ultimately, the final decision rests with the business owner. Many of the same features contained within the software are similar to those found in business name generators that are widely available on the Internet without any fee being applied.

For those with a little technical ability, the software will definitely help to create more ideas than most business name generators but like many automated programs, there is one significant component missing and that is the human factor. What the software doesn’t do is tap into the emotional side of business names.

A carefully chosen business name that provides emotional benefits or instant solutions is proven to be amazingly powerful from a marketing perspective. The business naming software has a tendency to produce results with less personality and while this might work in some fields of business, it won’t perform as well in more personalised service industries.

The Alternatives

Although the results from the building naming software can be used alongside more traditional practices, we believe that a solid brainstorming session using flesh-and-blood human beings will consistently produce better ideas. Thoughts can be communicated at an emotional level during such sessions and in many cases, spectacular results can occur.

This is not to say that the software isn’t worthwhile because for some businesses, it will definitely help. However, those who prefer to invest their budgets into something more reliable would be better off paying people to propose their ideas within a contained brainstorming environment where genuine emotions have a role to play.

If you plan to run your own babysitting service or childcare business, remember that an appropriate business name inspires trust and confidence amongst parents. The many branches of the entrepreneurial tree provide a diverse range of childcare possibilities at a full-time or at a part-time level. By choosing the best name for your business now, you could turn a few hours of babysitting into a healthy income once your identity and reputation become established.

Keeping a Business Name Personal

Parents have high expectations from babysitting services. If there is one key requirement that they always look for, it is the delivery of a personal service that makes their children feel safe, welcomed and loved. By using your personal identity as a business name, parents receive a more homely “feel” about the service that makes them more inclined to use it.

Be sensible if you choose to use your personal name just in case there is room for growth within your business at a later stage. If your name begins with a particular letter that merges with descriptions of the services you provide, use a little alliteration to create a memorable business name. If your name is Sharon, for example, you could name your business “Sharon’s Safe Sitting Services”.


Combining your business name with an instantly recognisable graphic or logo on business cards or on a website helps to build connections with your services. Think about the things you most often associate with babies and young children. Balloons, teddy bears, building blocks and spinning tops are all traditional playthings that will inspire more confidence than modern alternatives.

For this reason, avoid images of modern toys (such as a handheld gaming device) or children’s TV characters (which could also cause trademark issues) that might suggest the children in your care won’t be getting the attention they deserve.

Geographic Business Names

Although they can restrict growth within some marketplaces, a geographic business name for a babysitting service can inspire feelings of tradition, safety and security. Think back to your own time as a child and remember how you felt whenever you heard “Sesame Street” mentioned. Even today, the popular TV show still emanates that welcoming glow within our inner child.

If you live in a town or city with desirable areas, consider choosing a business name built on one of the more well-known streets. Alternatively, choose a location with a landmark that portrays a positive image to parents. You could even create a name yourself (such as “The Happy Street” Nursery”) to promote the perfect image.

However, it might be best to avoid “Elm Street” if you don’t want to lose prospective clients forever!

Being Descriptive

Think about the physical things you might do as part of your services that might appeal to a parent. What would you do to pacify an upset child? How would a parent feel if they had concerns about leaving a weepy infant at the ‘Hugs and Cuddles Sitting Centre”? Tap into emotions without feeling bad about it. In reality, almost every purchasing decision you make anywhere is an emotional choice so use descriptive words that trigger certain feelings to create your business name.


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