Business Models and Monetization Strategies to Consider While Developing a Multi-service App Like Gojek

Gojek Clone

There are many service applications available in the app store and many are emerging to reach a place. But the success of multi-service applications like Gojek can never have a match. Through the Gojek app, both the business and the customers have benefited a lot.

In order to expand your multi-service business, going for Gojek clone app development can be the best-suggested solution. To boost your business activities, make it reach a global level, and earn high revenues, the development of a Gojek-like multi-service application will help you in all possible ways.

Instead of opting for multiple applications per service, using one application that serves all the needs is more preferred. And the usage has been increased because of the remarkable features and services offered by the Gojek clone. The main idea is to connect the customers with potential service providers for their required service.

When the customers’ needs are satisfied with a single service-providing application and people rapidly engaging in the app is more than success your business can attain.

Estimated Growth of Gojek-like Apps

According to sources, the girth value of on-demand healthcare services is expected to reach about 213.6 billion USD by 2025.

The international market value of laundry serviced businesses will reach up to 96.155 million USD by 2024.

The online home service businesses will reach a market share of 4.1 trillion USD at a CAGR of 46.7% by the end of 2027.

Grocery delivery market size will attain around 129.540 billion USD at a CAGR of 24.8% by 2025.

The logistics market size is estimated to reach about 46.5 billion USD at a CAGR of 21.7% by 2025.

These stats prove that the on-demand service needs are here to stay and grow rapidly over the forthcoming tech years.

Gojek Clone – Business Model

The Gojek clone business model has served a lot of entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses striving to achieve their multi-service business milestones. The business model incorporates the following stakeholders, features, and workflow and they will pretty much depict why the model is successful among the other similar apps.

#1 Stakeholders

Customers, Service providers, Store managers, and the Admin are the potential stakeholders of a Gojek clone application.

Customers: The customers or the app users can request services, book rides, order food, pay via multiple payment modes, review the services, and others with their app user end.

Service Providers: The service providers can affiliate with the application with minimal verification processes, start getting service requests, set availability, earn commissions, etc., through the app.

Store Managers:

The store managers will be provided with functionalities to manage the received requests, accept/reject deliveries/orders, and many more.


Overall activities carried out in the application can be monitored using the admin panel by the admin.

#2 Features

These amazing features are a major reason why the Gojek clone is widely adopted by many multi-service businesses.

Customer App

Easy Login

Users can log in using their mobile numbers, emails, or social media credentials.

Nearby Professionals

Nearby stores or restaurants or service providers or drivers can be chosen and requested for service by the user using the smart filtering options.

Service/Order/Cab Booking

The customer can book instant services or schedule for the service to be provided on a particular date and time.

In-app Chat

The customers can connect with the service providers and the store via the in-app chat feature and clarify their order-related and request-related queries instantly.

Multiple payment modes

Card payment, COD, wallet payment, net banking, and other payment gateways integrated into the Gojek clone app serve helpful for the customers to pay for the service via their preferred payment mode.

Contactless Delivery

To avoid direct contact with the delivery person, the user can opt for contactless delivery. The service provider will let the customer know once the order is placed at the customer’s doorsteps.

Order History

The previous orders and invoices can be viewed by the customer and the same order can be repeated and reordered effortlessly.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings can be given to the app service and the service provided by the provider. The users can also rate the service out of 5 stars.

Service Provider App

Upload Documents

The service provider must upload the necessary documents to be verified by the admin to get affiliated with the application.

Profile Management

Name, contact details, availability, location, and others can be added to the provider’s profile.

Toggle Mode

The service provider can toggle between online or offline mode according to their availability.

Accept / Reject Requests

The received service requests can be accepted or rejected by the provider according to their availability and convenience with this feature.

GPS-Enabled Route Navigation

The integration of a GPS-Enabled Route Navigation System in the Gojek clone app helps the provider to reach the destination and provide the service on time.

Service History

The services accepted and taken up by the provider can be viewed and managed in this section.

Earnings and Commissions

On a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis the provider can view their earnings

Store App

Store Profile

Names, locations, contact details, available timings, etc., of the store, can be updated in the store profile for the customer to know details about them.


Store products can be listed under various categories to make the search easier for the users.

Order Management

All related details about the ongoing orders, completed orders, canceled orders, and the previous orders can be viewed and managed by the store manager.

Minimum Order Values

By setting minimum order values, the store can keep on receiving standard earnings and let the customers know that they can purchase for either the fixed amount or the amount higher than that.


The customer requests or any other updates regarding orders and app upgrades are let known to the store manager via the in-app alerts.

Order Tracking

The product’s current location, delivery status, and if it has reached the delivery partner can all be tracked using the unique order or request IDs by the store manager.

Customer Support

The manager can connect with customers directly for any order or request-related queries and solve them instantly.

Track Earnings

On a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, the store earnings can be tracked.

Admin Panel

Customer Management

The associated customer profiles, their details, and services taken can be accessed by the admin for any purpose.

Store Management

The store partners, their contribution to the app, service details, and others can be viewed and accessed by the admin.

Service Provider Management

The service providers affiliated with the application, their documents, and other details can be accessed and managed by the admin.

Powerful Dashboard

The overall app operations and management of all affiliations can be taken care of by the admin with the help of a powerful dashboard.

Commission Rates

The app service commission, service provider commission, and store commission can all be set by the admin according to the app service popularity and profits.

Discount Management

In addition to the discounts provided by the stores, the admin can impart extra deals and personalized offers to the customers to boost app engagement.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced business statistics and reports can be generated using this field by the admin for supporting future business expansion.

View Ratings and Reviews

Following the feedback received from the customers, the admin can enhance the existing features and add extra functionalities to improve the app service quality.

#3 Gojek Clone Workflow

To support business growth and increase the user base, the Gojek clone is imparted with a simple and significant workflow.

Step 1: App Registration

The user registers with the application and logs in to search for required services.

Step 2: Service Request

After filtering down the required services, the users request the service from their preferred service provider.

Step 3: Request Confirmation

Once the provider accepts the service request, the customer is notified with the same through in-app notifications.

Step 4: Service Provider Tracking

The service provider’s location and the request’s status can be tracked in real-time by the customers to know the whereabouts of the service provider.

Step 5: Service Payment

Customers can pay for the received services via any of the available payment gateways.

Step 6: Review

Once the service is complete, the customer can provide feedback for the received services.

Gojek Clone Monetization Strategies

By adopting the below-mentioned strategies to earn money from the Gojek clone app, your business can get fruitful results.

#1 Subscriptions

You can have your Gojek clone available for free to download and include some premium features which will be accessible through a premium subscription. This will add substantial value to your revenue.

#2 Third-party Banners

By inciting suppliers, merchandisers, and other brands to put up ads on your app, you can earn a decent amount of value. This is one of the potential monetization strategies to scale your business.

#3 Cancelation Charges

By demanding cancellation charges, waiting charges, and delivery charges, your multi-service business revenue can be boosted.

#4 Loyalty Programs

With loyalty programs, the customers will be encouraged to use the application again and again. This will also bring in new customers to your app thereby increasing customer base and revenue effortlessly.

#5 In-app Purchase

This is a very lucrative way to earn more profits. By allowing users to make in-app purchases of products related to your products, you can spread the word about your merchandise easily and raise your yield.

Closing Thoughts

By this point, you are aware of how distinguished, robust, user-centric, and useful the Gojek clone app can serve with its streamlined business model and remunerative monetization strategies. To grow and expand your on-demand multi-service business and popularize your brand, partner with a leading clone app development company and arrive at your Gojek clone script packed with all the aforementioned beneficial aspects. Hence, act immediately and start your on-demand venture soon!


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