Business & Career Options You Can Grow from Home


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Over the past two years, a major shift has happened for millions of people. The idea of working from home became a mandatory need for safety. As a result, companies pivoted to virtual work. As people continued to work from home, productivity didn’t seem to wane. For many, productivity managed to skyrocket. When it seems like more people continue to maintain the remote work culture, it’s okay if you’re hesitant to return to your respective office. Instead, consider some of the following business and career options you can actually grow from home this year.

1. Day Trader

There are many options to consider if you’re interested in day trading. You can trade through the foreign exchange market (forex) or the stock market. You can even partake in options trading. Just know that you’ll need to take time in order to learn the skill first. If you try to dive into trading without any knowledge, you’ll end up gambling and losing your money. A skilled day trader knows how to read charts, make the right calls and manage their emotions. This is one of many great business and career options for you to consider.

2. Writer

If you’ve ever been passionate about writing, know that you can make a full-time living as a prolific author. In previous decades, you had to wait for the acceptance of a publisher in order to write books. Self-publishing was seen as too risky or expensive. Thanks to the digital age with sites like the Kindle store, anyone can write and publish great work. However, to stand out as an excellent author, you’ll want to work on your craft. Take courses that teach you how to write a book online from home. Learn the art of promoting your book on various sites. Do some research in order to virtually connect with great editors who can edit your books in the future.

3. Influencer

An influencer is someone who establishes their personal brand in a specific niche to make money. They typically use social media platforms in order to establish influence. Sites like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are typically where a lot of influencers make their mark. Whether you’d like to become a tech influencer, a beauty influencer or a fashion influencer, there’s so much room for this industry to grow. As major corporations continue to partner with influencers, the growth in this sector shows no signs of slowing down. Begin to authentically curate content that establishes your voice as an authority in a particular field. Become consistent with your publishing schedule. Partner with other brands in order to gain more visibility and connect with new people. It doesn’t matter the niche you’re interested in. You can be a financial whiz or a parent who can sleep-train children with ease. There are people who want to learn from you and businesses that will partner with you.

4. Teacher/Course Creator

Teaching isn’t simply confined to the classroom anymore. You can teach classes on many of the teaching platforms online. There are also options where you can build your platform through social media sites in order to drive traffic to your courses. You can also use drip marketing campaigns and other marketing tactics to bring people to your courses. When you sell courses, you’re no longer trading time for money. It’s all about getting as many people to sign up as possible. Just be sure that the content you’re teaching is factual, valuable and helpful.

5. Reseller

When many people think of resellers, they think of the scalpers who buy Nike shoes online and sell them for unreasonably exorbitant amounts. However, there are plenty of resellers on sites like Poshmark, Depop and eBay who sell clothing, electronics and other items at fair prices. You can identify great liquidators and wholesalers who can provide great items at excellent rates. They’ll ship to your home. Take great photos, list and sell items from your home. Once they sell, you can schedule a post office pickup and leave the packages on your front doorstep.

Conclusion for Business & Career Options

Ideally, it’s best to make the transition into this type of work. If you’re working in the office from 9 to 5, come home and spend a few hours on your business in the evening. Give yourself a timeline for how much you’d like to make by a certain time. As you focus, consistently take steps to further the career choice you desire. When you’re able to truly facilitate a financially responsible transition, make the leap.


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