Build a single storey or double-storey luxury home?

A luxury home in Pakistan can be built on a single storey as well as a double-storey.

Umm, which one would suit your family? What’s the last budget that you need for a single storey or a double-storey? Would a single storey look like a luxury home?

Building an ideal home for your family is confusing, as all the members of the family would have a different dream of a luxury home. Yet, there are ways to make each one of your family members happy.

Luxury homes in Pakistan are usually of 2 to 4 Kanal, but who said they can’t be on 1 Kanal or lesser than this. Land area is not an obstacle in building a luxury home in Pakistan or around the globe. There exists an option to make your home more luxurious by building a 2 to 3 storey house.

The term “LUXURY” is misinterpreted by most of us. It doesn’t mean a big house with a pool or an Annecy. It simply means comfort and how that house makes you feel.

When we go out to shop for ourselves we take hours to decide the dress we would wear to the party, the shows we want, the bag we would carry. So, how is this possible that we would not get confused in building a single storey or a double-storey luxury home.

Today, we people have money, we have opportunities, we have so many consultants to guide us on what to build, how to build etc. Yet, we still take wrong decisions. Sometimes, we fail to understand that we wasted money as we have no idea of what we are constructing. So, many dealers, real estate companies are here to assist people in making these important, futuristic decisions.

This blog will hopefully clear up your mind and thoughts.

Factors that need to be known while building a luxury home in Pakistan

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Local real estate market
  • Choice
  • Layout design

Let’s start by discussing the Pros of Single storey home

Less Expenditure
Yes, of course. In comparison to double-storey houses, household activities would be less expensive.

For a small and a newlywed couple or elderly people, a single storey home is an ideal, luxurious home. Everyone sticks to one floor and everyone is accessible to each other easily. It gives you a feeling of security.

Maintenance and Renovation
Maintaining a single storey home is far easier than maintaining a double-storey home. After every few years, it would be feasible for you to renovate it, as it would not be so costly.

Labour Fee
Labour cost and professional fees would also be cheaper when building a single storey luxury home

Interior and Exterior
The Interior and Exterior of a single storey home would be less costly than a double-storey home no matter how much of a designer house you build.

Flexible Design Options
A single storey home has more flexible designs, such as fall ceilings, and skylights which gives you a feel of a spacious house.

Easy to Décor and Furnish it
You can beautifully furnish and decorate your home, in less time and less money.

Reduced Bills
Less area leads to less heating, conditioning, maintenance and electricity bills.

No, let us take a look at some Cons of a single storey home.

Less Space
Single storey house has less space than a double-storey house even if they are built on the same land size. Hence, if you want a home office or a separate laundry room or you think your family might need more rooms, then this is not the right option for you.

No Privacy
Of course, that is already common sense. Living together on a single floor doesn’t give you the privacy and peace that you need when you come back home after a long day. As everyone is living on the same floor it’s difficult to get the space that you need at times.

Pros of building a double-storey luxury home in Pakistan

More Area
More area means more options in designing your house. Architects, as well as interior designers, will show you hundreds of options in how you can design a luxury home of your dreams

Yes! In a double-storey home, you wouldn’t ever hear privacy complaints. As every member of the house gets the space, privacy and peace they need and want.

Separate Rooms
If you are a family of 5 to 6 members then each one of you can have a separate room. And, if not bedrooms then you can make a gym, or a home office or a house theatre. Double-storey houses give you a chance to design your home with your freedom.

More Designing Opportunities
You can easily fulfil the wishes of every member of your family. As everyone would have the freedom to design their rooms by themselves, also, more space would automatically give you a room for making huge glass windows and so much more.

Cons of a Double storey Homes

Maintaining a double-storey home is not easy. It requires more time and energy than expected. A single storey home is better in this regard

May eat up your Savings
There are chances that every month you would have to spend from your savings. As, for bills, maintenance, decoration nothing is feasible in a double-storey house.

Decorations are not impossible but it will take time to decorate a double-storey home.

Money and Time
To build a double-storey home more of your time, energy and money will be invested. It would at least take 1 year and 3 months to fully build a double-storey house.

More Bills
Undoubtedly more utility, and maintenance bills. More challenging than a single storey home.

Structural Limitations or Flexibility
In building a double-storey house there are more limitations as you need to consider the very fact that the bottom floor should structurally support the second floor. Hence, it involves a specific bottom floor layout.


Single storey or a double-storey luxury home in Pakistan? Now it might be easier for you to decide what you want.

Things you need to consider before taking your final decision about a single and double-storey house is:

  • How big of a family you are?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What are your future plans about living in the house that you are building?
  • What are your lifestyle requirements?
  • Your personal preferences.

A luxury home in Pakistan can be built on a single storey as well as a double-storey. So, you need to have a clear goal of what sort of home you need. Also, before building your dream house you need to have straight answers to the questions asked above. As there is no right or wrong when deciding to build a single storey or a double-storey house. It depends on you. You need to make the right decision for yourself about what you need.

We hope our blog helped you to an extent that you would have made up your mind while reading the blog of what you will choose; A single storey luxury home or a Double story luxury home in Pakistan.


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