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Brother printer not connecting to wifi? Here’s a fix!

If you are using a Brother printer at home, chances are you might have come across issues with the wifi setup process. Brother printer not connecting to wifi is the most searched queries on the internet. And, if you are looking for help with resolving the same, you’ve landed on the right page. Brother Printers are among the most popular printers known for their print quality and the amazing features that they offer. But setting them up and maintaining them can be a challenge, especially if you are new to technology. If your Brother printer not connecting to wifi, you can follow the steps mentioned in this blog to resolve the issue.

This blog will walk you through easy steps to How to connect your Brother printer to wifi .so you can learn what is essential and identify what’s missing in the connections you have made. Also, you can find all solutions for your brother printer wifi setup.

How to connect the Brother printer to WiFi?

Before you proceed with the connection process, make sure you have the network name and password details available to you. These details can be found on the product label of the router. Or, if you have them configured to different values, you’ll want to use the same. Once you have what’s required, here are some steps to follow:

  • Connect the power cable to the printer and turn on the power supply. Allow the printer to boot up.
  • Use the control panel on the printer to access the Printer Settings.
  • You can use the up and down navigation keys to choose the Network Settings or Wireless Setup


brother printer setup

  • Now, select the network name that belongs to your router using the up and down keys and press OK on the name you wish to connect to.
  • Select the WLAN option and press OK.
  • Again, select the setup wizard option and press OK.
  • Enable the wireless network once the LAN is enabled. This will initiate the wireless setup process. The brother printer will search for your network and display a list of the available networks.
  • Choose the SSID that you wish to connect to and press OK. Type in the network password and then press OK.

Your Brother printer will now connect to the wifi network at your home.

How to resolve Brother Printer not connecting to the WiFi issue?

If even after following the steps discussed above, the printer doesn’t connect to the network, you can follow some troubleshooting steps. Here are some tips you can keep in mind:

RESET WiFi Connection

If you are trying to configure the brother printer wifi setup , you can reset your wireless connection. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Power on your Brother Printer and press the Menu button on the control panel.
  • Select Network from the options available and then press OK.
  • Select Network RESET and press OK
  • Press the RESET button and select the YES option now.

The wifi connection to your Brother printer will now be reset and you can configure the network settings again using the steps mentioned above.

Try an alternative connection method

If using the manual wifi connection process doesn’t help resolve the wifi connectivity issue, you can use the WPS connection process to resolve the printer-connectivity-related issues.

  • Power off the printer and router for a minute and power on it again.
  • Turn off the WiFi on the printer and enable it back again.
  • Connect your printer to the WiFi now. Make sure it is connecting to the network now.
  • Use the WPS button on the printer to connect to the wifi network.

  • Press the WPS button on the router for about 5 seconds. Now, within 60 seconds, go to the printer and press the WPS button there as well.
  • Once the WPS LED on the router becomes stable, the connection is successful.
  • Methods to resolve Brother Printer that won’t connect to wifi Issue

    If your brother’s printer does not connect to WiFi, follow these steps in order to link your printer to wifi. Find the remote login information.

    • Sometimes, the printer is unable to connect to the internet due to an insufficient security issue with the network password.
    • If the password for the network isn’t valid, the brother printer cannot connect to wifi.
    • Make sure your password matches. You can test it on your computer or reset another wireless password for remote access.

    Now, check the signal of the network

  • Examine the signal quality of the remote of the printer you share with your brother. If the printer you are using has a poor signal quality, your printer might have problems connecting to wifi.

    To test the quality of wifi signals on your printer take these instructions.

    • Next, select the menu option, then select the LAN setup.
    • Choose to use the WLAN Setup to use.
    • Take a look at all the signals coming from your printer. If you can only detect only a few signals you will see a weak signal quality.
    • If you have a problem with the wifi signal it is recommended to place the printer near the extender for your wifi. Try connecting your printer via wifi.


    • If your printer isn’t communicating with wifi it is necessary to restart the printer.
    • Switch off to the wireless printer for one minute, then turn it on.
    • Then, turn off the main WiFi access route, and then start it again.
    • After rebooting has been completed You should try to connect your printer wifi.

    Signal of WiFi on either 9 or 11.

    • If you are still having the issue that your brother’s printer cannot connect to wifi, you must establish the wireless signal
    • similar to 9 or 11 and will increase the bandwidth of your data.
    • The first step is to sign in to your router’s switch panel using your PC.
    • Then, select Remote System Settings on the WiFi switch.
    • For the 2.4GHZ system, choose WiFi channel 9 or 11.
    • Choose the OK option, or click the apply the changes button.
    • If the wifi is exchanging channels are complete try to connect your brother’s printer to the wireless network.


    • In this case, it is necessary to change the encryption type of your WiFi in your router.
    • Connect the router board to your computer.
    • Now, click on the WiFi security button on your router.
    • Choose WEP 64 as the encryption type and press the next catch.
    • Make a new WEP Password.
    • If you receive a second WEP key secret, it is recommended to initiate the WiFi setup on your printer, then make sure you connect it to WiFi.

    Reset all the Network Settings

    • Sometimes it happens that the printer doesn’t detect its network connection, it isn’t able to connect the printer to the WiFi.
    • You must shut off your computer and then hold it until you can see a ready display on your home screen.
      Click from the menu buttons on your printer and then choose the option to select network. Select OK.
    • Then, choose”Reset” and reset the devices on the network.
    • Everything is ready to go Press OK to proceed.
    • After you reset your network’s settings, you are able to attempt to connect the printer to the wifi. The printer will be connected to the WiFi again.
    • If the printer of your brother is not connected to wifi, it is
    • It displays a WiFi connection. It also gives the error message that your printer is offline. connects to the wifi and will start giving you the error of a sibling printer being disconnected sooner or later.
    • It is recommended to reset the system and connect it.

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