Borosilicate laboratory glassware manufacturers

borosilicate lab glassware manufacturers

The market for Borosilicate laboratory glassware manufacturers has expanded dramatically in recent years. The rapid growth might be attributed to a practical instructional approach, which is commendable. Hands-on learning is unrivaled: we learn more the more we apply what we’ve learned. Practical education provides a strong basis for every career. However, institutes must purchase equipment from Western countries at exorbitant prices in nations with little resources.

However, there is some good news: many borosilicate laboratory equipment manufacturers and borosilicate lab equipment suppliers in Asia are now offering lab equipment at very low prices. We will talk about them later in this blog, but before that, let’s clarify some basics.

What is the difference between borosil and borosilicate?

Borosilicate is a glass type that is made of silica and boric oxide. It has a high melting point which makes it perfect for laboratory usage. Moreover, it is also almost chemically inert. Borosil is not a glass type. It is just an India-based laboratory glassware manufacturer and supplier.

The Different Types of Glass in the Lab

Natural Borosilicate Glass: It is used for storing highly acidic or basic solutions as it doesn’t react with most of the chemicals found in laboratories. 

Expansion Borosilicate Glass: It is highly resistant to most chemicals; that’s why it is employed in many places. The only solutions that can damage it are concentrated phosphoric acid (hot), hydrofluoric acid, and strong basic solutions.

Soda-lime glass: It is the least chemically resistant and is usually used to store some laboratory salts.

Borosilicate Lab Glassware List

Borosilicate laboratory manufacturers manufacture many laboratory glassware. Following is the list of borosilicate lab glassware that is a must for a scientific laboratory equipment list.

  • Pipette
  • Test Tube
  • Beaker
  • Watch Glass
  • Graduated Cylinder
  • BOD Bottles
  • Conical Flask
  • Volumetric Flask
  • Burette
  • Wash Bottle and many more.

Borosilicate lab glassware manufacturers

Now that you know about the borosilicate lab glassware. Let’s talk about the best and most reliable borosilicate lab glassware suppliers and manufacturers.

ATICO Export: ATICO Export, based in Ambala, has dominated the market since 1954. It is a well-known and respected provider of borosilicate lab glassware. This ISO-certified Indian company designs, manufactures, and sells laboratory equipment for educational purposes. In every aspect of the Educational and Scientific Lab Industry, their goods are precise and accurate.

The corporation has created a solid consumer base based on the substance of its ideals and code of conduct. Laboratory equipment, engineering training equipment, and other items are made by the education, healthcare, and vocational training industries.

ATICO India: ATICO India is a well-known and reputed borosilicate lab glassware suppliers. This Indian corporation designs, manufactures, and distributes educational laboratory equipment.

In every aspect of the Educational and Scientific Lab Industry, their goods are precise and accurate. Laboratory equipment, engineering training equipment, and other healthcare, education, and vocational equipment are all available from them.

Bionics Scientific Technology: This company has controlled the market for over 25 years. They collaborate with a variety of institutions, including schools, universities, and small and large businesses, to name a few. Their equipment is used by a number of government bodies and international laboratories.

ATICO Lab Export: ATICO Lab Export is a reputable borosilicate lab glassware supplier. This Indian company creates, distributes, and sells scientific lab equipment for schools. In every part of the educational and scientific lab business, their products are of excellent quality and precision.

Based on the substance of the company’s ideas and code of conduct, they’ve built a strong client base. Laboratory equipment, engineering training equipment, and other goods are produced by the healthcare, education, and vocational training industries.

Educational Lab equipments suppliers and manufacturers

Educational Lab Equipments: It is a global leader in the manufacture, selling, and exporting of borosilicate lab glassware. They have a significant presence in India as well as over 30 other nations.

Colleges, universities, and hospitals can get educational lab equipment, science lab equipment, and medical lab equipment from Education Lab Equipments. Because of their global presence, they have a big client base, and they attempt to stay ahead of the competition by meeting the changing needs of our valued consumers all over the world.

Biotechnologies INC: Biotechnologies INC is a well-known borosilicate lab glassware manufacturer in India. In 1984, Sharad Srivastava founded the company. They hold a European quality award, showing that their products are of undoubtedly high quality. Pharmaceuticals, as well as famous institutions, colleges, and schools, utilize their technologies.

Cole-Parmer Scientific Experts: Cole-Parmer Scientific Experts is a well-known name in the domains of fluidics, environmental, analytics, lab fundamentals, and life science research equipment. 

Their equipment has been used in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, environmental, and food and beverage industries. For over 65 years, they’ve been delivering great services and technical assistance. Customers come first, and the ultimate goal is to delight them.

Biotechnologies INC: It is an India-based laboratory equipment producer. Sharad Srivastava launched the company in 1984. They have received a European quality award, demonstrating that their products are of unquestionably high quality. Their technologies are used by pharmaceutical companies, as well as well-known institutions, colleges, and schools.

The Conclusion

That was all about Borosilicate lab glassware manufacturers and exporters. You can get more details about every product on individual websites. Go and check out the products and set up a perfect laboratory in your institute.



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