Bookkeeping – should you do it yourself or outsource it?

bookkeeping service

Accounting plays a central role in the business world. It shows the economic situation of a company, where money is earned and spent and gives tips on where to invest and where to save money. However, bookkeeping can also get complicated very quickly. The question is therefore worthwhile, especially for SMEs, should the bookkeeping be kept internally or should it be outsourced?

decision factors

‍ Of course, Clues such as the size of the company, the complexity of the bookings, and human resources are decisive here. If there are few bookings and you have someone in the company who has the necessary knowledge and is regularly trained, internal accounting can make sense. However, it is important to consider whether focusing on the core business is more efficient.

A mixed form is usually the most lucrative choice. This is also the official statement of the SME portal of the federal government. The time-consuming but rather simple bookings are made in-house. The demanding aspects of bookkeeping Services such as closing, payroll accounting, or VAT accounting, on the other hand, are delegated to an external expert. The choice of this trustee is of great importance. It is not uncommon for these business relationships to last for years.

Criminal law relevance to accounting

‍ Another aspect that speaks more in favor of outsourcing is the criminal law aspect. If the accounts of a company are not kept properly or if certain obligations are not met, this can result in a penalty, usually a fine. Already the erroneous recording of the inventory constitutes such a breach of duty. The situation is similar to tax evasion. This offense can also be committed negligently. For example, if you forget to enter an account or cash register (completely), you are liable to prosecution. In this case, you have to pay a fine in addition to the additional tax.


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