Bhujangasana Yoga Method and Benefits

Bhujangasana Yoga Method and Benefits

The word “Bhujang” is derived from the Sanskrit language and it is made up of two words Bhuj and Anga. Bhujang means snake, hence Bhujang-asana is also called “Serpent Asana”. Bhujangasana is called Cobra Pose in English. Among all the asanas, Bhujang posture is a well-known asana. Bhujangasana comes in the seventh order in Suryanamaskar, which is called the complete exercise. By doing this beneficial asana every day, the shoulders, arms, elbows, back, kidney, and liver get strong and get rid of many diseases.

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How to do Bhujang Asana –

  • Choose a clean and clean ventilated place. After that lie down on your stomach by laying a mat.
  • Then spread the thread on both sides by lengthening them. And put the chin on the ground. Now keeping both the elbows adjacent to the ribs on both sides, place the palms of both the hands on the ground. (Note- Remember that the claws of your hands should be straight and should be towards the ground, and both elbows should be straight towards the sky).
  • While doing the Bhujang posture, keep in mind that the claws of both hands should always be placed just below the shoulders (on the ground).
  • Now put your head on the ground. And then by closing both your eyes, while filling the breath inside the body, slowly raise the chin, then lift the neck up towards the sky. Then slowly raise your chest. And after that slowly raise your stomach part.
  • Now forward, while moving the neck upwards, the back is to be folded backward (like an arch). To rise up, apply force with the body, apply a little force on the hands as possible. And keep in mind that by keeping the front part of both feet on the ground, try to raise the front part of the body at a normal speed.
  • After coming into this posture of Bhujang Asana, open both your eyes and maintain the normal breathing rate (breathe in and out with normal speed). And in the first time, maintain this asana posture for twenty seconds to thirty seconds. Then lift up and start moving the body down.
  • In the beginning, after returning to the posture from which you started the posture by lying on your stomach, resting your head on both your hands, or resting your head on the ground for as long as you have done Bhujang posture.
  • After doing Bhujangasana, fatigue should be removed by doing Shavasana.

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Benefits of Bhujang Asana –

  • By regular use of Bhujang posture, women get benefit in the problems related to the menstrual cycle. And reproductive diseases also go away.
  • By doing the Bhujang posture, the backbone becomes strong. Constipation is cured, the problem of gas disappears. The digestive system is strengthened and the excess fat stored in the stomach is also removed. By doing this exercise every day in the morning, the spine becomes flexible.
  • Bhujang posture is beneficial for patients with asthma. Other common diseases that occur in the throat are also cured by the use of the Bhujang posture.
  • Kidney and liver remain healthy by doing Bhujangasana. And if a person has had diseases related to kidney, liver, or stomach, then those diseases are cured by doing Bhujang posture. And this asana also increases the immunity of the body.
  • People who sit and work throughout the day get extra fat around the stomach and waist. If such a person does Bhujang posture every day, then fat can be reduced rapidly.
  • By doing Bhujangasana, the breathing pattern gets better.

Bhujangasana Time Limit –

Bhujang posture should be done up to three times in the beginning. (ie a set of twenty seconds to thirty seconds and three such sets) After increasing the exercise, gradually its number can be increased to five, seven, eleven, or even twenty-one times.

One should stay in Bhujang asana posture for a maximum of twenty to thirty seconds, after that again one should move towards the ground, this time limit can be increased with practice, but it is harmful to stay in Bhujang posture for so long as the body suffers more.

Caution in Bhujangasana –

  • While lifting the forearm of the body from the ground and bringing it down, it is very important to ensure that the palms of both hands have equal force.
  • Do not shrug your shoulders while doing Bhujang posture. Keep your shoulders stretched as much as possible. And keep relaxation. Keep the face posture happy while doing this asana. Enjoy the asana and do not use too much force beyond the limits of the body.
  • Patients with severe back pain should do Bhujang posture only after consulting a doctor. If there is a problem with stomach pain, then this asana should not be done. By jerking the back and the head should not be turned backward.
  • Keep in mind that the patient of hernia should not do Bhujang posture at all. Even ulcer patients should not do Bhujang posture. Pregnant women should not use a Bhujang posture. Women should not practice this asana even during the menstrual cycle. If any type of surgery has been done on the body, then do this asana only after the advice of the doctor.
  • Do not do any type of yoga forcibly, it will be better if you do yoga for as long as you can.
  • Yoga should be done in the right posture and with the right information.
  • Do not do this asana even if there is a problem of back pain, low or high blood pressure.

Yoga done in the right way can be beneficial for both health and the mind. Here you learned about Bhujangasana Yoga in detail. Along with this, you also got information about its benefits and how to do it. Along with this, you also understood how this Yogasana can be beneficial for a safe body. Despite this, it is important to understand that any yoga posture should be started only in the presence of a yoga guru or specialist.


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