Best Wedding Venues In Jaipur


It might be difficult to comprehend how stunning and enchanted genuine weddings can be at times. A classic wedding with a touch of culture and folklore appears perfect among magnificent palaces, forts, lakes, and tranquil mountains. Surely not? The majority of us dream of having a wedding like this. What if we told you that Jaipur, often known as the “Pink City of India,” offers all of this and much more? Like no other city in Rajasthan, Jaipur is bursting at the seams with ancient palaces and culture. Despite the town’s beauty throughout the year, winter, or any time between November and February, is the best season to organize a destination wedding there. Jaipur boasts a tonne of venues, much like other cities in Rajasthan, but they’re all quite expensive. You can hire a Car Rental in Jaipur to visit the wedding venue.

Best Wedding Venues In Jaipur

This article contains all three information about the best wedding venues in Jaipur. You can visit and enjoy the royal wedding experience.

1: Fairmont Jaipur

This ultra-luxurious 5-star hotel, which is tucked away in the Aravali Hills, is sumptuous with a delicate fusion of Rajasthani culture and contemporary décor. You will be mesmerised by its architecture as soon as you enter. You might enjoy your big day at Charbagh or The Grand Ballroom at Fairmont Jaipur. Whether you choose a romantic, avant-garde, or extravagant look, Fairmont is the best option. The large hotel is 24 kilometres from the railroad station and 28 kilometres from the airport. As a result, travelling is completely hassle-free. Your visitors may remain busy with leisure pursuits like a club-class swimming pool, an ayurvedic spa, and a fitness club when there are no ceremonies to attend. The hotel goes above and beyond to pamper you and your guests at every turn.

2: Alsisar Hasli

The historic haveli of the Rajput Shekhawati dynasty is situated in the city’s centre and has been meticulously restored to its former splendour. Everything about it is breathtakingly gorgeous, from the exterior courtyard to the sapphire pool, the numerous fountains that trickle with pure water, and the opulent dining hall with actual gold leaf inlay work, which adds to its sense of grandeur.
All the components are present for your spiced-up day to be a perfect fusion of royal and opulence at destination weddings at Alsisar Haveli. Since its opening in 1994 for weddings and other occasions, the haveli has provided a wonderful setting with its opulence and alluring stateliness, evoking the opulent era of the monarchy. You might plan a wedding while staying in Alsisar Haveli atits gardens or courtyard. You might also choose to hold a small gathering at the Darbar hall or the Sheesh Mahal banquet space and wow your guests.

3: Palace of Chomu

Celebrate your advancement toward married happiness at Chomu Palace. The palace is located in the Maharaja Prithviraj Chauhan’s descendants-built Chomu Garh Fort. The palace, which is exceptional in every way, exudes flair, class, and character. In contrast to other vintage hotels, Chomu Palace’s interiors tell a narrative and have a classic charm. The Palace was renovated while retaining its historic charm. After being renovated, the palace reflected the Rajput clan’s richness, grace, and regality. Chomu Palace is the perfect location if you want to set the standard for lavish weddings. Everything here, from wedding showers to lavish gala banquets, would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4: Palace of Taj Mahal

Getting married at the Taj Mahal Palace will leave golden memories in your dream journal. The palace, which spans 18 acres and has expertly maintained Mughal Gardens, is quite spectacular. The 1745 home nevertheless has a charm that has never been seen before. The Taj Mahal Palace, which is owned by the Taj Group and is perched in the middle of the city, is a beautiful location for a wedding. You might select the dining hall or beautiful grounds for your magical wedding celebrations. You can hire a Taxi Service in Jaipur to visit the palace of taj mahal wedding venue.

5: Resort Pride Amber Vilas

This resort, which is among the most stunning in Jaipur, is only six kilometres from the airport. It covers 19 acres and is decorated with, among other things, a club-class swimming pool, well-designed suites, and six banquet facilities. . The Resort has experience hosting weddings, so yours would undoubtedly be special. You might select between the Central Lawn, Entrance Lawn, or Haveli Lawn depending on the ceremony. Where else might you discover a setting that combines friendliness, culture, and the promise of a lavish celebration all under one roof?

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6: ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana is one of those destinations that doesn’t require any introduction. The state capital of Rajasthan is home to an exotic but fashionable hotel, making it the top destination in the world. ITC Rajputana will serve as a stylish reminder of the city’s illustrious heritage. It features all the hallmarks of regal hospitality. This palace provides all the conveniences and services needed for weddings, really understanding the extravagant nature of Indian marriages. The opulent hotel features dining halls and meeting spaces that have been exquisitely designed to reflect the regal manner in every way. The elite chooses this hotel as their chosen location for destination weddings because of its unrivalled blend of atmosphere, knowledge, hospitality, and the surreal charm of Jaipur city.

7: Taj Ramgarh Palace

Another unique location in Jaipur is the Taj Rambagh Palace! It is situated 8 kilometres from the airport in Jaipur on the Bhawani Singh Road. You may enjoy the beautiful interior and exterior wedding venues here, such as the Jaigarh & Kaisar Bagh Lawns, Mubarak Mahal, Nahargarh, Ramgarh, and Ranthambore. The Taj Ramgarh Palace is a magnificent wedding location in every manner thanks to its imperial Mughal gardens, which have flower beds, stone walks, and ponds that will fill with peacocks’ cries.

These opulent houses are your tickets to enjoy regal life and have a wedding ceremony in the most aristocratic manner if marriage is in the cards. Every wedding location in Rajasthan is rich in personality and history.

8: The Leela Palace

The Leela Palace hotel is located in Jaipur or Pink City, the capital of Rajasthan state. It is like a grand and huge palace. The interior of this palace is so attractive that those who come here to see it is enchanted by the mantras. The Leela Palace Hotel has a spacious garden and an attractive hall for weddings and parties. Where several hundred people can gather together and can enjoy the wedding and party happening here. If you are also planning the wedding of your family members, then you should visit Hotel Leela Palace once. This Hotel Doesn’t Let You Down.

9: Lebua Resort – It’s All About Luxury

Where is the budget destination wedding in Jaipur? Lebua is your best option for this! You don’t need to panic by looking at its royal look and state-of-the-art facilities. Lebua is one of the cheapest places in Jaipur where you can organize a wedding ceremony and make it memorable. It offers a beautiful mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. Where you can host many weddings and their guests.
The resort is known for its exceptional hospitality and services. This is the perfect place for royal-style marriage and gives royal treats to your guests. Here your guests will receive a grand welcome in the resort’s intricately detailed latticework lobby. And each ceremony is equally grand and stunning halls such as the Ada Banquet Hall. Your guests can savour the finest of Rajasthani cuisine during dinner at Vajra Restaurant and Chakra Bar. It is one of the best and most attractive wedding venues in Jaipur for couples looking for a destination wedding.


This article contains all three information about the Best wedding venues in Jaipur. Apart from this, you can also contact us for cab booking services. We provide a wide range of services that makes your travel more comfortable.


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