Best Websites for Writers to post their work to get traffic

Best Websites for Writers to post their work to get traffic
Best Websites for Writers to post their work to get traffic

Are you looking for the best websites for writers to post their work to get traffic? or best online writing communities for the bloggers?

So I’m sure a lot of people have mentioned Wattpad, because that’s great for just getting your writing out there, but I would stay away from that because it’s there aren’t many people on there who can really write.

I’ve heard good things about Reedsy, they do contests weekly. One note about them is that you have to be 18+ to submit, and you need to submit to one of their prompts. I don’t know if they do good feedback, but I think they might.

Another one that not many people think of is the writersofinstagram group. If you have an Instagram account, and you don’t mind formatting your writing, you can post your writing there. Until you get big, or ask someone to beta read it, however, you probably won’t get much in the way of writing help/advice. If you ask for it, you might get a little more.

Tumblr is good if you just wanna get it out there, but I don’t know much about it. I haven’t seen much in the way of original fiction, but I’ve heard good things.

Best Websites for Writers to post their work to get traffic

I will list some of the social media websites to share your links. Try to post for every day a month and see the difference in your website traffic and the rankings.

Below 10 websites are the business listing sites which has high PA, helps your websites to get quality traffic.


There are various free platforms where you can write and share your stories. Writing on different websites will help you in establishing yourself as a reputable writer. It will get you fame, and your writings will reach out to broader audiences. Being a writer myself, I love writing on different platforms.

I personally use the Learning and Creativity website websites for writing and sharing stories.

Main Features of Learning and Creativity Site

– this site has more than 5,000 stories short stories

– Stories available on all major categories such as Literature, Books, Fiction, Adventures, Travel and many more

– Easy to use website Compatible for all Mobile devices

– A user can follow many famous authors over there.

– A user can publish and Post their own short stories over there too.

Which one is best?

Depends on what you want. Medium has built-in audience and a great interface. If you use Medium, you do not need to care about hosting your own site. On the other hand, you can use WordPress to host your very own blog. If your blog becomes popular, you can actually host it yourself and monetise as well.

These are good places to share poems online and get feedback:

  • I am a judge at where you can enter a free weekly contest with a small cash prize for winning or for a high placement.
  • Quora has a space called The Joy of Poetry where you can post poems and get feedback from other poets.
  • Quora also has spaces called Poet’s Corner, Poem Circle and several others.
  • allows poets to share poems and critiques. Since each poem there requires two critiques, many poems will receive comments. But please keep in mind that all opinions are not equal. If you disagree with something someone else says, it’s best to be polite and use your own best judgment.


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