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The web hosting is the service that provides users of Internet a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. It is an analogy of “lodging or lodging in hotels or rooms” where one occupies a specific place, in this case the analogy web hosting or web page hosting, refers to the place that a web page, website , system, email occupies , files etc. on the internet or more specifically on a server that usually hosts several applications or web pages.
Companies that provide space on a server to their customers are often referred to by the English term web host .
It can be defined as “a place for your website or emails”, although this definition conceptually simplifies the fact that web hosting is actually space on the Internet for practically any type of information, be it files, systems, emails , videos etc.
According to the specific needs of a user, there are different types of web hosting from which the user has to choose the option according to their needs. Among the main types of web hosting are:

Free hosting

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Free hosting is extremely limited compared to paid hosting. These services generally add advertising on the sites in addition to having very limited resources (disk space, data traffic, CPU usage, etc.).
Accommodation by donation
This type of donation hosting has some important characteristics to name, since it is a new implementation method since it is better than free hosting ( free hosting ), this means that it has the benefits of a paid hosting but created to be maintained by community users, who use the service, are adequately supported, and are not advertised on their sites or development projects.

Shared hosting

Main article: Shared hosting
In this type of service, clients from several sites are hosted on the same server, thanks to the configuration of the web server program . It is a very good alternative for small and medium clients, it is an economical service due to the reduction of costs since when sharing a server with hundreds of thousands or millions of people or users the cost is drastically reduced for each one, and it has good performance.
Among the disadvantages of this type of web hosting, it is necessary to mention above all the fact that sharing the hardware resources of a server among hundreds or thousands of users significantly reduces its performance. It is also very common for failures caused by one user to affect others, so the server administrator must exercise extreme caution when assigning execution and writing permissions to users. In summary, the disadvantages are: decrease in server resources, speed, performance, security and stability.

Video hosting

 Image hosting is part of the norm in a web hosting service. In general, it using to host video in a conventional web hosting service due to the high bandwidth and space consumption of this type of media.
For this reason, there are several specialized video hosting services, many of them with free service options. The best-known examples are YouTube and Vimeo services. But there are also services specifically aim  professionals. Such as Wistia that provide add value through advanced functionalities. Such as advance web analytics functions , user behavior monitoring or heat maps .

Corporate mail hosting

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The service of sending and receiving emails is an activity that consumes many resources of the web server or web hosting. That is why many times companies are force to hire an exclusive hosting service for corporate emails such as Microsoft or Google. This corporate email hosting service focuses on meeting all the demands of email users. such as security, antispam filters, speed, synchronization across multiple devices, contact and event management, document management in the cloud, etc.

Reseller hosting ( reseller )

Main article: Reseller hosting
This hosting service  design for large users. Or people sell the hosting service to other people. These packages have a large amount of space and domains available for each account. Likewise, these spaces have a capacity limit of clients and hosted domains and therefore requires looking for a dedicated server.
Virtual servers ( Virtual Private Server , VPS)
Main article: Virtual server
The company offers control of a seemingly unshared computer. It  using a virtual machine . Thus, multiple domains can be easily and inexpensively managed. As well as choosing the programs that run on the server. Therefore, it is the type of product recommend for web design and programming companies.

Dedicated servers

Main article: Dedicated server
A dedicated server is a purchased or leased computer for using provide dedicated services. Usually related to web hosting and other network services. Unlike what happens with shared hosting, where the machine’s resources are share between an indeterminate number of clients. In the case of dedicated servers, it is generally a single client that has all the machine’s resources. For the purposes for which you have contracted the service.
Dedicated servers use both to provide shared hosting services and to provide dedicated hosting services. And can  manage the client or by the company that provides them. The physical care of the machine and Internet connectivity is generally in charge of the company that provides the server. A dedicated server is generally located in a data center .

Dedicated server

A dedicated server understood  the counterpart of shared web hosting. A dedicated server canot use to deliver this type of service. This is the case when, for example, a company engaged in the web hosting business buys. Or leases a dedicated server with the aim of offering web hosting services to its customers.
On the other hand, a dedicated server  used in an advanced form of web hosting. When a client or company has special performance, configuration or security requirements. In these cases, it is common for a company to lease a dedicated. Server to self-supply the services it needs. using all the resources of the machine.
The main disadvantage of a dedicated server is the cost of the service.  Which is much higher than that of shared hosting. This is mainly due to the monthly. Cost of the machine and the need to contract the services for the administration and configuration of the server.


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