Best Ways to Make Friends in College


Starting new journey at college can be a little stressful because the student leaves his school life and long-term friends. This might make you feel alone and nervous.

Adjusting in the new environment can be difficult; new and fresh admissions go through this due to the absence of long-term friends who are all separated due to different colleges.

It could be challenging for an individual to make friends especially for those who have a bit shy and introvert kind of nature. I agree, you are not alone in this!

When student get admission in the college; like every other new place, starting out could become a little difficult for him. He may already be freaking out that how would he pass any difficult course and how would he be increasing his professional approach within his network.

Trust me; this is the same thing that happens with every other freshman at college!

The only way to combat all of these issues is to make friends and increase your on-campus fellow mate’s circle. This could be somehow challenging but this is worth in the end.

You might consider yourself as the most awkward and quirky person, but college is a place where bunch of people come from different places and you will surely your type of friends. In this way you would be able to mesh well with the environment of college.

Several online assistance providers including cheap assignment writers supported, making friends at college can make you feel less stressful and will alleviate your loneliness.

Also, making friends is also essential as they make your tough college life bearable and enjoyable. You will feel less burdened and these friendships can last a lifetime.

If you are struggling to make friends at college and feel anxious then I have got you covered. Here are 7 ways to make friends in college. By implementing these tips, you can enjoy your college experience with several new friends.

Be yourself:

One of the most important factors which you must keep in our mind while making friends is that you must stay yourself. There is no need to pretend to be like somebody who you are not. We need to have friends who can stay with us for a long time.

So, make sure that you make such friends who know you in real- as a person. In this way, you people would become known to each other’s habits and will be more friendly and caring.

Lunch break:

The cafeteria of the college is the best place to look for new friends and meet new people. It is very much possible that somebody from your class would be asking you to hang out at cafeteria for lunch and dinner, take it on!

By getting socialize around your new class mates; you would become more familiar with the college environment. Every new fresher is as much nervous as you are so make sure to break the ice and have lunch together. Also, in this way you will gather more new people and a strong group of friends will develop.

Attend different events:

Attending the different events of college also end up bringing new people close together. Expert writers from pay to do my assignments supported the idea of attending college seminars for personal and professional growth.

Also, in this way you will get to know your campus and teachers as well. Do not miss out this perfect chance of making new friends!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable:     

New place, new people, and new environment can definitely become a little stressful. Being with strangers can be straight up terrifying. Being alone is fine in the beginning, don’t behave awkwardly, every freshman feels this way!

Stay open to new experiences and let the things happen the way they are. You will adjust gradually. The strangers will slowly turn into known faces end up becoming good friends with you.

Don’t compare yourself:

Also, there is no need to compare your own self with any most popular student of college. This will just lower down your motivation and enthusiasm.

Keep going with your pace and let the experience happen. Appreciate the little friendships around yourself and enjoy them.

Keep reasonable expectations:

Don’t think the way that you would be having some bestie right at the end of first end. It is almost impossible. Every new person is trying to settle down himself with the new environment so keep your expectations reasonable.

The relationships and friendships also grow with time so you must stay humble. In this way, you will end up having healthy friendships.

Try to get involved and take advantage of dorm life:

Ensure to participate actively and to get involved in all the activities that are being arranged for the fresh students. Also, don’t forget to take the advantage of living in a dorm.

Once you get to know your roommates, you will slowly engage with other new people as well.


Don’t forget to hang around with your new classmates. Everyone is trying to settle in the new environment so make sure that you all are lifting each other up! By following the above shared tips, you definitely be able to build strong friendships.


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