Best Types Of Carpets Suited For Homes In Qatar


Do you wish to decorate your beautiful home with some great carpets? Do you want to know more about the carpet types that are popular in the market?. Then, search no more. We have got you covered. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some of the popular carpet types in the market that is well suited for your homes in Qatar.

For higher traffic areas like kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms, hardwood is seen as a more favourable option than carpets. That doesn’t mean carpets are not trendy more. Carpet is still a widely popular interior décor choice. There are main types of carpet types based on the backing type, they are Cut Pile and Loop Pile.

Carpet is normally created by looping the yarn style material through a backing which then creates a particular pile on the other side (the facing side) which can be either Cut Pile or Loop Pile. The carpet texture is determined by the type of pile and also the type of carpet fiber.

Types of carpets 

Depending on the type of carpet material used, the carpet types mainly available in the market are given as follows.

Nylon Carpet

A common flooring staple since 1935, the nylon carpet is one of the most popular types of carpet fiber. Nylon carpets are popular because of their durability, resistance to wear, softness, and stain-proof features. Nylon carpet also tends to hold color well. There are many cut pile and loop pile nylon varieties of nylon carpet that you can choose from based on your preference of density/ softness.

Nylon carpets also have excellent resistance to oil and grease-based stains, mildew and abrasion resistance, etc. Nylon carpets are very well affordable and are at lower price points than that wool carpets. Nylon carpets find the best use in heavy traffic areas like living rooms where resistance to stains and wear and tear are very much preferred.

If you are in doubt about choosing carpet for offices/commercial spaces. Refer to this guide for office/commercial carpet buying.

Olefin Carpet

Also known as the polypropylene carpet, the olefin carpets are made from petroleum products and it makes them less expensive compared to nylon carpets. Not as soft as nylon carpets, olefin carpets are still comfortable to walk on.

Due to this exceptional resistance to mildew and mold, they are great for areas such outdoor areas such as patios and basements. Olefin carpets are one of the most commonly found types of loop pile carpet style. Similar to that natural wool, olefin fibers are often used as a synthetic wool substitute. Olefin carpets are not only stain-resistant but also wear and tear-resistant. Hence it does not hold onto either dirt or oil.

Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpets are made of polyester (man-made fibre) which is usually hypoallergenic and is also fade resistant. Available in a variety of colors, the polyester carpets are made of recycled plastic bottles, making them an eco-friendly choice. The polyester fibres constitute roughly one-quarter of the synthetic carpet.

Polyester carpets are lesser in price compared to nylon carpets and also less durable than that nylon carpets. High-end polyester carpets are also available which are in the higher price range. As polyester is naturally hydrophobic, polyester carpets are great water repellents and also more stain resistant. Polyester carpets work well for low-traffic areas like guest rooms.

Acrylic Carpet

Acrylic carpets are often marketed as synthetic wool since it resembles much wool but they don’t come with a hefty price like that of nylon. Acrylic carpets are much harder to find than olefin or nylon carpets. Acrylic carpets are much resistant to staining, fading, moisture, mildew, the buildup of static electricity, etc.

Even though it has a lot of good features, acrylic carpets are not good to be used for high-traffic areas like dining rooms, home offices, etc. Great care also needs to be taken for cleaning as well as maintaining the acrylic, as cleaning products can stain it.

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Wool Carpet

Wool Carpets offer a luxurious feel as the fibres are natural and soft. Wool carpets come in both synthetic and natural options. Some manufacturers tend to create wool blends so that natural fibres blended with synthetic ones provide more stain resistance and also longevity at a better price point.

Wool carpets come in various grades and costs and are a great eco-friendly option. Lower-grade synthetics are more at risk for stain while the higher-grade wool is more expensive and more stain-resistant. Wool carpets are one of the most long-lasting and durable, lasting for more than 50 years when maintained properly. People with allergies can also enjoy wool.

Wool carpets should be avoided in areas like bedrooms, as it is prone to mildew. Wool carpets should be avoided outdoors.


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