Best Type of Home to Own in Arizona


Best Type of Home to Own in Arizona

If you do not know housing options in Phoenix, Arizona, you may assume the homes are typical with no layout creativity. However, in reality, this is not even close to the truth. Phoenix offers a diverse variety of home styles and is ideal for every budget and style. 

Whether you are looking for a sleek modern home or an old art bungalow Phoenix area has a home for everyone. The Phoenix area is home to a wide array of specific styles ranging from midcentury architecture to a collection of Mediterranean and Spanish designs. 

This guide will explore some of the most popular home styles in the Phoenix area and how each is different from the other. If you want to buy a home here, this is the place to start before even contacting your agent.


With stark, clean lines and neutral color characteristic designs, these homes are very easy to recognize. These designs use modern colors and materials and are popular among those who dislike traditional styles. They offered beautiful spacious living rooms and were designed with style in mind.

The kitchen usually features white countertops and cabinetry. Most of them have hardwood floors and are usually nice and sturdy as they lack crowd molding. They are very common in the Phoenix areas like Camelback East Village, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and all-around Phoenix. 

These homes are inspired by some of the country’s top architects, such as Will Bruder, Jack DeBartolo, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Built with simple materials like glass, wood, and steel, these homes are packed with the latest technology with a highly conceptual design. 

Other characteristics of these homes include minimalist interiors, open spaces, and large windows promoting an eco-friendly way of living.


  • Plenty storage options
  • Living areas are spacious
  • It is a modern design


  • The kitchens are smaller

Mid Century Modern

This style is an inspiration for some of the country’s prominent architects like Ralph Haver, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Al Beadle. They are also inspired by European architecture in the 1940s and 1950s. They mostly feature wood floors and white walls. 

They are high-tech-looking homes with clean lines and curved shapes. They also feature vaulted ceilings and sometimes come with metal detailing. A more modern version of this design includes glass facades which allow homeowners to enjoy natural light without interfering with their privacy. 

They are extremely durable with solid construction standards. It is commonly found in Mesa, Anthem, Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe.


  • Modern architectural design
  • Top-notch energy efficiency
  • Extremely durable in the long term


  • It May be not suitable for everyone

Spanish Mission

The architectural design became popular between the 1890s and 1950s and is common in the older areas of Phoenix, suburbs like Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler, and parts of North Scottsdale. 

Spanish missions feature adobe walls, enclosed courtyards, and roofs with clay tiles. Exterior arches and roofs also dominate this architectural design with baroque patches.


  • Excellent privacy
  • High ceilings
  • Offer a feel and sense of the old world


  • Lacks backyard
  • The garages are a little bit smaller

Pueblo Revival

This design dates back to the 8th century and reflects the dwellings built by the Pueblo Indians, where it draws its inspiration. However, it became a popular architectural design in the 20th century. 

It is sometimes referred to as Adobe style because the thick walls of adobe or earthy materials are one of its key features. The quintessential Southwest design features flat roofs, thick walls of stucco or adobe, contrasting square windows, rounded exteriors, and heavy wooden accents. 

Since the houses are built around courtyards, the style connects outdoors and indoors. This unique design is common in Coronado Historic District and Arcadia Historic neighborhoods. It can also be found in new communities and is, therefore, a staple style of Phoenix and a popular design for various budgets.


  • Allows for a variety of budgets


  • Requires a certificate for any aesthetic alterations

Tudor Revival

Found throughout the United States, these homes date to the beginning of the 19th century. Inspired by the English royal architectural style from the Middle Ages, this style features a storybook and a whimsical look. 

The medieval English architectural style offers a cozy appeal that focuses on indoor living, featuring luminous stained-glass windows, dark wood paneling, stone hearths, and exposed timber. 

Other unique characteristics that telltale signs of a Tudor revival are separate eye-catching entryways, large chimneys, and pitched roofs. They are mainly found outside of urban areas and in historic Phoenix neighborhoods.


  • Unique style and features
  • Durable roofing
  • Great for privacy and security
  • Asymmetrical design hence more freedom in the house
  • Easy to maintain


  • More expensive than other homes
  • They might need repair since they are older
  • Small room sizes

Mediterranean Revival

With Spanish Colonial, Italian Renaissance, and Beaux-Arts trends inspiration, it is one of the most common styles in Phoenix. They are romantic houses with an exotic and elegant look, resembling seaside villas. 

The prominent architectural style features arched or circular windows, wrought-iron balconies, a rectangular floor plan, and red-tiled roofs. It is a favored style in the southwest; they are common in the historic districts such as Coronado, Arcadia, Willo, and new master-planned communities. 

Many of the homes in north Scottsdale feature Mediterranean-style architecture, and if you are interested in a Scottsdale home for sale with a pool, a Mediterranean-style home adds the perfect aesthetic. 


  • Unique qualities and building materials
  • Great and elegant architectural details
  • Offer an eco-friendly living
  • Offers large living space
  • Easy to clean


  • Rooms may feel cramped because of the smaller windows and shorter ceilings
  • Not suitable for families with small children
  • Limited styling options
  • Not suitable for large scale gardening
  • They may not be to your taste

Ranch Style

Non-residents commonly associate this type of home with Phoenix. These classic L or U-shaped homes are inspired by the casual lifestyle of the Old and New West and are built to encourage an informal and relaxed life. 

The open story and open-concept homes were first built in the 1920s; they offer recognizable aesthetics and a distinctive charm. Ranch-style homes often feature extensive landscaping, large windows with shutters, various roof styles, sunken living rooms, overhanging eaves, brightly colored facades, and front doors. 

They are common in historic districts like Willo, Mesa, and Rancho Paloma in Cave Creek and Phoenix metro cities of Avondale, Peoria, Anthem, Goodyear, and Paradise Valley.


  • Simple classic design
  • Large, more open living space
  • Safe to navigate
  • Beautiful views


  • Smaller yards
  • Less privacy
  • Requires more property
  • Requires lots of maintenance

Hacienda-Style (Aka Spanish Revival)

The first of these designs was built in 1856 and was originally developed in Spain. These homes feature wooden doors, arched windows with wood grates, wooden shuttered windows, and flat roofs with exposed beams and rafters. 

This same exterior is mostly made of clay and stucco, while the interiors feature repeated arches, wrought-iron details, and exposed beams. They are common in Phoenix metro cities of Buckeye, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Florence, and Cave Creek.


  • A great option for outdoor living
  • Convenient storage space
  • Easy to maintain


  • More landscaping options are required


Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, Phoenix has something for everyone. There are many styles and designs than you can imagine, all with different features and budget-friendly. 

If you plan to move to Phoenix, AZ, start by exploring the available options and select the one that fits your budget and suits your needs and preferences.


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