Best spying apps to track your children’s smartphone activities

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Children today tend to use mobiles and other digital devices from a very young age. Getting familiar with these gadgets is no doubt helpful in building the minds of children but to ensure positive growth, it is important that parents keep an eye on the activities of their children on tablets or smartphones. In this post you are going to find information about the best Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and telegram spy app or tools that can help you with this kind of tracking. There are hundreds of different apps and tools that can help you with spying but below we have listed out the top ones.
Mama Bear
The main purpose of this application is to maintain and ensure social media safety. Not only this but with mama bear you can also enjoy the facility of location tracking. With mama bear you can easily include monitoring Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications with this tracking utility. Parents can check any new tags; check INS or posts that have been uploaded by their children or their friends. You would be surprised to know that mama bear has won the best parenting app Mumii family award in 2017. You can easily install Mama Bear from the application store of your device.
Screen Time
One of the main concerns of parents today is to know how much their kids spend time on screen. The screen time app is basically famous for not only monitoring the screen time used for a number of apps on a certain device rather it can also ensure that any awkward content which doesn’t go with the age bracket of your child plays on the phone. It is surely one of the best spy apps for parents and you must know that it has also won the award of the best parental control app in 2019.
Parents are always worried about the driving style of their young children. Teenagers tend to drive rash which can be worrisome for parents. Now you must know that Bouncie is one of the best applications cum OBD which can get connected with your car. The app monitors your car’s driving experience and can help parents stop the vehicle in case they note any rash or distractive driving. The app cannot only monitor the driving experience but can also track the speed limit and send you constant notifications. Other than that parents can also know about the location of the car connected with Bouncie.
Today teens are more than addicted to their smartphone and tablets which is a big concern for parents across the globe. Checky is an application which can help parents monitor how many times their child has opened their phone and used it for how much time. Parents can not only spy on the usage of apps and all sorts of content with this app but they can also ensure a healthier balance between the traditional and digital lives of their children. The best thing about this spy app is that it is free to use. It is also one of the best Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and telegram spy apps you can find online.
Spy Bunker
Spy bunker is another popular app which can help parents monitor the usage of their child’s device. With this application parents can easily record phone calls, track snap chat usage, track Instagram, SMS, telegram, Facebook and even YouTube. The best thing about this app is that it can track both android and iOS devices. The spy bunker is surely a fool proof check and balance app for parents who want to keep an eye on their teens.
These are the top parental control and spying apps which can be used without much trouble!


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