Best Social Media Downloaders for Android

Best Social Media Downloaders for Android

Best Social Media Downloaders for Android

There are a variety of reasons people may want an image or a videotape from a social network. Perhaps they want to partake it with their musketeers or keep it to watch latterly. Still, utmost social media apps make it rather delicate to land those effects. For case, Facebook and Instagram do n’t let you download videotape content. Instagram does n’t let you save images that you like. There are a lot of social networks and a lot of colorful social media downloaders out there. We suppose we plant the stylish bones so let’s check them out.

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The list includes apps that save images and vids from Instagram, vids from Facebook, GIFs and vids from Twitter, and vids from TikTok. We can add apps for other social networks on after updates so comment and let us know what you want to see then.

The best social media downloaders for Android

All in One Video Downloader

All in One Video Downloader lets you download vids from a many platforms. It supports Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You simply get the share link from the app, open this app, and bury the link into the app to gain the videotape. The app also includes a videotape player to watch the vids or you can just use your device’s videotape player if you prefer. This bone works most of the time, but some people may have intermittent issues then and there getting commodity to download, especially if they use it a lot in a short period of time. It has announcement support without a decoration interpretation so prepare for advertisements.

ETM Video Downloader

ETM Video Downloader is a inventor on Google Play with a many social media downloader apps. There’s one for Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The apps are okay. There are a ton of advertisements and it can surely make the experience much worse than it else would be. Still, all three apps actually did download content from the forenamed social media spots when we tested it. This isn’t our first choice and we suppose the inventors would be wise to make an announcement-free decoration interpretation. Still, if you just need one or two prints and intend to toss the app down subsequently, these will do the trick. The button below links to the inventor runner so you can choose the bone you want.

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram is one of the stylish social media downloaders specifically for Instagram. It works with both print and videotape content. You can save the regular prints and vids along with Stories as well. The app also includes a dashboard to manage everything, a bystander to see the stuff you saved, and a secret locker to hide down your special prints and vids. It indeed has a batch save function. Some people reported that the factual save function is a bit glitchy on some bias, but it worked nicely okay for us. The app is free with advertising.


FastVid is a videotape downloader specifically for Facebook. You simply partake a videotape link to the app and it does the rest. This bone is nice because you do n’t need to be logged in or indeed interact with Facebook except for carrying the share link for the videotape. Like utmost, you can find, save, and watch the vids from the app. There’s also an in- erected cybersurfer in case you do n’t want to use the sanctioned Facebook app. A many features are a little perambulator, but the factual download functions feel to work well.

 InShot Video Downloader

InShot Video Downloader is one of the bigger names in social media downloaders. It supports a variety of social media spots and you can download the vids in a variety of formats. You can indeed do MP3 if you just want the audio without the videotape. It also works for images if you need those. You can use this for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and other spots. The decoration interpretation is relatively precious at$11.99. Still, this is one of the many social media downloaders with a decoration interpretation where you can permanently remove advertisements.


Photo Snatch is a bit of a wildcard on this list. It’s one of the newer social media downloaders and only came out in March 2021. It boasts support for TikTok and Instagram. It should also work on utmost websites with bedded videotape players. The app includes utmost of the usual stuff, including a videotape player, no watermarks, and a separate gallery for viewing your images and videotape content. It can also descry and remove indistinguishable lines if you need to. It’s newer so there are bugs, but it seems to do enough well compared to utmost.


Tmate is one of the most popular options for downloading TikTok vids. It does n’t bear a login, actually does help you download vids, and it claims to not have watermarks. In our testing, all of those effects feel to be true, although long- term use is still over for debate. The functionality is enough easy to use. You partake a TikTok videotape to the app and it downloads the videotape for you. You can also watch it on your videotape player of choice. There are announcements in the app as to be anticipated. They do n’t feel too terribly protrusive, however, and it’s a lot lighter touch than some others.


Tweet2gif is one of the most popular tools for downloading GIFs off of Twitter. Twitter famously does n’t let you download them for some silly reason and this tool makes it easy. All you need to do is partake the tweet link to the app and the app parses it and returns a GIF. You download the GIF as an MP4 or as a looped animated GIF. The app works as intended. There are bots on Twitter that can do this same thing, but the app is just easier.

Basically any screen recorder or screenshot app

There’s a homemade system that does n’t bear any social media downloaders at all. Principally, any screen archivist is useful for landing videotape content and any screenshot function can capture an image. It’s not the loftiest quality system of doing so and it requires a bit of setup, but it works 100 of the time. We’ve AZ Screen Archivist linked at the button, but utmost ultramodern Android phones have a screen archivist function erected-in. We also have a list of screen archivist apps as well as screen prisoner apps if you want to try commodity differently. Again, it’s a bit stinky, but it does always work as long as you do n’t mind the on- screen rudiments for stuff like TikTok.



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