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Newtop Rubber

You can find silicon products in the market with the variety you want. But there are still thousands of ideas that haven’t been brought to life, such as silicone rings.

They can design different colors, shapes, and sizes of products based on customer ideas and gains, delivering them to customers who have the shortest time after production.

It has more than 6 production lines and a large number of operators and guarantees timely delivery.

Newtop silicone rubber can build a 3-dimensional mold for production and is also opened by authorized persons in its mold area. Each step, such as mold design, programming, mold cutting, EDM-NC processing, and surface processing, is complement by solid and disciplined standards, producing ideal products, and direct adjustments are making by customers’ directives.

It has a quality control system from raw materials purchase to the production process and uses industrial 3D printers to verify if the product you are looking for is wrong. They offer a high-quality service as they are with the customer through pre-sales and after-sales support.

Silicone Rings

The rings come first when we can’t give up the accessories we can’t give up. While the rings are a symbol of an ancient love bond, they are still popular with various models and types today. Metal aliens, which represent the strength and unbreakability of marital bonds, can be damaged or broken.

The search for a ring of different structures has been undertak to highlight the unbreakable and the eternity of love, and lately silicon rings have brought a new thrill to the market. Although silicon rings have been around for some time, many people have been chosen because they realize the advantages that metal rings don’t offer.

There may also be unexpect reactions to the metal to your body, but silicone rings are a safe choice. Best silicone rings are flexible and soft with a stretchy silicone rubber effect on the structure. A metal wedding ring can be forgot and lost somewhere as soon as it is removed from the fingers due to the most common disturbance when the finger is hurting. Therefore, silicon rings have become a popular alternative with comfortable use.

You can customize silicon rings as you want without a uniform thought and transfer the features you want. If you don’t want a very expensive ring on your finger, you can wear more comfortable silicone rings, and fun and reflect what you want. Newtop rubber offers customization of ring designs without having to wait too long for your unique and unique ideas to come to life.


BPA-free silicone material construction and male silicone rings are flexible. The comfort of the interior design and a perfectly ergonomic fit for the fingers. This male ring is very useful, with the ideal features for a high-quality, durable elastic ring. Men complain that their metal wedding ring is bothering their fingers. With its soft construction and finger-compatible design, it is available to you in a variety of colors that will eliminate this complaint.

Comfortable, good-looking, correctly stretched, colorful design, non-toxic silicone ring is for women. BPA-free silicone rubber ring for an ergonomic fit with fingers. Green, purple, white, black, and pink, it is a premium choices with a choice of colors such as silver, as well as customized color options. It’s also elastic and durable, and with lightweight silicon rings that sometimes you forget you even exist, you can feel your energy high.

For a unique silicone ring option, you can blend different colors to create different looks. Its safe and durable construction is resistant to temperatures and chemical effects, as well as its certifications, are recognized in the world. If you’re thinking of expressing the icon of your love as a gift, you can also add a date, name, or any icon that means something to you with the customized logo option.

Why Choose Newtop Rubber?

Newtop Rubber has a multi-category product mold, which can quickly produce existing products to meet your needs with the shortest turnaround time. We use food-grade and medical-grade liquid silicone materials to manufacture high-quality products.

As a source manufacturer, we have more price advantages than intermediate traders and stricter quality control. In terms of customized services, our professional design team and engineer team can formulate practical solutions for your needs the first time, to maximize the benefits. Our sales and after-sales service team can better communicate with you and process your orders efficiently.

All our products are very durable and made of the best silicone materials. Our high-quality products sell well at home and abroad, and are trust by customers as much as our services. Customers trust us and allow us to participate in key projects and product development, which allows us to further establish cooperative relations with customers and achieve a win-win situation.

Let’s Help to Expand Your Business

Newtop Rubber supports ODM/OEM services. At the same time, we strictly abide by our quality and time control requirements to provide customers with high-quality products and a fast turnaround time. Regarding customized services, we will arrange a dedicated team to assist customers from the moment the customer contacts us to make a customized request. Our straightforward customized service can efficiently complete the process from product idea to 3D artwork design, then to mold making, adjustment, sample production confirmation, and then to mass production.

Professional matters are hand over to a professional team, and we try our best to make it easy for customers to complete customized projects with us. Regardless of the size of your company, we can provide environmentally friendly and most cost-effective solutions for all your silicone rubber parts needs — extrusion, molding, or manufacturing.

Our confidence is that we will be able to provide you with high-quality customized products that meet your requirements. In the final analysis, your success is the highest goal we hope to achieve by providing the quality products we produce.

Welcome to Newtop Rubber

With years of expertise, Newtop Rubber has become one of the industry’s top liquid silicone rubber manufacturers based in Xiamen, China. We are one of the few mixers and manufacturers of liquid silicone with excellent quality. We supply high-quality mother and baby silicone products, household silicone products, and customized products for industrial and medical applications. Our goal is to meet your needs for existing products and customized products through our high-quality silicone products.

Newtop Rubber follows high-standard quality control requirements in the entire production process of product 3D artwork design, mold making, rubber mixing, extrusion, molding, burr cutting, and finished product packaging. To ensure the high quality of our products and avoid accidental failures of our products in critical applications. The liquid silicone rubber products produced by Newtop Rubber are all made of top-quality materials, which can maintain functional stability even under the harshest outdoor or indoor conditions.

Newtop Rubber’s products are use in many industries, including agriculture, automobiles, construction, dairy products, mothers and babies, consumer products, silicone rings, food and beverages, and medical care. Using high-quality raw materials from well-known raw material suppliers in the industry, we can make perfect use of the characteristics of different raw materials to manufacture silicone rubber parts for different scenarios. Our products not only have the characteristics of general silicone rubber products but also can achieve special properties required by customers, such as wear resistance, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, and so on. Our team is commit to recommending suitable high-quality LSR products to help you expand your business and projects.


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