Best SEO Tools Online to Sky-Rocket Your Productivity in 2022

The Best Seo Tools

We would be going over in this article the Best SEO Tools Online to Sky-Rocket Your Productivity in 2022, make sure to read this carefully till the very end.

For you to be in this article that means you have an online blog which you have noticed it’s not ranking well.

This is completely normal especially for newbies and is not okay when you are already an expert.

And some one who have being into blogging for over a year.

I know you must have already done some research on your own before coming across this article.

And for sure you must have already met some of your blogger friends for guidance.

Well this article will be going over all you need to know concerning the best seo tools.

What Is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization.

Seo helps mostly in your rankings and if you are very bad at it you would not see your self appearing on pages.

If you look at Popular sites which are ranking and always taking up the first position on a particular search results.

You will notice that they are very good at search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is a very broad and wide topic which one article can not cover.

It takes a lot of articles and courses that you have to watch before you can be able to become perfect in Search Engine Optimization.

Although to jump start your Search Engine Optimization journey you will need to get some tools.

This tools will help a lot in your search engine journey and without them you are one step to failing at SEO.

If you are some one who got a job as an SEO person for a site you will need to go over this tools.

After going over them you should pick the one you believe will work best for you.

What Are the Best SEO Tools?

The Best Seo Tools

Just as promised we would be going over some of the best seo tools which you can try for yourself.

This seo tools will not boost your ranking immediately to number one.

One main thing you need to focus on in other to get good at search engine optimization is Backlinks creation we would cover that later on in other articles.

But if you use them you will see a good change in your blog ranking positively.


This is the first one on the list mostly because of they have a lot of good features.

And also because I used it for my blog and I saw a very good change in my ranking positively.

You may get the best assistance from this SEO tool for SEO, PPC, backlinks, keyword research, SERP, and other things.

Ahrefs is a very big online seo tool which helps users with ranking it was created the early 2010.

They have being in existence for over 12 years which shows that they are very reliable.

This particular tool assist it’s users with site audit, not only that they make sure to crawl your site for you each day.

This is good as it will help you get a good glance of your site performance immediately some thing changes you will know through ahrefs.

I’ve used moz as well over the past few years and I should say they are very good.

Although they are kind off expensive if you do not have money to pay for their premium tools.

But we recommend paying for it as it is really helpful.

Moz gives users a chance to perform 5000 keyword research per month, depending on your plan.

For more sophisticated features, use MozPro, and install the MozBar browser extension to view Google SERP information, Moz scores, and SEO analysis data in your browser.

One disadvantage of this seo tool is the fact that some of its data and metrics are for those residing in the US alone.

Which deprives other people from the features they have.

Growth Bar

Growth Bar is next up on the list, they are the third best after we have done our research.

They give you the chance to know your competitions improvement, you will be able to know their Backlinks.

As well as their growth data and facebook ads.

This SEO Tools though is widely and broadly used by small businesses, entrepreneurs as well as freelancers.

Blogs do not use them that much because they do not have a wide ranch of tool that can assist your blog the way ahrefs does.

Which means that the tool lacks Seo metrics and tracking data.

Although You can quickly gain insights for better SERP ranks.


This one is a very good seo tool because of the privilege they give users who do not have money to pay for their premium tools.

SEMRush offers free keyword research for users to work with, you can use this free keyword research tool only 7 times a day.

And after you have exhausted it for that day you will have to wait for the next day.

Although this seo tool is very complicating, because it is hard to fully understand what the tools features are.

Especially for beginners who are newbie both in Blogging and SEMRush.

On SEMRush You may conduct thorough keyword research with it. Your material is therefore more visible in Google Search.

SEMRush offers three plans to it’s users this is the Pro plan, Guru Plan and the Business Plan.

Each plan with different features attach as well as different pays.

The higher the features attach the higher you will have to pay.

SEMrush offers Pro plan is $99.95, the Guru plan is $199.95, and the Business plan is $399.95.

 Authority Labs

This is one of the best user friendly and seo friend keyword research and seo tool.

Authority Labs is not really that popular but they are very reliable.

It is not popular because it’s seo tool and keyword research does not cover the world as a whole.

This tool is good if you are some one who wants to focus on a particular Target audience or location.

Authority Labs gifts it’s users a 30 days free trial you can use this trial to fully analyze whether or not you need this tool.

With Authority Labs You can as well track the SEO campaigns and strategies used by your competitors using this best SEO Audit tool.


This is another widely used Seo tool, most people might have not heard of them.

You can use it to find fresh keyword prospects, generate content ideas, assess PPC campaigns, and conduct exhaustive competitor research.

It aids companies in enhancing their visibility in important SEO domains, including marketing, search analytics, PPC, content marketing, and more.

This tool is very affordable, which to me is highly recommended.

It is user friendly and even if you are newbie you can easily understand the whole features on SerpStat.

They do not have a chrome extension, and their tools do not integrate with your google search console and google analytics.

Which is a very down side when compared to it’s effectiveness and support.

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The Bottom Line

This leads us to the end of this article concerning the top Best SEO Tools Online to Sky-Rocket Your Productivity in 2022.

Let us know what your opinions are in the comment section.

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