Best Penny Stocks Under $1 || Top 8 List

Penny stocks

If you are looking to invest in the best penny stocks under $1. Let’s assure you have hit the right link to find a specially curated list of the best penny stocks under $1.

Many investors are not confident to buy low-value stocks but here we are to break that conundrum in your minds.

Buying penny stocks doesn’t mean filtering out all the stocks below the $1 share price and simply buying them hoping for a massive return the day their value increases, rather one must think of it as an investment in the long-term value of a stock based on its fundamentals and growth opportunities.

Let’s understand it in detail

Value Investing: Why to buy penny stocks under $1

It is one of the key strategies to make money from the stock market. Value investing refers to a methodology in which investors/traders look to identify low-priced stock with a strong business model and the ability to grow in the future.

Linking the concept to buying penny stocks, one must look to research the companies having a low share price of below $1 and gather information about their business, product or service portfolio, management, industry scope, and macroeconomic factors of the country their operations are centered.

Based on the information one must be able to research and analyze to predict the future growth of the company and decide his/her investment in such stocks.

Most of the companies you will find listed under the below $1 stock price category will be startups or companies working on niche ideas and you may not have domain knowledge of the concerned business the company is doing, hence to ease your way out we have done the research and analysis part to find the best possible list of companies under $1.

List of Best Penny Stocks under $1

Here we go with the list of best penny stocks you can invest in under $1

  1. Cidara Therapeutics Inc (CSTX: NASDAQ)
  2. Greenlane (GNLN)
  3. Clarus Therapeutics Holdings INC (CRXT)
  4. Unity Biotechnology (UBX)
  5. Infinity Pharmaceuticals
  6. Applied genetics Technologies (AGTC)
  7. Gold Standard Ventures Corp (GSV)
  8. CubicFarm Systems Corporation (CUBXF)

The idea behind investing in penny stocks and value investing is to achieve financial freedom in your future if the research and analysis are perfect and the company performs as per expectations one must be able to realize hefty gains in their stock portfolio.

As a caution, we must warn our readers that one must invest only a part of their investable money into penny stocks considering the risk factor associated with small companies and their niche ideas or business model not working out as per expectation.

In general, we also recommend our readers to always look for opportunities to diversify their investments based on risk and reward and not concentrate on owning a few assets or stocks.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and we were able to provide you with the content you were looking for, and will be able to use the insights to make money while investing in penny stocks


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