Best Pagdi Styles for the Royal Indian Groom


There was a time when the D-day preps used to revolve all around the bride. The bride’s lehenga, her jewelry, her makeup, her hairstyle, and everything else. But, the scenario has changed now. The bridegroom has gathered an equal amount of attention when it comes to D-day preparation.

From headwear, kalgi, dress, to footwear, the bridegroom should look like the star of the night.

When we talk about a groom’s attire, the pagdi (headwear) is an important aspect of it.

Pagdis or safas came into existence as a bridegroom’s accessory because the bridegroom was expected to look like a king on his wedding day. Hence, the embellished and heavy sherwanis, exquisitely beautiful juttis, safas, kalgis, and what not was added to make the bridegroom look like a king.

From floral to embellished, customized and so much more, the bridegroom’s pagdi styles are countless. It becomes a very tough job to narrow down on one. However, it is very necessary to opt for the one that completely goes with not just your dress but also the theme of your wedding and the bride’s dress.

Here is a list of some of the best safa trends that may inspire you and no matter what kind of groom you are, you will surely get your pick among one of these.

●    The Royal Swag


Though there are many different styles of pagdis available in the market for a bridegroom, yet, the most common and favorite one remains the royal style turbans.

In case you are not able to pin an image of this style, recap the Indian culture related movies like ‘Jodha Akbar’ or ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The type of pagdis worn and adorned by the kings in such movies is what we are talking about.

The royal turbans come in many different styles and colors. Generally, these are embellished with different kinds of ornaments and chains. You can also add a kalgi to it.

Such types of pagdis will add a hint of royal and cultural aesthetic to your overall look.

●    Play with your daily turban

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In case you are a Sikh, turbans will be a part of your daily routine. So, it becomes an even trickier task to add extra drama to your turban for the wedding day.

Even though you can’t change the style of your turban, you surely can play with the different aspects of your turban. Choosing a printed cloth for your turban is an amazing idea. Moreover, when we talk about printed, go for a floral print in case it matches your dress. You can also add a kalgi or some other ornament to your turban to give it a different look.

●     The floral vibe!

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Floral safas have been in trend for a long time now. These come in different clothes and are mostly available in pastel shades.

They look brilliant when paired with matching attire. Floral safas will provide you a simple, sophisticated yet stylish look.

These are your go-to safa trends in case you are not able to narrow down any other style.

Also, you can arrange contrasting safas for your baratiis as well to give your wedding day a unique theme.

●     Make it vibrant!

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Colorful leheriya prints are very common in the Indian wedding theme. They add a vibrant feel to the wedding environment and look very delightful to the eyes.

Why not add this pretty style to your turban? Wear a leheriya print safa in a vibrant color matching your outfit and we are sure that everyone’s eyes will be stuck on you on your wedding day.

●    Prints never fade!

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Okay, so who said that prints are limited to women? Being a bridegroom gives you all the luxury to play with your outfit and shine out brighter and different from others.

Opt for a quirky print cloth for your safa. It would work better if the prints are in contrast with your outfit color. Quirky printed safas will give you a very trendy and unique look.

●    Tissue safas

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The tissue in itself is a fabric that is enough to make an outfit out of the box. Tissue safas are very in and look adorably perfect with any outfit and any theme. So, in case you want something traditional and not too blingy, go with a tissue cloth safa and tie the knot in a regal style.

●    Rajasthani style!

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Wearing a Rajasthani or marwari pagdi is a splendid way of adding a royal cultural touch to your special day.

Wearing a safa with traditional Rajasthani prints like bhandej is a very good idea. Though these safas are perfect without any embellishments, yet if you want something extra you can anytime use some ornaments on it. In case you have not been able to arrange an ornament, you can use a maang tikka with pearl embellishments on your safa as a kalgi.

●     Banarasi

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Banarasi is very much in trend. From sarees, suits, dupattas to men’s kurtas and sherwanis, banarasi is a new choice.

Banarasi turbans are also very pretty and should be on your safa list as a bridegroom for sure.

●     Go with the color tone!

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Monotone has become very common in wedding themes nowadays. We have seen many wedding pictures where the entire wedding is designed in a particular color or very similar color shades.

From floral decorations, the bride’s attire, the groom’s attire, and all other details, everything is put together in the same shade.

So, it is a great option to go with the color tone and wear a matching safa.

●    White glow!

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White color goes with every shade and every attire. It gives a classic blend to your trendy look. Pair up a white safa with your attire and you are done to look splendid on the D-day. Such Safas are perfect if you have an intimate wedding idea, as it is a subtle and simple style.

●    Tie and die love!


Tie and die is also one of the most loved cloth patterns. It has been on the hit list since the day it was discovered. Tie and dye patterns look not only chic but also very ethnic.

Wear a bright-colored tie and die safa with a tail flowing long to complete your special day look.


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