Best Online Selling Products in Pakistan

online selling products in Pakistan

With each passing day, more and more people are starting to shop online in Pakistan. As a result, the internet is observing an influx of buyers and sellers post Covid-19. During the peak years of Covid-19, people limited had to limit activities inside their homes. Subsequently, working from home became common and online shopping hit high figures in these two years as many people preferred shopping online. 

The E-commerce of Pakistan has experienced fast growth in the last few years as the sales increased a lot. Data makes it obvious that the best-selling products of Pakistan include footwear, jewelry, cosmetic goods, home decor items, bedding products, kitchenware, infant care products, and handcrafted things.

Most Selling Online Products in Pakistan


Pakistan’s fashion and clothing business has grown admirably in recent years. Furthermore, the entry of certain significant textile firms is a contributing element to the growing percentage of online sales in Pakistan. Currently, around 40-50 high-end fashion brands in Pakistan are generating sales worth Billions of rupees in Pakistan. 


The footwear industry is one of the oldest businesses, with a long history of manufacturing high-quality completed goods. Furthermore, this business has a lot of room to develop.

Footwear has become a highly sold online selling product in Pakistan in the last few years. 

One can shop for different shoes including pumps, crocs, sandals, stilettos, slippers, closed shoes, sneakers, and joggers.


Since 2017, there has been an increase in people purchasing jewelry online. However, the purchase of gold or diamond jewelry has rather remained an in-person transaction. A lot of people are establishing online jewelry stores as websites or stores on social media platforms e.g Instagram. 

Fashion Accessories:

Without fashion accessories, styling is incomplete. The fashion industry is evolving, and new patterns and trends are emerging. The internet sector of Pakistan and e-commerce have grown dramatically, the fashion accessories accounting for the best-selling online products in Pakistan. Many women save time by ordering online rather than going from market to market looking for their desired fashion accessories. These fashion accessories are now available on every other website in Pakistan.

Beauty Products:

Despite inflation and rising prices, the beauty and personal care business has grown admirably in Pakistan. Many E-commerce stores are selling a large stock of beauty products online. There is no doubt that beauty products are the most selling product in Pakistan

Home Decor Items:

Drapes, covers, vases, hangings, table mats, coasters, rugs, and carpets contribute to internet sales. Online websites get a large number of sales for decor items. 

People describe their experience of online decor buying as satisfactory. Sellers are concerned about their reputation. They sell genuine products online for a good name and additional sales. 

Bedding Products:

Bedding items are among the best-selling online products in Pakistan. Bedding includes mattresses, pillows, comforters, blankets, bedsheets, and similar ones for regular or occasional use.


The days of visiting marketplaces physically to buy kitchen supplies are long gone. Crockery, cutlery, table mats, and other items are also associated with Pakistani culture and tradition. People buy these things straight from the manufacturer with a single click online. Everything from storage jars to cutlery, pans, ovens, and whisks is accessible online. Furthermore, with the growing popularity of baking, individuals are also purchasing entire baking kits online.

Baby Care Products:

People buy baby products online after reading user ratings and comments. Soap, powder, creams, diapers, and swaddles are widely available online. Feeding bottles, pacifiers, pumps, and sterilizers are a part of online selling products in Pakistan.

Handmade Items:

The handicraft sector of Pakistan has expanded dramatically in 10-15 years. Now after online shopping is extensively popular in Pakistan handicrafts are sold in high numbers at these stores. Many Pakistani women work tirelessly to produce these handcrafted goods for online sale. Women all across the country are encouraged to sell their items on e-commerce and third-party websites.

PakistanCreates is Selling the Best Products Online in Pakistan

PakistanCreates is a platform supporting the local makers to join and sell quality products. People can shop for their favorite products from websites all across the country. All products relating to everyday or occasional use are available in different categories for online sale in Pakistan. 

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