Best Muscle Amino Acids Accelerate Your Fitness Journey 


Fitness freaks prefer protein shakes to accomplish their designed fitness goals. However, amino acid supplementation is equally advantageous in this regard. A blend of the best muscle amino acids when consumed through supplements can help you become a pro-athlete. Muscle amino is a ready-to-drink supplement that contains branched-chain amino acids and essential amino acids to help you gain lean muscle, improve overall athletic performance and avoid muscle soreness.

Although you can buy any protein powder or liquid from the market. These days there is a bombardment of supplementation everywhere. However, these supplements might contain artificial flavors which can lead to health issues such as stomach upsets and kidney problems.

Biox muscle amino is a blend of amino acids along with zero calories to ensure your weight does not increase along with muscle growth. Additionally, it is a ready-to-drink supplement which means you don’t have to mix it with water. Open the bottle cap and enjoy this muscle recovery drink before/after your workout. 

Below we are going to explain amino muscle benefits.

It Helps in Speedy Muscle Growth 

Muscle growth is a dream for every athlete for which he hits the iron hard. However, spending hours in the gym is not the only way you can gain clean muscles. In fact, it is a step toward muscle growth in your overall journey. A gym-goer needs to attend proper workout sessions, eat a portion-controlled diet, and consume a high-quality supplement to gain lean muscles.

You might wonder when athletes have a supplement offering the best muscle amino acids why he needs to follow a meal plan. 

The life of a gym-goer differs from an average individual working in an office. An exerciser needs to follow a diverse workout pattern on a regular basis.  Therefore, he cannot rely on protein only and needs to consume a supplement for extra energy.

During workouts, he often experiences stress and tiredness resulting in slower performance. It is because the muscle tissue starts breaking down which the body uses as energy. The broken muscles can lead to the loss of your precious muscles as well. Biox Muscle amino offers a fresh supply of amino acids to reduce muscle breakdown. 

The amino acids such as leucine help in kick-starting muscle protein synthesis (a process of muscle growth and repair) which helps you to grow lean muscles.

Offers Essential Amino Acids 

The amino muscle benefits you by offering an adequate amount of essential amino acids. There are a total of 20 amino acids out of which 9 are non-essential amino acids and 11 are essential. Our body can only produce 9 naturally which means we have to rely on external sources to obtain the essential amino acids. 

A question might arise in your mind why there is so much emphasis on amino acids when it comes to fitness and exercise?

Amino acids are crucial for your fitness journey as they support multiple processes in your body. Firstly, they form proteins which are known as building blocks of life. Protein is itself an important micronutrient in the body. Which keeps your cells, organs, and muscles in great shape when consumed regularly. In addition, protein improves your overall heart and brain health as well. Coming back to the amino acids they help improve your athletic performance, enhance endurance and help you to lose fat without causing any effects.

Therefore, it is essential for an athlete to consume the best muscle amino acids through regular meals and supplementation. When you follow a portion-controlled diet plan your body gets protein, vitamins and minerals. Which offers your body instant energy to enable you to train with full strength.

Food items such as meat, chicken, fish, and eggs contain huge amounts of protein and amino acids. Hence following a regular diet plan is an optimum way to feed your body protein and essential amino acids.

best muscle amino acids

Improves Overall Athletic Performance 

There was a time when whey protein dominated the fitness industry. Athletes relied heavily on it to improve their athletic performance. However, Biox muscle amino has totally changed the choice of these exercises. These days an athlete prefers this refreshing drink to maintain his strength.

A gym-goer often tires during the workout as the acids start building up in the body. Amino muscle benefits you by reducing the acid build-up and eliminating it by accumulating in the body again allowing you to bounce back on the training with full strength.

Reduces Fat 

Lowering your fat levels along with muscle growth seems a daunting task. However, one can do it with a little hard work and care. The main reason for your increasing fat is your eating habits. What you eat stores in your body. In case you consume more calories, they will store in the form of fats. One should not consume excessive calories while engaged in a fitness journey.

Some athletes cut calories from their daily meals to reduce their fat levels. However, it is an unhealthy practice that can drop the energy level of your body. Therefore, consume 300-500 calories a day. Moreover, Biox muscle amino will help boost the immune system which will burn extra calories and help you to reduce fat levels.

Reduces Muscle Soreness 

Muscle soreness is also an obstacle in your fitness journey which can cause problems in the achievement of your desired fitness goals. Muscle soreness is often known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  When you feel irritation in the body after getting up from bed it means you are experiencing muscle soreness. There are multiple pieces of research available in this regard but lack proper pieces of evidence.

However, it does not mean there is no solution for the problem known as muscle soreness. Here the best amino acids can help you by reducing the damaged muscles enabling you to come back bigger and stronger. According to professional athletes’ soreness occurs when you hit the gym for the first time. It is a clear indicator of muscle growth. Muscle amino RTD is perfect for reducing sore muscles without causing any side effects.

When your calorie intake is according to your energy requirements, which should be around 300-500, you can easily lose fat by consuming Biox muscle amino RTD. It improves your metabolism, which helps in burning excessive calories helping you to achieve a lean body.

Is Biox Muscle Amino a Healthy Drink?

Despite offering countless benefits to the athlete’s muscle, amino is still facing criticism. According to the research, it is an artificial drink, which can cause health issues such as stomach upset and kidney problems etc.


The above benefits have made muscle amino a popular energy drink amongst athletes. However, you have to be careful with your usage. According to the experts, accurate dosage is the key to achieving your desired fitness goals. New athletes overdose on their supplements to gain quick results and suffer from stomach issues. Therefore, ask your health care expert to suggest an appropriate dosage for your fitness journey.

There are multiple pieces of research available in this regard but no accurate pieces of evidence are available on the exact quantity of supplements. Some studies indicate that every individual differs in age, gender and metabolic rate. Which makes it difficult for anyone to recommend a specific dosage quantity.

Always seek advice from your gym instructor or dietician to help you in this regard and you can become a pro-athlete.

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