Best Infographic Submission Sites List for the Bloggers Website Traffic

Best Infographic Submission Sites List for the Bloggers Website Traffic

Are you looking for the best Infographic Submission Sites list for the Bloggers Website Traffic? or Top High DA Infographic Submission Sites?

The first step to consider in creating an infographic is to decide on a story you want to tell. This is the hardest part. Ask yourself like such as: What should your infographic be about? What is the core message you want to deliver? After you’ve got the story, choose the type of infographic you want to use. How you want your story to be told determines which type of infographics you should choose. The next step is to figure out the exact story and make sure you have data that supports it. Now you’ve got the story, infographic and the data, put them all together into an attractive looking infographic.

What is Infographic Submission?

Infographic submission means that you are submitting your infographics on other websites in order to get targeted visitors and audiences.

Info-graphic submission refers to get backlinks and generating traffic by using graphics, images, etc. representing information or knowledge on any subject. It acts as a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understandable at a glance.

Uses of infographics submissions:-

  • The Human Brain Process Visuals Better Than Text
  • Infographics Are a Great Way to Tell Visual Stories
  • Infographics Are Easy to Digest
  • Linkable
  • Shareable
  • Infographics Can Help to Increase Sales

when you submit infographics to any submission site, they will publish your graphics.

when some one use your infographics, he/she will give you a backlink (SEO value).

In market 100 of submission site are available, but many are paid.

As we all know that sharing great content is most important thing in SEO and we can make our content great or interesting by making use of Infographics with the content. Thus it is wise to use SEO Infographics with our contact moreover you can also use them in the image sharing website.

Best Infographic Submission Sites List for the Bloggers Website Traffic

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Infographics are pretty useful when used properly. There are number of paid and free tools available from where you can make your own infographics. Graphics and colors makes your content more attractive and thus readers will read your content.Even from the SEO perspective, it is useful, informative, which helps readers understand content more accurately.

People remember 80% of content what they see but only 20% what they read.

The importance of infographics

The importance of infographics has increased with time esp in SEO, the reason behind this being that infographics are much more engaging than simple content. Following are some advantages of Infographics in SEO:

  1. Infographics when used together with other web elements, facilitates higher ranking in search engine.
  2. Are more engaging and highly creative.
  3. Infographics are one of the most effective ways to bring your content to smart phones, tables and various other devices.
  4. Due to their easy shareability, infographics offer a simpler way to make your content more viral

A good infographic tells a compelling story with data; if you do a good job, people will link to it. The key is to have something to say, which I think is true in general. There are lots of SEO tricks out there, but building an enduring stream of traffic depends on having something interesting and of value on your web site.

For animated infographics, most people today use Adobe Flash to produce the final Web version. Little by little, some of these animations are being created with JavaScript and jQuery. That trend is likely to increase as more Web browsers support HTML5.

For graphics produced with Flash, there are often other programs and techniques used as well, including Illustrator and/or Photoshop. JPGs exported from 3-D programs can be used in Flash to produce light, fast simulations of 3-D models.

Data will be read into Flash information graphics on the fly, often via an XML file or files. The XML will often be generated by a script that takes data out of a database and formats it.

Best tool for creating infographics

According to me, Canva is the best tool for creating infographics. It has a very easy to use interface with a lot of templates that help you in creating the best designs. No matter for what purpose you are creating an infographic for, Canva has a lot of designs for blogs, social media, cards, stories and much more.

And the best part is that it also offers a free plan. Although, there is a limit of using elements in a free plan, but they are also very attractive. And if you want to explore more elements, play with different things, use professional templates, then you can buy its premium plan.

But to start with, you can just sign up for a free plan to know its use and then buy it if you feel the need of premium elements.

I am thinking why nobody talks of Edraw Max. Both my friends and I are big fans of Edraw Max. Trully, it’s a fantastic infographic software. If you have a try of it, you are going to like it. Hundreds of pre-made, editable exquisite templates, symbols, icons can make your job done quickly.

It allow you to arange elements automatically. It’s supportive of cloud collaboration. What’s more, it’s fully compatible with MS Office. You can export your infographics to many other formats like JPG, PDF, PS, EPS, Office, Html, SVG and Visio. I really appretiate the poweful function. It’s not free but really affordable. It cost me little but benefits me much. The develping team has been updating their products. I am very expecting the next version.


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