Best IMAP Email Migration Tool – Update for 2022

imap email migration tool

Want to migrate email from your organization’s IMAP server with a professional solution? If yes, read this guide. Here, we introduce the expert-recommended IMAP Email Migration Tool to efficiently and quickly migrate your business email without any data loss.

IMAP Server Migration Tool – Best amongst All

Use the best IMAP email migration tool to migrate all mailboxes from an IMAP server within a few clicks. The software can perform batch migration using the concurrent feature. It can move all data of the added accounts. Other than this, the GUI of the program is simple, easy, and intuitive. Both technical and non-technical users can efficiently manage the tool without any expert assistance.

Using the software, you can

  • Move the email to the IMAP server containing all the attachment.
  • Performing the selective email migration will result in saving time and efforts.
  • Migrate multiple IMAP account mailboxes at once.
  • Skips the already migrated data accurately without data loss.

With this impeccable utility, you can easily transfer data as per your requirements. The software also has many advanced features. Before we explain further, let’s first understand how the program works.

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IMAP Email Migration – Without Data Loss

You don’t need to spend a lot of time and efforts for the migration process. One must follow the steps written below in a sequential manner.

  • First, download the free IMAP email migration tool to your computer.


  • On the settings screen, select the source account and the target account.

imap email migration


  • The next step is to select an email from the workload category and apply a date filter.

Date filtering

  • On the Source screen, enter the details of the selected account and authenticate.

Source screen

  • Similarly, fill in the details of the selected target account and authenticate.

destination IMAP Email Server Migrator

  • On the user screen, add the user and authenticate him by pressing the confirmation button.

add users

  • Finally, click the Start Migration button to transfer the AT&T email to Office 365.

Start imap email Migration

What is the Free Demo Edition?

The free software version makes it easy to test the tool and migrate the emails without investing any penny in it. Once you are satisfied with how the software works, upgrade it to a licensed version for moving unlimited emails.

Prime Functionalities of the Software

  1. Simple Graphical Interface: The software provides an intuitive and consistent programming interface. Users can use this to simultaneously to migrate multiple emails from one IMAP server to another keeping all the data intact.
  2. 100% Accurate IMAP Server Migration: Most users rely on using third-party software. They think that data loss might occur or that the software might store their information. However, with the IMAP server migration tool, all this will never happen.
  3. Complete Migration Report: After the process terminates, the software will generate a summary report consisting the details of the entire procedure. Furthermore, a user can use this report for the future citations.
  4. Help Section Window: This amazing software provides a help window containing the details to process the migration.
  5. Technical Assistance: The technical support team always provides first-class service to its customers. In addition to this, one can also ask the questions via chat.

The Bottom Line

Please take a few minutes to follow the instructions above if you are looking for a quick and professional solution to migrating an IMAP server emails with attachments. It features a powerful and almost 100% results-oriented IMAP Email Migration Tool that can help you migrate IMAP server mailboxes in a few basic steps.


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