Best IELTS Books for Preparation

Best IELTS Books for Preparation
Best IELTS Books for Preparation

Preparation Books

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is such a popular and well-known test around the world that it does not require any introduction. Here are listed some best IELTS books for preparation you should follow to get best score in your IELTS test.

Every year, about 2.7 million candidates take the exam to receive a certificate of proficiency in all forms of English. Although candidates collect tons of free online tutorials and sample test sheets, which are very useful and most of them also hire expert trainers, a large number of candidates are looking for the best books to prepare for IELTS.

Valuable and Important Books for IELTS

Some of the most valuable and important books in terms of popularity are:

  • Cambridge Official Guide to IELTS
  • Cambridge IELTS Series 1 – 12
  • English collocations in use
  • A series of English dictionaries in use
  • New understanding of IELTS with answers
  • Formal IELTS practice materials
  • “Improve Your IELTS Skills” Series

Why students or candidates are looking for these IELTS books?

Let’s discuss why they are so valuable, why students or candidates are looking for these books. It is impossible to separate a book from the list and recommend the best book, so we present their list with a brief discussion of the content.

Cambridge Official Guide to IELTS

The official Cambridge IELTS Handbook is a clear guide for applicants, and it is also worth noting that this book has been published by an organization that develops the IELTS exam, the Cambridge Test. This book covers all four sections of IELTS. If you follow this book, you will receive step-by-step guides, tips, and guides focused on the IELTS exams. It is also good for skills development. This book guide on test submission strategies will greatly help you to improve your IELTS scores. And it should be noted that there are “Ten Experimental Tests” for both the training module and the general education module. A comprehensive and authoritative guide to IELTS preparation, this is a great guide for your success in IELTS. Also, if you buy this book, you will get:

Cambridge IELTS 10 – 11 – 12

Cambridge IELTS 10-11-12 is a version of the ‘Cambridge IELTS Series’ that introduces candidates to IELTS exams and provides a practice of ‘Real Exam Methods’. This book has been published by ‘Cambridge Press’ and written by IELTS examiners to provide an invaluable, clear and in-depth understanding of IELTS exams. The book, which include four tests for the “Academic training Version”. In addition, the “Reading and Writing” test material is for general education candidates. ‘Cambridge IELTS 11’ was available in month of April year 2016. In addition to containing the ‘4 Complete Test Materials’ for IELTS (both for the training modules and for the general education modules), this book contains a complete section of question answers as well as a sample answer question. For “Writing Tasks”. In my opinion, this book is a must for any candidate. ** Cambridge IELTS 12: This is the latest Cambridge edition to focus on experimental tests for the IELTS series, published in May 2017. The book also includes four complete and original tests for both general study and the academic module.

English Substitution in Use: Consolidation means grouping words in a sentence. This is a great book to hone and improve your English pronunciation and dialect and thus improve both your English and your speaking style. Improving your dialect, though, doesn’t mean you have to “imitate” your native language accent. Instead, you should focus on getting rid of “native language advocacy”. This book contains 60 lessons on a wide range of different topics in order to improve your spoken and written English. Each lesson is followed by theoretical and practical exercises and contains 1500 (approximately.). Anyone who wants to get point 7 or more, this book is the best asset for him.

English dictionary in use

Candidates who want to get a high score in IELTS should have a wide range of vocabulary, and this is for information for the “Dictionary Hunter”, a book that has repeatedly been recognized as a “Bestseller”. It is very useful for candidates of all levels, including native English speakers. This book is considered one of the best-selling books on dictionary building skills. Some notable features

These IELTS books are:

  • The dictionary is explained and presented with a number of further innovative activities.
  • It consists of 100 units and includes almost 3000+ new units.
  • Allows students to strengthen and expand their vocabulary.

Candidates who want to score as high as possible on the IELTS test can have this book to provide their dictionary stock, without mentioning the “Dictionary” 25% of your total score on the exam is important.

New understanding of IELTS

This is another interesting book for IELTS an applicant that provides a guide to comprehensive preparation and sustainable practice for the IELTS exam. To be successful in IELTS, candidates / students must complete a complete set of skills (for all four sections) along with accurate test methods to pass the IELTS with a high level of confidence, for which purpose this book is the perfect choice. . The course consists of a detailed introduction that is required for the test. The material is suitable for academic and general education candidates, and if you want to have a Band 6 or more, this is for you.

Official IELTS Materials Part 1 and 2

This book has been written by ‘Cambridge ESOL’ examiners and material writers with great experience in their crown. It has a comprehensive set of resources in order to help candidates prepare for the test. The feature of the book is that it teaches candidates how each IELTS test is graded and graded. These official IELTS experimental materials (Volume 1 and Volume 2) provide great examples for all four tests, i.e. speaking, listening, reading, and writing with real-life sample answers and examiners ’comments.

These are some books suggested by the best free overseas education consultants you should follow. Also if you are planning to prepare IELTS from any coaching institute then you should opt for IELTS coaching classes in Agra. IELTS coaching classes in Agra is also good for skills development. And the book and coaching both guides on test submission strategies will greatly help you to improve your band scores.


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