Best Games to Stream on Twitch – 2022 Picks

Streaming on Twitch

Do you love streaming on Twitch? Here we have shared some most-watched games on twitch that you can start streaming. In a precise prediction, we have concluded that these games will become more and more famous in 2022. So, let’s get started:

World of Warcraft

For those unfamiliar with World of Warcraft, it is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Blizzard Entertainment. Some might say it is one of the most popular MMORPG’s around, and they would probably be right! If you’re a huge fan of this game, then you’ll love it. We take care of everything when it comes down to planning your cakes for your friend’s special event. For example, if you are invited to her party by her boyfriend who just happens to be a big-time gamer, then the cake should too!

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA video game and another cult favorite on our list that has still excited both players and viewers years after it was first released. Note: This re-write would typically be rated low due to being pretty generic and somewhat bland, but the issue here is that the original read itself was very long, overly verbose, full of unnecessary complexity with phrases like “in our opinion,” “to us,” and “we could see it.”

According to the game’s main website,, millions of players worldwide play the game every single day. It has just been over eight years since Valve began its Dota themed games in 2009, and we think it is proof that even after all this time people are still going crazy for their Dota fix!


Blizzard has launched a free-to-play, fast-paced strategy card game called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft that features iconic characters from the popular developer’s franchises. The game is easy to learn and massively fun to play as you quest to defeat your friends in arenas built by the brilliance and genius of some of Blizzard’s most legendary characters.

Why is this game popular on Twitch? As funny as it sounds, eSports enthusiasts do not always wake up wishing they were violent. Sometimes they just want to enjoy playing simple video games such as Hearthstone. Aside from the ever-popular entertainment of watching people make other people lose, one can explore the best HS decks for new owers in a different HS Guide released by Hearthstone Top Decks right here.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

As of now, CS: GO is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. Developed in 2012 by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, it is the go-to game when you want to meet new people while also playing with friends!

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Dead by Daylight

There will be a great number of gamers who don’t enjoy frightening games. Perhaps they’ve grown up and had somewhat moved on from being scared by the frightful world you’ll create in Dead by Daylight.

However, they still might enjoy the thrilling experience of playing as one of four Survivors just trying to survive the night while another player, known as The Killer, ruthlessly chases them down either using their stealthy skills or brute force throughout a large abandoned farmhouse.

Otzdarva’s Dead by Daylight streams have accumulated 140K views as well as hundreds of followers on, where you can view past stream entries and enjoy live gameplay leading up to the grand launch of Dead by Daylight in June.

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Resident Evil Village

The 8th installment in the “Resident Evil” franchise, Village (or VII.I.AGE [what a clever way to abbreviate the title!]) is another major horror-themed survival video game and it has been a cult favorite of thousands of gamers worldwide.

The game’s graphics are so vibrant and full of details; you get a real sense that you’ve been dropped into the middle of an alien invasion. The story immerses you even more by adding a few twists. And when they come, it’s downright scary because you’re truly invested in the characters and what happens to them, much like you’d expect from a movie.

Teamfight Tactics

The goal of League of Legends’ latest addition is to be the last participant left standing. Focusing on empowering players, Teamfight Tactics is a strategy-based game that allows individuals to construct teams and fight alongside them. This iteration of Teamfight Tactics is a spin-off of League of Legends and was inspired by Dota 2’s Auto Chess mod.

Although at first glance Teamfight Tactics seems like a plain clone of other MOBA games, it’s actually quite a fun title with 358k players (mostly concentrated in the RU region) on average playing simultaneously. Together they are currently streaming this game on Twitch all day long with streamer jukes gaining over 4% market share momentarily!

Garena Free Fire

There are a lot of factors involved when entering a war zone. The main thing to remember is that you’re more likely to win if you can avoid charging into the middle of the field and getting yourself shot in the face immediately by someone with superior weaponry.

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