Best Game Marketing Strategy Examples You Need To Learn From

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There was a time when gamers used to be introverts and dreamers, finding it difficult to blend with the normal world. It’s been a long time since the old myths have gone, as we consider gamers the coolest dudes in the digital generation.

At the same time, our planet is slowly transforming into a paradise of gamers as everyone from children to women enjoys playing games. On the other hand, multiple developments in the industry like augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, and new games launching every day have made gaming even more intriguing.

So, are you coming up with an exciting new adventure in the gaming world? We would recommend you look at these game marketing examples before you partner with a video game marketing agency.

1: Mass Effect: Catch The Weather Balloon

The advertisement campaign led by Mass Effect 3 was taken to an entirely different level. The game was launched way back in 2012 on Valentine’s day. During the marketing campaign, the game copies were tied to a weather balloon with the help of GPS devices and were left in the air for gamers. The one who can control the balloon and grab it can catch the balloon and win a copy of the game.

Sound’s cool! Isn’t it?

Apart from that, the gaming giant also planned a TV commercial with the help of a multinational advertising agency that was screened along the campaign to drive the audience.

2:  Call of Duty Black Ops II

It is hard to forget the video game marketing strategy of Call of duty Black Ops II. There is no doubt that every ’90s gamer must have enjoyed at least one edition of the popular game Call of Duty.

One of the most prestigious game projects and one of the most successful games ever created in history had always planned some innovative methods of promoting their game.

If you are a true Call of Duty veteran fan, then you can never forget the tagline of the Call of duty black ops II which said, “There’s a soldier In All of Us’.

One of the key reasons behind the tagline was that the franchise wanted to retain its old players and wanted to attract every gamer’s interest in their newly launched game.

One of the essential reasons behind the game’s success is that Activision carefully planned every detail to ensure that they could create a game that could resemble the near future. We feel that the realistic nature of the game has made Call of Duty Black Ops II a great success.

3: Disney Infinity

Activision’s Skylanders series inspired the advertising campaign, and for the first time, superheroes and interactive avatars joined together Disney and Disney / Pixar’s army.

The promotional campaign also incorporated a broad social media campaign that included controversial Facebook postings and Valentine’s Day cards.

They developed The Infinity Computer (TIM), a custom YouTube experience, to bring the game’s infinite possibilities to life and to highlight most of the characters and devices. TIM also enabled individuals to create their own combinations of personas and devices.

4: Dead Island:

Without any doubt, it is quite difficult to create hype and build value for a project which has no credibility in the online game market. So, if you are launching a new online game and are finding it difficult to build trust among the gaming community with your game, you have landed at the right place.

Dead Island is one of the perfect examples of all the online games that want to build trust and drive the audience within their games. All they did was invest in a magnificent cinematic trailer and make the announcement go live.

They also opted for cross-platform promotion on multiple channels to ensure that they can make the most of their game. Surprisingly, the video launched by Dead Island was even more popular than the game and surpassed millions of views on the internet.

5: Fallout 4

YouTube is one of the best platforms to find game-related videos. Therefore, a newly launched video game trailer takes a lot of effort and dedication to become the most-viewed game trailer on this planet.

But, Fallout 4 has achieved the same feat with excellent precision and has inspired various game developers on how to build a perfect video game trailer that can dominate all other game trailers on earth.

One of the most interesting parts of their game marketing included when they launched a game companion app, which delighted their fans and increased their market value.

Well, that’s not the end. They also launched a soda based on a drink from their game. They also brought in new emojis related to their game which one can only use in the game chat.

6: Halo 5: Guardians

One of the best parts of the advertising campaign led by Halo 5: Guardians is that they didn’t launch the video game to be a big seller, but their ultimate goal was to list them as one of the biggest ever video game sellers.

Even the sneak preview of the game was quite enough to impress all its fans, and it turned out to be one of the essential reasons which made the majority of the gamers discuss the game. Moreover, the amazing trailer launched by the game marketers also helped them in winning a lot of awards.

Why Is Game Marketing Important?

You must have pondered, without a doubt, why it is necessary to advertise your game.
Growing competition is one of the most compelling reasons to promote your game. A solid game marketing strategy distinguishes your game from prospective competitors, offers you a competitive advantage, and propels your game to success.
We’ve included a few reasons below to assist you to appreciate the importance of a great game marketing strategy.

Competitor analysis and latest trends

Game marketing is not a new concept, since the majority of game creators choose marketing once their game is finished or ready to publish. Marketing increases the reach of your game and helps it outperform its competition.
Most game directors want to collaborate with a highly engaging video game marketing agency that can assist them in creatively advertising their game. Examining your competition can assist you in locating your target audience and increasing the likelihood of your game’s success.

Marketing is the voice of your game.

Nobody can tell if your game is good or poor unless and until people play and love it. Marketing will give your game a voice and will assist you in generating value for your game.
When you promote your game, you have the opportunity to engage with other players and grow your gaming community, which will aid in the development of brand value for your game. A competent marketing agency understands how players will react to your game and how to make it a total success. They will monitor the performance of your game by analyzing user demographics and determining the core reason for low engagement in your game.

Aside from the reasons stated above, marketing helps educate all players about what your game is and what particular features you have planned for it. A bad marketing effort might have a negative influence on the success of your game in the digital realm. As a result, you will need to collaborate with the finest video game marketing agency that can assist you in promoting your game on the appropriate platforms by allowing for the best game marketing techniques specific to your project. It is highly recommended to learn from these strategies before you partner with a video game marketing agency. 


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