Best Free Social Bookmarking Sites in USA for every Bloggers

Best Free Social Bookmarking Sites in USA for every Bloggers

Are you looking for the best free Social Bookmarking Sites in USA for every Bloggers to get high quality backlinks and unlimited traffic to your blogs.

Is social bookmarking sites are really useful in SEO? Can we create quality backlinks and generate traffic? The answer is Yes. It is a very important thing which we need to follow after creating our blogs.

A social bookmarking service is a centralized online service which enables users to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of web documents.

Social Bookmarking has had huge effects in SEO for a long period of time now. It is an effective method to drive quality traffic towards your website.

So we can learn step by step about the social bookmarking sites and the importance of using it for SEO ranking, backlinks as well as traffic. But why you should use social bookmarking for SEO?

First we need to know what exactly is Social bookmarking sites?

What is Social Bookmarking Sites?

A website that publishes user rankings of other websites. People can add comments to the bookmarks and make them private for friends and family or public for everyone. Also it is an off-page SEO optimization technique.

What are the benefits of using social bookmarking?

By listing your business in social bookmarking sites, it will help you in driving lot of visitors in the form of viral traffic.

The simplest approach to establish one-way connections to your website which is called Backlinks. This has the potential to improve your index rate and page rank.

Use the correct keywords while submitting your contents in the social bookmarking websites. It leads to unlimited traffic to your blogs.

It is the easiest way to get your site indexed is to request indexing through the social bookmarking sites. You can check the traffic sources in the Google Search Console.

Follow the rules to get free backlinks and traffic

Let me share you my experience to get backlinks as well as traffic to your websites quickly. You can check the ranking every week, how your website is performing.

How to make a Bookmarking?

Check the below steps to make a bookmark from the bookmarking sites.

  1. Choose a Social Bookmarking Site
  2. Upload bookmarks and the links
  3. Then link to Social Media Channels
  4. Include the relevant tags

What I follow in my blogs are, I will create 5 posts daily in my website and links 5 blog links to the social bookmarking websites.

We need to follow the rules every day for maximum one to two months. Important thing is contents you add in your blogs should be unique. So that you can get qualified to Google Adsense ads ortherwise you won’t get qualified.

I am seeing lot of articles regarding the article rewriter tool. Both advantages and disadvantages of using the article rewriter tool. After that checking paraphrasing tool to check the unique contents. In my opinion its waste, if you don’t want branded ads like Google ads in your website.

How to increase SEO and traffic to your blogs?

As I said before I will post 5 to 10 blog links to the social bookmarking sites with the relevant keywords daily and monitor the backlinks in the ahrefs backlink checker.

I followed it for a month and then applied my blog to the Google adsense. In the 5th day I got approved from the Google Adsense ads.

For the first 6 months, I didn’t get any revenue from the blog of having 600 to 1000 visits a day. Suddenly I got spike in the traffic after 6th month. I got 0.50$ to 1.5$ a day of having 2000 to 4000 visits a day.

In the 9th month I started getting 4 to 5$ a day and at the end of the year it reached to 12$ day of simply following the basic rules. So you would need some patience to get your earning from the ads.

Mostly many bloggers are expecting the revenue at the first month itself and its impossible. If you are expert in SEO means you would need to give premium keywords for your blogs to get quick traffic as well as the earnings from the ads.

so what you need is the patience to increase SEO ranking and traffic to your blogs. I will give you the premium social media sites or social bookmarking sites in usa.

You should see the rules which I have given before posting to the bookmarking sites.

Best Free Social Bookmarking Sites in USA for every Bloggers

Below 10 websites are the social bookmarking websites.


Rules to be followed before posting

Please don’t enter a simple sentence while adding links to the social bookmarking sites. You would need to give at least 300 words while publishing.

Once done, you would need to give the relevant keywords to the blog link which you have submitted.

Repeat the same process for a month and then check your website backlinks and traffic. Please don’t expect the traffic and the backlinks once after you create a new website or blog.

As I said before you would need to follow the same steps for 6 months to get tremendous changes in your traffic as well as your earning from the ads.

Please don’t ever cheat Google like the fake traffic. Google will easily track the traffic records and your blog will get blacklisted, so your all efforts will go down to zero.

Use the long tail keywords while posting and don’t give the same keywords again and again. There will be no use of doing this. Once your blog post is listed in the google search results, you will start getting Organic Traffic for your blogs.

You should know the difference between the Paid and the Organic Traffic.

Difference between the Paid and the Organic Traffic

Paid Traffic is someone clicks on a link in the advertisements. All traffic comes from the advertisement. You should pay thousand of dollars to get traffic to your blogs.

Once you stop paying paid advertisement , your blogs won’t get traffic if the people don’t like your contents.

If your blogs are placed in the search engines like Google, Bing. You will get unlimited traffic for the lifetime and you won’t spend anything for the traffic and the Organic traffic will pay you thousands of dollars for the lifetime.

So please concentrate in the Organic traffic.


Coming back to the first, create the unique contents for your posts and publish it to the social bookmarking sites daily with the good or relevant keywords. You will see the change in everything including backlinks, SEO, and traffic.

If you have any doubts or question related to the social bookmarking submission, please comment us below.


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