Best forex broker South Africa

Best forex broker South Africa

The monetary sector and mainly, forex trading, have emerged remarkably through the past decade. The growing volume of the economic sector and the penetration of online techniques and the internet around the world have boosted the demand for forex trading. Today, millions of traders generate profits out of financial trading across the globe.

Forex trading has many benefits which are responsible for its growing popularity. First, unlike various other segments of the financial sector, investing in the forex market does not require a massive amount of capital. There is moderate to almost no barrier for entry of novice traders because they have the chance to start with level zero and exponentially grow their revenues. These advantages have been listed by investors across the world who have traded or are trading the forex market. They have achieved the level which many traders considered impossible. A famous trader George Soros started investing past few years, and soon he became the most successful forex trader on the earth.

South Africa has been busy with designing and implementing tech makeovers. The country has been able to stay abreast of tech developments over the past two decades. The native forex trading community has expanded, thanks to mobile connectivity. Of the diverse forex brokers offering services in the region, PrimeFin is head and shoulders above the rest. Best forex broker South Africa – let’s see how far PrimeFin is a genuine candidate for the position. 

When was PrimeFin established?

Caps solution Ltd trades under the name PrimeFin. Incorporated under Labuan laws, the company has the registration number LL16622. MB/20/0052 is the license number, and the company is regulated by the national Malaysian regulatory body, the Labuan Financial Services Authority. 

Caps Solutions UK Ltd is UK registered – registration number 12734767. The latter is both a payment processor and broker website operator. Almack House , 26-28 King Street, London, England SW1Y6QW is the UK registered company’s registered address.

Is PrimeFin safe? 

The broker’s top priority is to keep your funds secured. Hence, your funds are segregated from corporate operating accounts. Leading global banking institutions have these deposits. 

Secure infrastructure, safe transactions

Up to the minute hardware and software have you hit the ground running as regards data security with PrimeFin. The safety measures are the following: 

  • Tough firewalls and SSL or Secure Sockets Layer protect data during transmission. In addition, SAS 70 certified data centres maintain trading servers;
  •  Transactions administered according to Level 1 PCI compliance services moderation; 
  • Transactions come encrypted; 
  • Communication data servers.   

Forex trading with PrimeFin 

There Are forty currency pairs you can choose from once you are decided upon trading with PrimFin. The broker affords over-the-counter market traded forex CFDs. The profit is based on the underlying forex pair’s value fluctuation. Trader positions and market direction affect earnings. 

Forex trading with PrimeFin brings you the following benefits: 

  • Tradable on margin; 
  • Liquidity; 
  • Efficient trading; 
  • Low transaction costs; 
  • Transparency and ease of execution; 
  • Stop loss and contingency orders easily placed. 

Best forex broker South Africa: Initial deposit processing 

If you deposit your funds with PrimeFin using a credit card, the broker will refund all amounts up to the amount deposited through that very card. In case you made a profit on your investments, the broker will return these profits via EFT. 

In a number of cases, the credit card company sets time limits with refund issual in mind. When the time frame expires, the broker will return trader funds thru ETF. 

Best forex broker South Africa has a withdrawal process based on strict guidelines to make sure client funds are securely returned to the source and beneficiary. 

Withdrawal fee 

In the event of the client requesting a wire transfer withdrawal amounting to less than Eur 50, PrimeFin will apply a withdrawal processing fee of Eur 30 the withdrawal processing fee shall be charged before the wire transfer processing. Therefore, when the request amount is Eur 30 or less, the withdrawal request is not accepted. 

Best forex broker South Africa: electronic order entry 

To enter an online order when trading forex instruments, you have to access the Markets window, then click buy or sell for the market in question. A new window will show up in which you enter the lot size and price. The order is filed soon after you hit the OK button. You must, naturally, have enough funds in your account. 

Reasons for order failures could include: 

  • Insufficient margin; 
  • Changing dealer prices;
  •  Lot size omission;
  •  Unforeseen technical difficulties. 

Best forex broker South Africa: PrimeFin one-click trading 

To use one-click trading, you have to go to the settings menu and opt for ‘view and edit.’ You then check the one-click box. For a one-clock trading online order entry, you have to access the Markets window, entering the lot size and price. The order is filled soon after you click the buy/sell button. You ought to obviously have enough funds in your account. 

When closing positions, too, we can use one-click trading. Read the PrimeFin Review. 

Best forex broker South Africa: PrimeFin bonuses

There are some interesting bonuses from this broker. Bonus schemes make up part of the broker’s marketing campaign. This includes financial awards and promotions provided to clients. These will be good just for 90 consecutive days from the date of acceptance by the client. 

The welcome bonus 

When you deposit 

  • 250-499 USD, 
  • 500-999USD, 
  • 1000 USD and above,  

the client’s trading account will be credited with 

  • 100 USD bonus, 
  • 200 USD bonus, 
  • 300 USD bonus

as a ‘welcome bonus’. 

Expect this in your trading account within two days of your adding the initial deposit! 

The zero spreads bonus scheme is another exciting offer from the Best forex broker in South Africa, PrimeFin. 


Best forex broker South Africa is a title that has a fully legit candidate, and that’s PrimeFin forex broker. The broker has the credentials to give you your money’s worth. The digital sponsor of the Argentine national team, the broker, has abilities that match its ambitions. You can keep learning to better yourself as a trader new to the field. Alternatively, mature traders will not be disappointed either.


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