Best Food Delivery Insurance Coverage in 2022

food delivery coverage

If you’re looking to earn extra money working as delivery driver could help boost your earnings. First, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got the appropriate kind of insurance. Insurance companies for delivery drivers will cover your vehicle and you when you’re transporting items such as groceries, food and Amazon orders. Rideshare insurance is among the most commonly used kinds of insurance that can provide coverage for many delivery drivers.

You can buy delivery driver insurance from a variety of insurance companies that are private However, it is important to research delivery driver insurance cost before settling on one. The most reliable delivery driver insurance has robust insurance options, great limit on policy limits, reasonable prices, and convenient buying options.

Overall, the Best USAA

The Reasons We Choose Them?

USAA provides the flexibility of delivery driver insurance for people in all states. The company has been highly rated for customer service and overall satisfaction.

Pros and Cons

  • Repairs for vehicles that are guaranteed by the USAA network of shops
  • Excellent customer service ratings
  • It is simple to include a rideshare endorsement on our online user portal


  • Only open to retired and active duty military personnel and their spouses and children
  • It is necessary to possess an individual USAA auto policy to gain rideshare coverage

We picked USAA as the top overall delivery driver insurance provider because it’s among the top-rated companies in the business. The J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, USAA ranked as the best provider overall in terms of satisfaction with its customers in all regions and also scored top in claim management in the 2021 Study.

It is possible to purchase rideshare insurance from USAA If you already are already covered under a USAA personal auto insurance policy. Insurance coverage is available for any delivery-related driving like traditional ridesharing, food delivery or medications.

USAA doesn’t provide any information about how much its insurance for delivery drivers costs or the coverage limits offered. You can request a quote for free and add a rideshare endorsement your existing insurance policy by login to the account of your USAA login online.

If your car is damaged in the course of a delivery it is possible to make a claim online or by using the mobile application. We also love the fact that you can receive a guarantee for repairs to your vehicle at one of numerous auto body shops within the USAA’s network.

While USAA was praised for its quality, it has certain disadvantages. It is important to be an active or retired military service member or family member in order to qualify for USAA Rideshare Insurance.

Best for Small Business Erie

Why We Decided to Choose Them?

Small-scale business owners can obtain delivery insurance from Erie by adding an “business usage” option to the own auto insurance and allowing the use of their car for any commercial reason.

Pros and Cons

  • Business use designation covers for all kinds of transport.
  • The personal auto insurance policies of Erie include a range of added-ons built-in
  • Excellent option for those who prefer working with an agent in-person


  • Not available in all states
  • There isn’t much online information about what policy is covered
  • Can’t get a quote online

Erie provides rideshare insurance through an added business use option to your auto insurance policy. This is the ideal choice for small entrepreneurs who are able to deliver goods and also use cars that they own to serve reasons for business.

Erie states it’s rideshare coverage is reasonably priced but it doesn’t disclose a possible cost. For a no-cost estimate, you’ll have to make contact with an agent or go to the office in person. When you get a quote you’ll be able to determine how much coverage is offered depending on where you reside and the deductibles you could pick. You must work with an agent before purchasing an insurance policy.

Because Erie’s rideshare insurance comes with a badge that indicates business use You can take advantage of this insurance for any transportation related to business or delivery.

One of the major drawbacks for Erie is the coverage is restricted to just a few states. You can currently get rides across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin along with Washington, D.C.

Best for Food Delivery Progressive

The Reasons We Choose This?

Progressive’s rideshare insurance provides coverage for drivers who have passengers however, it also offers protection to drivers who use their personal vehicles to transport food via companies like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub.

Pros and Cons

  • Specifically , this covers food delivery drivers
  • Certain additional coverages, such as roadside assistance, can be used to food delivery.
  • It will pay a deductible amount if you are required to make an insurance claim.


  • You must be insured with the Progressive automobile insurance policy in order to be eligible for rideshare insurance
  • Insurance policies can be costly based on the driver profile of your.

We picked Progressive as the most reliable delivery driver insurance provider for food delivery due to its rideshare policies provide protection to all who work as an food delivery driver. The rideshare policy of Progressive also protects drivers working for Uber or Lyft.

For you to get insurance for food delivery from Progressive You must have a current personal insurance policy with the company. When you deliver food you will be covered for all your insurance coverages for your car are in place which includes roadside assistance and the reimbursement for rental cars (if you have these to your policy).

You can request a free quote online by filling in the insurance form for your car and then checking the box that says “I am also using this car to Ridesharing.” You’ll also be able to select the limits of your coverage and also decide on your deductible. In the event that you have an Progressive car insurance plan, then you might be able to include the rideshare endorsement to the online portal.

If you have to file an insurance claim, you can file a claim online, using the mobile application or by contacting customer support. Progressive is a member of a network of auto body repair shops, but you can also choose any repair shop for your car when your car is damaged in the delivery.

There aren’t any negatives with Progressive’s driver-insurance for deliveries however, the biggest issue is that it’s not offered across the entire country. It is only possible to get rideshare insurance for 34 states, plus Washington, D.C.; Progressive does provide commercial policies for every state. Furthermore, a policy offered by Progressive might not include food delivery drivers across all states.

Best Option for Coverage Allstate

The Reasons We Choose This?

If you own a personal car insurance policy with Allstate that has add-ons, a majority of these endorsements are applicable to driving to a delivery service such as accident forgiveness and rent car compensation.

Pros and Cons

  • It is available in all states.
  • Personal coverage options remain in force while you make deliveries.
  • Includes deductible gap coverage


  • It isn’t possible to purchase insurance online.
  • It may not cover all types of delivery drivers.
  • There is no information on the internet regarding coverage limits or deductibles

We selected Allstate as the most reliable delivery driver insurance provider with the best coverage options due to any endorsements you may have in your auto policy will be automatically applied when you transport goods, food items or transport passengers. Some rideshare insurance companies do not design their policies this way.

This means that if you have endorsements, such as accidents forgiveness and new vehicle replacement, or a custom-designed equipment insurance policy these coverages will be in effect while you are driving for an delivery service.

When we looked into the insurance for delivery drivers offered by Allstate known as Ride for Hire, we discovered that there isn’t much information available online regarding the limits of coverage as well as the deductibles and discounts that are available. If you’d like to get an estimate for a no-cost quote or buy an endorsement, it’s best to make contact with an agent in your region.

Another benefit of the delivery driver insurance offered by Allstate is the fact that it is offered nearly everywhere. As of the year 2018 the Allstate Ride for Hire policy was available in 47 states. There is only one requirement: you need to have a current personal insurance policy for your car from Allstate.

Something to bear in mind when using Allstate is the fact that they does not be able to cover all kinds of drivers for delivery. The site focuses on the coverage of rideshare drivers and if you are a delivery driver for food or products, make sure to contact an agent to determine the policy of Allstate will be covered.

Final Verdict

A variety of delivery driver insurance companies are available on the market however each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Based on our analysis we concluded the USAA is the best choice in general.

USAA has been rated highly in terms of customer service and claims satisfaction. It’s simple to include a rideshare endorsement in your policy on the internet. In addition, USAA typically has affordable rates for those who meet military requirements for eligibility.


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