Best Features of Phone Spy App for Android

Phone Spy App for Android

I made vegetables for the dinner yesterday and thus asked my 6-year kid to eat the beans like a good boy. I was planning to finish the dinner, clean the table, and have a good sleep as it was a long day and I was in desperate need of a good night’s sleep. But his reply made me lose all the sleep. He asked me to tell him 5 features of the beans and how they are healthy for him.  His father helped him to eat and that is the only thing. I can tell you all about last night. But that made me think that this generation is all about features and models. Today we are going to talk about features and why they are so important in our lives. The top ten features of the best phone spy app for android the OgyMogy are as follows.

Top 10 Features of Phone Spy app

Screen Monitoring :

One of the most demanding features of the spy app is the screen monitoring feature by the users. One can watch and monitor the screen of the target in real-time whenever they want remotely with the android spy app. Use it to keep an eye on your employee’s work speed, or keep a check on the WhatsApp message of the teenager by using this feature.


Keylogging is another salient feature of monitoring software. It records all the keystrokes applied on the target android device. If you are suspicious about any employee you can directly check their inbox, sent emails, and other drafts by using the keylogging feature of the Phone spy app.

Social Media Monitoring:

Everyone uses social media app at this age and they don’t need an account for keeping an eye on these apps. You can remotely know about all the social media activities of your teen with the features offered by the spy app. That includes the FaceBook spy app, Snapchat spy app, Instagram spy app, Tinder spy app,  Tumble spy app, and many more.

Instant Message Chat App Monitoring:

I am a middle-aged woman and I use three kinds of instant message chat app. Well, the thing is that options have made our lives extra luxurious. So if you are in search of a spy app that covers many of the instant message chat apps then you are at the right place. We offer services like WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Viber spy app, Hike spy app, Kik spy app, Imo spy app, and many others to let the user help to monitor the instant chat apps of the teenagers.

Call Log Service:

Want to know about the late-night call of your teen?. Use the call log service of the monitoring software. This feature lets the user know about the incoming and outgoing call details of the target person.

Call Recording:

You can even listen to the call details and caller by using the call recording feature of the android spy app.

Text Log Access:

Have access to the text message of your kid and know about the message content in detail with the text log feature of the OgyMogy.

GPS Location Tracking :

Location tracking is another demanding feature of the phone spy app. One can use this feature to keep a thorough check on the well-being of the kid. Or you can even use this feature to know bout the whereabouts of the employees through the company-owned device.

Browsing History Tracker:

Nobody can live without the internet. So instead, we can use the track internet browsing history feature. Users can access the target person’s browser and know about all the visited sites in detail with this feature. Check if any employee is wasting time in soccer updates during working hours or your kid is watching porn.

BookMark Access:

Even check the frequently visited sites or bookmark folder of the target person remotely.

Why OgyMogy is the best spy app for android? Well, I guess I have already explained that in detail. All you need to do is now try out for yourself. You can use it for employee monitoring or parental control for your teenagers and keep them under the radar. Want something for laptop or desktop systems?. No worries we offer mac and Windows spy app versions as well for the users.


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