Best Features of Google Workspace for Small Busines

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The pandemic has changed homes into workstations. Many businesses that used to operate physically are now transforming to virtual offices.

Employees are not holding a meeting in offices; instead, they are using Google workspace. Therefore, it allows small to big companies to perform remote work with ease. 

Basically, Google Workspace offers a cloud-based service. Well, in this write up we have enlisted the top 9 best features of the Google Workspace for small businesses.

Top 9 Features Of Google Workspace 

Below we have mentioned the top 9 features of the Google workspace that benefits a small business. Check it out!

1. Business Gmail 

Gmail is a widely used feature of Google workspace. It allows your custom email domain. It simply denotes that Google Workspace is suitable for providing a premium email for controlling and securing your business. 

With this, you don’t need to maintain or install an email server. Also, you can remove or add people as per business requirements in business emails. Furthermore, every Gmail user can make approximately 30 alias accounts.

For instance, you can make email ids such as; xyz company Here XYZ could be the name of an employee, department, or management. And in the company’s name, you can write your brand name. 

The topmost benefit of Gmail is you can easily switch personal emails to business emails. Also, the servers of Google Workspace are trustworthy, with a 99.9% guarantee of uptime on your business email.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage choice that provides secure access to Workspace-based files. For a business, it has a starter package with 30GB of storage space for one user. 

Also, Business Standard provides 2TB for one user, and Business Plus provides 5TB of storage space. If your business needs more space, the Business package G Suite provides 1TB if 4or fewer users or unlimited storage. 

If you are doing collaborative work, the best option is Google drive. It helps in organizing projects and files. 

3. Google meet

You can access Google workspace from many devices such as phones, tablets, or computers for many users. Google workspace allows you to install ‘Work from anywhere’ applications to help in business.

Google chat and Google meet allow to conduct virtual meetings with all team members. Further, there is an option to use document collaboration apps such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Docs to edit presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. And you can also access real-time tracking, which shows changes made by people on a sheet or doc.

You can access the team Calendar to keep team schedules and organize meetings. It notifies about changes instantly.

Google Currents allow teams to create their social network to share resources, start discussions, and streamline the work across the organization that drive your business’s purpose forward.

4. Work insights

If you are a business owner, you need to get informed about pending and completed tasks every day. It’s important to know work insights and detailed reporting of your business. You should be aware of IT administrators, HR offices, and managers performing or engaging with Workspace.

Also, there is an option of a chart to show your performance. If you are familiar with Google Analytics, it will be easier to provide information on levels of productivity, adoption, and collaboration.

5. Endpoint & Admin Console

This feature is capable of controlling the devices which access Google Workspace accounts in a company.

For example, it allows users to manage security settings, limit access over endpoint devices, and check the app usage. It is beneficial if there is a case of stolen or lost devices. As an owner of a particular account, you can easily secure confidential data by erasing it. It also protects your firm from external threats. You can add or remove users from a group by using the Admin Console feature of Google workspace. 

6. Third-Party Applications

Do you know you can integrate Google Workspace with 750 plus third-party apps? It consists of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software too.

One of the advanced CRM tools can sync schedules in Google Calendar. It helps in tracking target market locations with the help of using Google Maps.

Well, the third-party applications help in keeping your business operation going smoothly over all platforms. Furthermore, you will be able to focus on other important aspects of the business.

7. Vault

Google Vault is an eDiscovery and information governance tool of Google Workspace. It is helpful for searching, retaining, exporting, and holding Google Workspace data.

Vault is usually used for data :

  • Drive files
  • Gmail messages
  • Google Meet recordings and associated chat, polls logs, and Q&A
  • Google Groups messages
  • Classic Hangouts messages (when history is turned on)

The search capabilities of Vault are higher. It is sophisticated and enables users to search by user, file type, keyword, or date. 

8. Office Files

Google workspace allows you to easily access and edit all standard office files. Furthermore, it is easy to export and share files with anyone.

The most common office suite features consists:

  • Google Sheets

It is Google spreadsheet software built for data analysis and visualization.

  • Google Docs

It is used for creating a document in Google’s word processing.

  • Google Slides

You can create slideshows or presentations.

Google’s office files are easy to create and collaborate with clients. 

9. Chat

Google hangout chat is the best messaging tool in Google Workspace. It allows users to directly message their contacts. Also, it is best to communicate with a large group of people and one person too.

Moreover, Google Chat has an option of room function. It supports external users and more than 8,000 people. As a user, you can access the Google Chat app by mail or a standalone app.

Final Thoughts 

Well, Google workspace provides a feature-packed email and an easy collaboration with team members or employees. Moreover, it is affordable for small businesses.

So if you are a business owner and seeking email hosting Singapore, then do thorough research before sticking to one.

Do you find this article helpful? If yes, share your experience with us so we can also help you with email hosting!


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