Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 

Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 
Best Fastpitch Softball Bats 

Different people play fast pitch softball. It is played at different levels, from beginners to professionals. 

No doubt, one of the most crucial things for all softball players is having their own bat. Knowing this, a lot of people are wondering what the best fastpitch softball bats look like.

There are many softball bats in the market. Another thing that makes it more difficult is the fact that there are many different approaches and styles to hit. 

To make picking and purchasing the best fastpitch softball bats a lot easier and also to answer any question that might be bothering you about the fastpitch softball bats.

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Common Mistakes Buyer Make When Buying The Best Fastpitch Softball Bats But You Shouldn’t 


  1. Easton MAKO CXN ZERO Fastpitch Softball Bat                                                       

The Easton Mako features a special technology called the TCT Thermo Composite Technology. This technology provides an awesome feel, massive sweet spot and also makes it one of the fastest swinging bats in the game.

The softball product has a barrel that is longer and able to reach the optimum flex. This is owing to the Technology it features.

Adding to its incredible technology features is the CXN Zero technology it features. You will be surprised to see how balanced the bat is when taken out of the box. The CXN Zero Technology will give you confidence at the plate by getting rid of any form of vibration.

In the case of Easton Mako, there is nothing like slippery. It features a hyper skin performance grip which ensures the bat stay firm and glued to your palm until you decide to let go.

As a hitter, you will have maximum confidence while holding this bat. It is forged from a composite material and comes has a two-piece construction. The Handle is ultra-thin having measuring 29/32″. Also, the drop is 10, and the barrel measures 2 1/4″.

No user has complained about this product except for one who discovered the bat sounds like it has a small BB inside rolling around

  1. Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno fastpitch softball bat 

This product is ideal for most contact hitters because it has a balanced weight and feels lighter than it looks.

The lightweight ensures you easily and effectively swing the bat for better performance. The bat can be regarded as a top-notch bat because it is constructed of composite materials.

It features a double-wall design having zero friction. This ensures it has maximum durability and offers you ultimate performance. Additionally, it is the two-piece bat that features IST technology.

Because of the technology that improves the feel of the bat and also ensures the bat forgives during the hit, it is one of the best fastpitch softball bats you can get in the market. Included in its features are a 7/8″ handle and a traditional grip design. I love this feature because regardless of the size of your hand and your age it is ideal for you.

 Easy and comfortable to swing check  

It is reasonably priced compared to other products check  

It does not sting when you hit the head cap check  

Vibrations and shock are eliminated by the technology it features

Depending on how often you use the bat, you might need to replace the grip tape after some time check  

  1. Mizuno Nighthawk Fastpitch Softball Bat

No matter your experience or skill level, you will enjoy and appreciate Mizuno Nighthawk. It is a two-piece bat constructed fully from composite materials.

It is full of performance-enhancing features. It features a double-wall technology which offers a larger sweet area and higher peak performance out of the wrapper. In short, the technology leads to an increase in the swing speed.

Its barrel has Black Onyx Carbon which provides greater durability and ensures you have a shorter break to maximum performance.

Additionally, the bat has patented two-piece link construction which ensures protection and comfort. It also features an optimized cap design.

This great feature provides greater flex and reduced weight along the top of the bat. The double-wall technology provides an impressive pop check  

  1. DeMarini CFX Fastpitch Softball Bats 

The DeMarini 2018 CFX is a two-piece bat that features a Paraflex composite material which makes it stronger than the previous model. Also, it provides a powerful swing. The end of the bat is loaded to give it a sledgehammer effect.  The power can be felt when you hit the ball.

Additionally, it features a technology that is called 3-fusion handle technology. Once the bat makes contact with the ball, the technology redirects the energy back to the barrel. This helps to reduce or eliminate vibrations thereby protecting the hands of the player.

For a perfect fit for your hand, it has an RCK Knob that is anatomically designed to fit the player’s hand perfectly.

  1. Rawlings Quatro Fastpitch Softball Bat                                 

Rawlings Quatro offers a great combination of distance, balance, performance, and flex. It features a patented hinge technology that gives you the opportunity to hit the ball and generate huge pop and bat speed.

Additionally, it features a two-piece composite design. 

It includes vibration dampening technology and Rawlings Quatro collar.

This ensures that the stinging vibrations are absorbed and minimized.

The bat has a drop weight of -10, and it is also balanced. Included in its amazing features is the ultimate flex barrel handle connection. It is designed to accelerate speed through contact.

The handle has a silicon-infused collar which provides a smooth fit at impact. check  

  1. Axe Bats 2017 Danielle Lawrie L136E Softball Bat

If you are looking for one of the best softball bats for fastpitch under $100, the Axe Bats 2017 Danielle Lawrie L136E is one of the perfect options. It is a one-piece bat with a distinct patented handle.

The handle increases the swing speed and power and also ensures the player incurs no injury.

In case you need a stiffer bat than what the composite bat gives, this bat is balanced and forged with alloy, so it is perfect for you.

Additionally, it features a directional hitting face. It ensures performance and durability with one-sided hitting. The drop weight is -12 and the barrel measures 2 1/4″.Stylish bat with a great pop check.  The ergonomic handle gives confidence at the plate check. Despite one-sided hitting, the bat is a durable check. 

Superb bat whip and lightweight check.  It is affordable, and manufacturers offer 30 days money-back guarantee. Lacks many performance features such as technological features compared to others check. You would need to get used to the handle, and it might take some time

  1. Aderson Rocketech 2.0 Fastpitch Softball Bat

From the end cap to the knob, the Anderson Rocketech 2.0 is blessed with one amazing feature and the other. It is a one-piece bat that is constructed of AB-9000 aerospace alloy.

 This offers it exceptional durability. The end of the bat is loaded to ensure and more powerful and faster swing.

 The drop weight is -9. This bat will last a long time because the barrel is nearly indestructible.

With the type of barrel it has, you might not need any break-in period. Included, to its amazing features is the internal power arch technology which aids the multi-wall barrel by adding a curved, interior sleeve. It also helps in maximizing the effect of the bat’s trampoline.

  1. Wilson Demarini 2016 CF8 Fastpitch Bat

If you are looking for a two-piece bat that can perform just like a wooden bat, CF8 2016 can fill the gap.

 It has the strength of aluminum because it is forged with Paradox Plus+ composite material.

This gives an amazing sweet spot and durability that ensure you keep your performance at the highest level.  

Adding to its feature is the D-Fusion 2.0 Handle Technology. I love this feature because it helps to eliminate any vibration while directing all the energy to the barrel. The barrel has a stack construction which improves its durability and performance. It has a length of 12″ and a diameter measuring 2¼”.

It is highly durable due to its full composite construction check.  You will experience little to no vibration or sting check.  It offers seven drop options so you can make the best choice check.  Requires little to no break-in time. From my survey, users complained that it is expensive compared to bats in its category

  1. Easton FS3 Fastpitch Softball Bat    

The Easton FS3 is a 100 percent two-piece composite bat that is durable and offers great performance. It features a balanced swing weight where the weight of the bat is evenly distributed. This makes the F3 perfect for contact hitters.

Just like most bats produced by Easton, this bat CXN Zero technology which reduces or eliminates any form of vibrations. It also ensures the energy is transferred to the barrel. Adding to its features is the Hyperskin bat grip it has.  This ensures that it does not slip off your hands while playing. You can hold on to the bat as long as you want.

Furthermore, included is an IMX Advanced Composite Barrel that optimizes the sweet spot and compression. The ratio of weight to length is -12.

The balanced weight makes it feel lightweight and easy to use for amateurs or new batters

  1. Louisville Slugger LXT Hyper 17 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The LXT Hyper 17 looks more expensive than the others. Yes! It is worth it. This product delivers maximum pop and ultimate balance.

It features a PBF barrel system that has one disc. It gives the barrel a larger sweet spot. This ensures the bat perform excellently

Included is also an improved patented TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection known as the TRU3 technology.


 It provides the necessary movement between the handle and the barrel. This maximizes the trampoline effect of the barrel and eliminates vibration.

Furthermore, it features a faded grip which ensures you have a comfortable feel while holding and using it.

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