Best Ecommerce marketplace strategy that can leverage your business


Winning with digital marketplaces is quite a challenging one for many entrepreneurs. By understanding the digital revolution, people have started to shift their business to online platforms. But they find it difficult to survive in the market. Entrepreneurs spend more on developing a perfect ecommerce marketplace but getting returns through that platform is very difficult. Only through implementing proper ecommerce marketplace strategy one can succeed. This is how ecommerce legends like Amazon, Flipkart and Alibaba have succeeded and have set a model for us. Now let us analyze the ecommerce marketplace strategy that can truly help us to promote our online business to the next level.

Mobile commerce

Understand the fact that the most common device that is used to surf the net, shop online and do all online activities are the smartphones. Around 45% of online buyers use their mobile phones to visit the ecommerce marketplace and do the purchase. If the ecommerce marketplace is not mobile-friendly, then immediately visitors will abandon the site. So to attract customers to your shopping cart software you need to focus on mobile commerce and make sure you build a mobile responsive website. If your business is at an enterprise level then you can even develop an exclusive mobile app for your ecommerce marketplace. This can get you good returns.

Increase customer engagement

To increase the growth of the ecommerce marketplace one needs to increase the customer engagement. You should allow your customer to interact with your platform. Customers should respond to your products that are displayed in your ecommerce marketplace. Customer engagement has a direct impact on sales. You can allow customers to share their reviews and rate your products. This will let them give their opinion and their positive feedback will uplift your sales. Speed-up your response time so that your customers will get immediate support from your end. This will increase your ecommerce marketplace credibility and will push your sales and revenue. This is how your ecommerce marketplace strategy works.

Fine-tune your shipping and delivery strategy

Today, customers demand on-time delivery and they are not ready to accept any confusion in the delivery. It is very essential to have a clear ecommerce marketplace strategy that has to be implemented in the shipping and delivery process. Select a perfect third-party logistics who has good customer ratings and are genuine in shipping business. Retaining your customers depends on how well you deliver their orders. Provide them with a real-time order tracking feature that will enable them to track their orders. Notify them in advance about any delays in product delivery. You can even prefer the dropshipping method for your ecommerce marketplace that will also facilitate you and your customers.

Plan your ecommerce marketplace advertisement

To promote your ecommerce marketplace you need to have a solid marketing strategy that will push your brand and platform to your target audience and can get you higher reach and sales. You should have a perfect SEO to get your site listed on the top pages of any search engines. This will increase your ecommerce marketplace traffic and will get you more visitors. Even you can go for paid search engine marketing that can give you instant listing in the top pages. When you plan to promote your ecommerce marketplace you cannot ignore social media platforms as they hold the maximum target audience. So promoting on these platforms will get you better reach among your audience. Plan to run paid campaigns on Facebook. This will help you to make your ecommerce marketplace visible to the segmented groups.

Delight your customers with loyalty programs

Attracting customers to your ecommerce marketplace needs more effort. Also retaining customers is another big process. We need to understand that there is heavy competition in the digital market. So it is very important to keep track of your competitors and what all plans they have for their customers. By comparing with your competitors you need to have a counter plan to retain your customers. Have the best discount plans that can satisfy your customers. Provide them coupons that will get them a special price on products they purchase with your ecommerce marketplace. You can also set loyalty programs for your customers. All these factors will delight your customers and through word-of-mouth you may get more customers to your ecommerce marketplace.

Social-media integration

People want to highlight all their day-to-day activities in their social media pages. They keep posting on what they have purchased online and they will even ask other’s opinion about the product they want to buy. You need to keep this factor in mind and should have your ecommerce marketplace integrated with all social media logins. This will allow your customers to straightaway login from your ecommerce marketplace platform. He can share the product from your product page and this will help him to get feedback from his friends and will help him to decide on purchasing the product.

Multiple payment gateways

The final stage of purchase ends when the customer pays for the product. When a customer enters your ecommerce marketplace he will search for the product and when he finds the one, he will proceed to checkout. During the checkout process, you need to provide multiple payment options with multiple payment gateways. This will make the customer feel comfortable in purchasing the product. He will not hesitate to pay if he is familiar with the payment gateways. Make sure you have frequently used payment gateways that most customers prefer.


Owning a shopping cart platform is good for your business but you need to focus more on the eCommerce marketplace strategy to uplift your online sales and revenue. Make sure you satisfy your customers and keep checking whether the strategy you implement is working well. If not you need to change your eCommerce marketplace strategy that can give you better results.


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