Best cPanel Hosting UK: Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Best cpanel Hosting UK: Best Web Hosting for Small Business

Best Cpanel Hosting UK: Best Web Hosting for Small Business

cPanel hosting is when Linux hosting solutions come with cPanel for management. cPanel is the favorite solution of most professionals. They find the best cPanel hosting UK a convenient solution to handle their website hosting. This article is all about:

  • cPanel
  • The Advantages Of Cpanel Hosting
  • Two Best cPanel Hostings for Small Businesses 

cPanel: A Brief Introduction

cPanel is an excellent online tool for website management. It makes the management of Linux-based hosting very simple and convenient. Managing emails and creating accounts is no longer a big deal. Moreover, you can reset passwords and set mail forwarders. 

Also, users have freedom when it comes to backup archives. Users can create them. Even downloading them from websites is possible. The same freedom exists in file management. Users have full authority over file uploading and managing.

Why is cPanel Famous Among Professionals?

A graphical user interface that is simple and clean makes file management simple, easy, and convenient. It would help if you had cPanel when you do not use website builders. Moreover, everyone does not know everything about website builders. So web professionals prefer cPanel. 

Amazing Advantages of cPanel

There are almost infinite advantages of cPanel. Let us discuss a finite number of them. 

You Are  Incharge of Both Software & Hardware

Both are in your control when you use cPanel web hosting, software and hardware; whenever you need, you can completely shut down and reboot everything again.  

Most cPanel hosting plans will allow you to use WHM if you utilize a private server. However, you get WHMCS when you take the reseller hosting package.

Monitoring of Website’s Performance

There is no need to buy cPanel separately when you purchase cPanel hosting. Hence, you do not need to spend any time on installation. Also, monitoring everything becomes smooth and convenient. 

For instance, when you update the hosting plan, one of the sure things is that you are upgrading the resources. cPanel also facilitates you in tracking the resources. cPanel makes it easy to find things like the amount of disk space you use. As a result, it becomes effortless to have the usage statistics of each server.

Regular Backups And Efficient Scaling

cPanel is a powerful program. Its robust algorithms protect your traffic and do not let any intruder break into the system and read your data. Moreover, it is possible to take backups at any time. Credit goes to cPanel’s integration with software like Idera and r1soft. 


Cost is an essential concern for everyone, whether small business owners or a giant eCommerce company. Everyone always wants cost reduction. The affordable price is the prominent advantage that makes the world adore cPanel. As compared to its counterparts, it is a cost-effective platform.

Listening and reading about the diversity of cPanel, some people mistakenly see it as a random collection of many functionalities. They see it as a bundle of many options hurled at the user, which is a misconception. It does not portray an accurate picture. 

You can think of cPanel as a bundle of the suitable applications that your website hosting aspects really need. The collective work of all functionalities ensures that your website is totally managed.  

The software engineers have put in their best efforts to make cPanel a user-oriented product. It provides almost every tool and function that web professionals need. Users never ignore the product that focuses on them. 

Great Features of cPanel

FTP Account Management

FTP is not just a protocol but also one of the competitive advantages of cPanel. It allows all imperative file management capabilities, like downloading, deleting, uploading or moving it somewhere else on the server. In addition, the system automatically creates your FTP account once you sign up for cPanel. 

Solid Database Support

cPanel enjoys the support of two structure query languages; MySQL and PostgreSQL. They just fetch the information from databases. 

The Best cPanel Hosting UK Providers 

Grid Hosting – Best cPanel Hosting UK

Grid Hosting deserves the title of best cPanel Hosting UK for many reasons. It is an amazingly flexible platform and provides private packages at really affordable prices. The security system is top-notch. The price tags of many plans come with attractive discounts. 

Grid Hosting also helps you gain visibility and attract traffic by providing SEO benefits. It makes your web pages load at super fast speed, and search engines rank such websites faster. Grid Hosting’s reliable and efficient data centers make this possible. They ensure maximum visibility and productivity for your app and help you earn money. We have already talked about powerful security mechanisms. Grid Hosting provides two-factor authentication and SSH access.  

Here are the key aspects that make Grid Hosting an award-winning and trendy cPanel hosting provider:

  • Dedicated IP
  • Domain Privacy
  • The bandwidth you get is unmetered
  • Un-Limited space per account 
  • Un-Limited no. of accounts
  • Outstanding Support for IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support
  • Excellent Virus Scan 
  • High-quality Spam Filter
  • Support for CalDAV & CardDAV  


Robust servers empowered by impeccable data centers make TheEmailShop stand out on the list. In addition, the cPanel hosting they offer is highly secure and extra-efficient. 

Almost everything required for good cPanel hosting is available within single packages. In addition, an SSL certificate is available for free with all of the plans. 

You can create an eCommerce website or blog or whatever you want quickly. The user interface is highly self-intuitive and straightforward. Also, if you are looking for a great WordPress hosting UK, give TheEmailShop a try.  

Here are the best features of TheEmailShop:

  • Great Loading Speeds
  • Blog creation in minutes
  • Make an eCommerce website in minutes 
  • One-click app installation
  • A lot of Diverse & Comprehensive Features
  • Easy Management of High Traffic Levels
  • Great Uptime
  • Some plans let you make  unlimited websites 
  • Some programs allow infinite email account creation
  • Impeccable Technical Support 24*7
  • Good WordPress support

The Final Verdict

The hosting provider you choose has direct impacts on the user experience. Great user experience is what attracts traffic and generates good income. Research the market thoroughly and choose the best cPanel hosting in the UK that aligns with your business goals and processes. 


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