Best Companies to Work for as a Data Scientist

Data Scientist

There are several aspects to consider while looking for the finest data scientist company to work for. You may prefer smaller data science firms, data science work in a certain industry, or you may be restricted by geography. I prefer customer-centric businesses that allow me to pursue my own data science interests, but everyone is different! I’ll walk you through some of the top firms to work for as a data scientist, in my opinion.

The Best Places to Work as a Data Scientist

1. Microsoft

Microsoft has a lot of data science projects and tools that are worth checking out. Microsoft is a tech titan and a formidable data science firm, despite its reputation as an enterprise and consumer software corporation. They have an initiative called AI for Earth, for example, that puts its Cloud and AI technologies in the hands of those striving to improve the environment.

They create open-source tools, data, APIs, and models to aid in the creation of sustainable technology. They also have an initiative called AI for Accessibility, which attempts to reduce the “data desert” by filling the gaps in AI data sets for people with disabilities.

2. Amazon

Amazon has evolved from its roots as an online bookstore to become one of the top locations to work as a data scientist. In the cloud services business, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the largest individual market share. When it comes to data science firms, Amazon is a force to be reckoned with, employing data scientists to deliver machine learning and data science solutions in addition to their AWS cloud services.

Amazon offers anti-fraud products for their online retail customers that employ machine learning to detect fraud among their abundance of transactions, in addition to their AWS-centered data science services.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb has worked really hard to change the travel sector. Data scientists have been used extensively by Airbnb. Airbnb “looks at data as the voice of the consumer, and data science as the interpretation of that voice,” according to their previous head of data science. Customer-centric businesses appeal to me as a terrific place to work. The decisions are made with a purpose and rationale in mind, and they are intended to benefit both the customer and the company.

Airbnb has incorporated data science into its services and search, as well as its hiring methods. They employed data analytics to investigate and eliminate bias in their own employment practices. Airbnb is an excellent illustration of how data science firms can apply a lot of their knowledge to internal procedures.

4. NVidia

There are companies that specialize in data science, and then there’s Nvidia. Using GPUs like the NVIDIA DGX A100s, Nvidia defined “accelerated analytics,” which processes data up to 20 times quicker with no refactoring. In the commercial world, time is money, and these optimizations have helped Nvidia’s graphic cards achieve a lot of success. They have their data scientists optimize cutting-edge CPUs and graphics cards for working with large amounts of data.

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5. Oracle

Oracle provides a fantastic cloud platform that allows users to use machine learning models, visualizations, and predictive analytics to make the most of their data. You get to design all of these amazing models and tools for end-users to apply to their data as a data scientist working on this platform.

According to the analytics platform, “embedded machine learning and natural language processing technologies [help] enhance productivity.” This type of work provides you with a significant potential to improve your customers’ quality of (work) life. You may work in advertising, build data-science-focused products, discover innovative ways to organize and analyze unstructured data, or look for meaning in the midst of the chaos.

6. Delta

Although you may not immediately think of the Atlanta-based airline, Delta should be included in your list of data science firms. Delta uses machine learning in decision science “on a scale that no airline has ever done before.” Delta data scientists use past data to recreate operational difficulties and come up with solutions that have the least impact on customers. As someone who has been irritated by several airlines’ lack of competence, it’s wonderful to see one that is using data to improve the customer experience.


As the demand for Data Scientists grows, more businesses are turning to data to better their operations, products, and services. Data scientists looking for work do not (and should not) have to start their careers with FAANG enterprises. There are numerous small and large tech organizations that can provide a unique professional (and learning) experience.

Data Scientists can work for a variety of companies, ranging from cybersecurity to customer relationship management to open-source AI. Take some time to consider which domain knowledge you’d like to concentrate on. There is absolutely no shortage of companionship for you. Hopefully, this post has given you a new perspective on the kind of tech companies that job seekers should be aware of.


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