Best CBD vape kit reviews

CBD vape kit

Vaping is now the most popular method of ingesting CBD concentrates. CBD vape kits contain all the accessories you need when starting your vaping journey. They are easy to use, very reliable, and convenient.  CBD vape kits will help you experience the CBD benefits very fast. Below are some of the best CBD vape kit reviews.

CBDfx vape kit. 

CBDfx one of the top brands in the CBD vaping industry. It is based in California and has one of the best CBD vape kits in the market. The brand also does third-party lab tests on its products and provides test reports on the specific batch to its customers. These reports verify the safety and quality of all their products.

The CBDfx ‘s CBD vape kit includes a  1000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, a USB charger. 

The vape kit also contains a 1 ml refillable cartridge. With a ceramic coil and a glass/ steel cartridge, the CBDfx vape kit will give you the ultimate vaping experience. The ceramic coil runs at low temperatures that are ideal for vaping CBD oil. 

Pure Hemp vape kit.

Pure Hemp is a company that is also based in California. The company is renowned for having a variety of products that are derived from organic hemp grown in Colorado. All their products are also third-party lab tested and consistently conform to the safety and quality and standards.

The package of Pure Hemp’s CBD vape kit includes a 1 ml cartridge that is prefilled with 200 mg of pure CBD, a standard vape pen battery, and a USB charger.

You get high potency from the vape kit; thus, you get the peak vaping experience. The CBD oil in the vape kit also contains Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), two commonly used ingredients in CBD vape juices.

The components of the Pure Hemp vape kit are 510 threaded; so that if the original cartridge exhausts you can replace it with any other CBD cartridge.

Vape Bright.

Vape Bright sources its CBD hemp grown in Scandinavia, a region with the best experience and history in growing the plant.  All Vape Bright products are third-party lab tested and the results are easily available on the company’s websites.

Vape Bright‘s Thrive Beyond Starter Pack is one of the best CBD vape kits in the market. It is perfect for anyone looking for a highly potent CBD vape pen starter kit. Its package includes a slim vape pen battery, a USB charger, a 0.5 ml cartridge that is pre-filled with 250 mg of CBD. 

The CBD oil also contains some MCT oil that provides extra terpenes.  Once the oil in the cartridge exhausts, you can replace it with a 510 threaded CBD cartridge of your choice.

CBD Essence.

With over 5 years of experience, CBD Essence is a brand that produces all the main types of CBD products. The brand utilizes American Hemp extracts. These extracts are derived from the plant using the CO2 method, which is very safe and effective. 

CBD Essence also posts third party lab tests for the cannabinoid profile of their products. These tests verify that their products contain a full spectrum extract. 

Since the CBD Essence’s vape kit contains a full spectrum extract, you are likely to reap more benefits from it. 

CBD Essence vape kit is basically a draw-activated vape pen that is perfect for starters looking for a full spectrum extract.

Empe Pre-filled Cartridge.

Empe is another American brand that offers different types of CBD products, including e-liquids, batteries, and vape cartridges.

Their e liquids are made from Organic America-grown hemp. They are regularly tested by an independent lab to authenticate the CBD content in them.

Empe’s CBD vape kits provide a great merger between a vape pe battery and a cartridge prefilled with CBD. The cartridge comes in a variety of strengths/ potency and flavors. These flavors include watermelon, gorilla OG, taffy, blue dream, wild cherry, and tropical blend. On the other hand, the variety of strengths include 200 mg and 350 mg.

When the pre-filled cartridge runs out, you can replace it with any other compatible 510 threaded option. 


CBD vape kits are designed for beginners. However, some experienced vapers also use the kits. They exist in three different types, including CBD pens, CBD mods, and CBD pods. Many health experts have recommended that using CBD vape kits can be up to 95% safer and healthier than smoking.

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