Best Cafes And Restaurants To Have Dharamshala Famous Food

Best Cafes And Restaurants To Have Dharamshala Famous Food

When it comes to having a happy and delicious touring experience, Dharamshala comes on the top of the list of most favored touring destinations. Tour Travel World here presents an exhilarating Dharamshala Food Guide for Travellers to follow and plan an exciting trip. This guide will prove convenient to those who happen to be a food fanatic and would like to taste the delicacies offered by this hill town. Dharamshala famous food is something every traveler should experiment with on their first visit to this beautiful hill station.

List Of Best Restaurants In Dharamshala

You can find and visit the best restaurants and cafes in Dharamshala located only near the Mcleodganj area. Plan a visit to these hotels and find Dharamshala famous food, whatever you are in the mood to have as a first-time traveler. If you are here just for the food being a dedicated foodie consider the following restaurants in Mcleodganj. Moreover, with so many selections obtainable, you can confidently plan a well-budgeted Dharamshala tour package for visiting this hill station most conveniently.

  • The Tibet Kitchen- For The Best Place To Have Tibetan Food

When you have planned your trip to Dharamshala, then it would be incomplete without a taste of Tibetan food which has an extremely varied menu. Enjoy a variety of dishes and most of which are snacks, appetizers, and main courses plunging from the Tibetan and Chinese cuisines.

A few of the Dharamshala famous foods are- fried momos, thupka, Alu Phingsha, tingmo, shapta, and mutton petse. Chinese cuisine is also similar such as fried rice, chili chicken, chili paneer, etc.

  • Moonlight Cafe – Have Exotic Locally Made Delicacies

Moonlight Café is the best place in the Mcleodganj. Here you can stop up for a cup of chai (Indian tea). The beautiful ambiance grabs eyes.
Some of the best recipes to try here are the masala tea, ginger tea, and Bhagsu cake which are completely famous.

  • Woeser Bakery – Enjoy Mouth-watering Cakes

Woeser Bakery is an appealing, affordable, and cozy eating place that is renowned for its amazing experiments in the world. Enjoy some of the toothsome nutriments here such as coffee, cakes, tarts, and the famous chocolate lollipops.

  • Nick’s Italian Kitchen – The Best Place To Have Astounding Pies

Kunga Guest House in Mcleodganj operates and sustains Nick’s Italian Kitchen. With terrace seating and a full of wisdom library this café keeps up the craze. Apart from the warm savories, what makes this particular outlet remarkable is its Banana coffee pies and mousse cakes that are too compelling.

This is a rigorously vegetarian place so people must not ask for meat-based items here.

  • Shiva Cafe – Enjoy Uniquely Baked Good Pizza

The walls here in Shiva Café are painted in deep, dark colors and the food is evocative of some good old times. The cafe offers the travelers some of the most exotic and lip-smacking pizzas which are favored by lots of people. Hence, the food fanatics find it a perfect destination for food buying. Visit this for the perfect mountain meals. The exotic food, calm and soothing music, and hookah supplements add to the vigor and calmness of this place.

  • Carpe Diem Cafe – For The Mediterranean And Continental Food

Get the amazing Mediterranean and Continental eating options of food in Mcleodganj. The place presents a soothing, chilled, and peaceful seating area. Here along with an amazing food treat, you can gift yourselves the visual treat of picturesque and mesmerizing landscape views. One of the most exciting things about this one of the best restaurants in Mcleodganj is the tables adorned with the pictures of previous visitors under a glass piece.

  • Illiterati Cafe – Best Combination Of Ambiance, View & Food

If you are a bookworm then this restaurant in Mcleodganj is for you only as it has the best collection of books which can be rented, borrowed or bought. This is hence one of the best places to eat in Dharamshala as there is a wide range of cuisines like the Mediterranean and French: lasagnas, hummus plate, Brusche are some of the taste turning dishes which are unruly along with coffees, teas, and juices.

  • Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen – For Good Food

This is a calm and quiet cafe in Mcleodganj providing an elegant and stunning valley view along with gorgeous and fascinating interiors.

It has an affordably priced menu that tends to serve the best food in Mcleodganj such as pasta, desserts, smoothies, pizzas, shakes, and juices. Don’t miss trying the exceptionally dazzling Lemon Cheesecake, it is one of its kind.

  • Clay Oven Restaurant – Love The Cakes & Pizzas

Located in the heart of the city, this cafe in Mcleodganj has a rural look seating arrangement with antiques made its interior decorations. What makes this restaurant the best and enticing eating house is its cooking method being baked in old, conventional heated kiln fashion! It also serves a scrumptious assortment of cakes, carrot cake being one of them.

  • Sandy’s Nation – For An Amazing Pizza

Sandy’s Kitchen is a multi-storied building and one of the best places to eat in Dharamshala located at a corner crossing the Bhagsu Temple. Find its trail along the pathway directing towards the Bhagsunag Waterfalls and the Shiva Cafe. It offers multi-cuisine dimensions including Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental, Israeli and Greek along with hookah.

  • Lhamo’s Croissant – Best Served Herbal Teas With Vegan Snacks

This is one of the best restaurants in Mcleodganj is located right on the Mcleodganj Mall road. This is just a WOW place as it serves freshly baked croissants and 100% vegan cakes along with mouth-watering gluten-free options and salads here.

If you are visiting this café for the first time then you should not miss the herbal teas. Choose herbal tea based on the time of the day you reach there.

Best Foods For Foodies In Dharamshala

Well, this is all about the list of best cafés and restaurants. Now to remember the delicacies available here, we present the list of best foods in Dharamshala.
Although you have till now found several eating items and dishes in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, there are some of the special items in the menus that should not be missed in any case.

  • Bhagsu Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Tibetan Herbal Tea
  • Tibetan Butter Tea
  • Steamed Mutton or vegetarian momos
  • Thupka & Thentuk
  • Tibetan Bread
  • Banana Coffee Pie

Dharamshala has turned to be the most favored and visited vacation hot spot among people in all seasons. Anybody can see more and more short time relocation every year.

Other Eating Options In Dharamshala

Café Coffee Day, Dominos, Pizza Hut are easily seen here in this destination. Also, you can enjoy meals including Chinese and Tibetan cuisine which are as special as always. However, we suggest, eating the local food served the natives such as momos, dumplings, noodles, etc. can be taken into consideration while making the list of food to eat in Dharamshala choices.

In addition, standard and nominal foods like coffee, tea, toasts, Maggi, etc. are also available. The best part of planning a Dharamshala tour to have the best food is the affordable price. Anyone can enjoy the most exotic delicacies at an affordable price.


Our Dharamshala Food Guide here at Tourtravelworld will direct you towards a better pick where meals are concerned. The guide incorporates eating houses, cafes, and restaurants that are within the pocket allowance of any person.

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