Best Agile CRM competitors in India: 5 Best Options

Best agile CRM competitors in India: 5 best options

“In this Blog, we have provided you the Agile CRM competitors in the market”


Have you ever used Agile CRM software?


Yes, What do you think about it? 


Do you think there are better competitors available in the market? Probably that’s why you have landed on this blog.

We have covered all you need to know. Just dig in and know the loopholes and which is the best option from the rest. 




Are you? 


Agile CRM was originally developed to meet the needs of enterprises and large businesses. Though, it is not surprising that it is a little overwhelming for the small businesses. 


While working with the Agile CRM competitors, we came across a problem that we need an expert in the team to help them with the marketing and automation solutions.

And this isn’t common.


One has to ask, would it not be better and simpler to design a user friendly tool, like many of the agile competitors have done?


In this detailed article, we will introduce you to some excellent competitors of Agile, like Bridge CRM Software. Also, provide you a glance of why to look for Agile CRM competitors and what one should look for. 


So, let’s START reading now!! 


Why consider Agile CRM competitors?


  • Complex & Overwhelming CRM:

    As the tool interface is concerned, it is found that it is very complex. One needs a high intense training session to learn and get the best out of the software. Many companies hire an expert to manage the Agile account and definitely not designed to be beginner friendly. 


  • Pricing:

    The pricing factor is the biggest drawback. Being a small and medium business Agile provides a free trial version with limited features. The next level available starts at 50$ per month/ per user, which is quite high. The other disadvantage is that after these extensively high rates. One has to pay extra charges for implementation and licenses. 


What to look for in a Great Agile CRM competitors?


  • Automation:

    Working on a task repeatedly is the biggest enemy of growing any business. Automation literally saves the teams from manual processes and bring in productivity amongst the team. Easily you can use the time to save and make personal connections with customers now.


  • Collaboration:

    To create a memorable customer relationship. Before contacting any customer the team should have transparency and should work together and stay up-to-date.. Sharing all the data amongst the whole team, it will help the whole team to work more efficiently. This provides the kind of experience the current day customer demands.


  • Intelligence:

    To meet the needs of today’s data-intensive world. One has to learn and keep up with the technology trends that are going on and are coming further.  A CRM tool with all the new technology like artificial intelligence will help uncover all the insights, anticipate the outcomes, and suggest some big next steps for the customers.


  • Integration:

    Taking advantage of the tool is the utmost priority — such as driving market automation, accounting software, chat bot services, social tools. Getting it integrated with your CRM system, will  let you follow all the people, groups, information and all on social media platforms. Hence, it also lets you track the real-time data with ease.


  • Mobility:

    Mobility is what modern businesses demand in the current scenario. As the service and sales teams are no longer stuck to desks and 8 hours a day. They definitely need a system where they can access everything wherever they go.


  • Customization:

    Every business has its own system to run. So, as per the requirement, a good CRM solution that is easily customizable. Not only this, it should have an information ladder that keeps  what is important up in front and center. The top CRM platforms will have drag-&-drop customization capabilities. Moreover, deliver regular upgrades without any fail.


  • Cloud-based:

    Cloud-based solutions work best as they are internet-connected devices with a browser. They are super easy to implement the solutions, without a need of any IT support. And since they don’t require much server maintenance/ upgrades like it is required on-premises CRMs. One can effortlessly save money and scale the business.


Top 5 Agile CRM competitors


  1. On the number one we have Bridge CRM, it is the best solution one can find. It is the most affordable and reliable solution developed for modern businesses.  
  2. Second comes Salesforce. It is an intelligent software but the price is a little higher than expected. Any small and medium enterprise can hardly afford it. 
  3. Third comes, Pipedrive. It is basically a Sales Application, the software has very limited features and doesn’t bring much to the business.  
  4. Fourth, but not the last. The second last in the list comes Insightly, it is a decent CRM system with 3 types of version available. One can choose according to their business needs. 
  5. The last one in the list comes from HubSpot. The software has limited features as compared to others. It provides less opportunities to grow your business. 


What do you think?

You think you made the right choice by signing up with Agile CRM?

The answer probably is a BIG NO.  

You must have lately realized that the software is lacking a lot of essential features that other CRM software provides. It includes you cannot plan an email sequence, nor list building, integrated live chatting process, message broadcasting, project proposals or predictive lead scoring. 

When we talk about daily business, you’ll find it a lot harder to keep all the track of leads in the sales team, avoids task overlaps amongst the sales team and marketers. Not only this, it doesn’t determine the quality of leads. 

If you’re all set to drop off this software, you can always take in consideration the above 5 Agile CRM competitors.  Pipedrive & salesforce are great options, but they may cost a hole in your pockets.

We would love to suggest to you this smart and intelligent software Bridge. It has more features than Agile CRM and high end technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and more. 

This makes the software one of the most viable and affordable Agile CRM competitors!


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