Best 8 Dermatology EMR & EHR Software for Orthopedics

Orthopedics EHR & Dermatology EMR

Dermatology has evolved to become a distinctive specialty of healthcare. It includes standard healthcare services and skin treatments. it also was formerly exclusively available in the beauty and spa industry. As a result, dermatological clinics cater to a diversified client, with practices ranging in size and conducting a wide range of treatments on a large number of patients. Given these features, dermatological EMR suppliers seeking to remain competitive in this industry. Must provide more diverse and sophisticated systems than the standard EMR. The eight EMRs reviewed here demonstrate how dermatology-specific EMRs satisfy this need. So, let’s take a look at the best Dermatology EMR software available in the market. 

Features of Dermatology EMR Software 

Dermatologists treat skin diseases; therefore, lab and imaging tests account for most of their medical records. This necessitates the use of software that can readily update patient information regularly. Also, EMR software can be used on tablets and smartphones. It can be beneficial because pictures can be easily collected and shared with doctors. When purchasing an EMR software for your dermatological business, keep the following characteristics in mind: 

  • Dermatology-specific Templates 
  • Comparison Imaging 
  • Digital Graphing 
  • Coding 
  • Charting Process 


The first Dermatology EMR software on our list is EZDERM. The dermatology-specific solution from EZDERM is a sophisticated EMR platform. It includes a simplified and configurable progress note-taking function, flexible documentation, and mobile and workstation-based clinical decision support, among other features. EZDERM decision assistance provides approximately 3,000 anatomical sites, 2,500 dermatologic diseases, and drug and interaction information. On mobile devices, software for problem tracking, picture capture, and management is available. 

The 3D Body Maps technology, which provides a visual interface with approximately 3,000 anatomical regions, is EZDERM’s core value proposition. You can check our Dermatology EMR reviews to get a better understanding of the software as well. 


Nextech provides a fully integrated dermatological EMR and practice management system, with customization being one of the platform’s most appealing features. Dermatology firms can utilize preconfigured templates out of the box or modify their system to fit their operations. In addition, the system allows smaller practices, scaled-up clinics, or alternative service providers to adopt the EMR to provide their dermatological context. 

Furthermore, Nextech EMR has mobile features that allow clinicians to input and transfer clinical data to the main system. The system includes patient engagement capability that allows for records management, patient education, and appointment management for practices that will be attesting to Meaningful Use Stage 3 in the future. 

EMA Dermatology 

Through its Virtual Exam RoomTM, the EMA Dermatology EMR allows physicians to perform documentation in real-time, including scribing notes, automated pathology labs, prescriptions, patient education, and coding through an easy mobile interface. EMA also has an adaptive learning engine that serves as a driver for data input streamlining. EMA Dermatological’s core selling point is “generating efficiency” in dermatology offices, and the adaptive learning feature fits well there. 

The vendor claims that the touch-based interface “consistently saves 60 to 90 seconds on every patient they see.” EMA Dermatology also provides dermatology-specific revenue cycle management and inventory management, as well as inventory, invoicing, and revenue monitoring features, in addition to its EMR system. 


athenahealth EMR Software is a product of one of the most well-known EMR developers in the United States. The software was developed by a Massachusetts-based health IT firm. That offers cloud-based EMR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing solutions to healthcare professionals across the country. This EMR software promotes patient engagement while also assisting clinicians in improving care coordination. Larger organizations, such as ACOs, hospitals, and PCMHs, will benefit from the Population Health Management capability. 

AdvancedMD EMR

AdvancedMD is a cloud-based EMR that includes a comprehensive Medical Practice Management system. It offers its consumers an EMR system with recognized speed, excellent support, and secure access that provides them with an industrial-grade medical computing experience. Because the EMR system is web-based, no software installation or maintenance is required. The software is constantly updated, and it handles regulatory changes like ICD-10 and Meaningful Use with ease. Its regular upgrades don’t disrupt medical practices’ day-to-day operations and give high-quality features, including patient scheduling, medical documentation, simple e-Prescribing, responsible revenue management, and financial reporting. 

eClinicalWorks EMR

eClinicalWorks is a cloud-based health IT company that serves physician offices and major hospitals with software solutions. Practice management (PM), revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic medical records (EMR), and population health management (PHM) are among the services it provides. 

On-premise and cloud deployment options are available with the EMR software. Medical practices of any size may use it. It also makes it simple for medical practitioners. Medical practices use to access patient histories, previous visits, current medicines, lab results, allergies, and diagnostic testing. This also allows you to manage patient accounts sequentially. It also includes an electronic verification system for insurance eligibility. 

ChartLogic EMR 

ChartLogic began as a stand-alone EMR in 1994. but, it has grown into a comprehensive ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EMR) suite. Practice management (PM), revenue cycle management (RCM), electronic medical records (EMR), and e-prescribing capabilities are among the system’s key features. It also has a helpful, patient portal. 

The ChartLogics’ Template Builder’ allows physicians to create and maintain medical templates quickly and simply. It also has a built-in ‘PrecisionVoice’ technology that allows for fast medical charting to doctors via voice dictation. Providers can also chart online using a library that includes specialty-specific terminology. This, along with templates, SmartFields, macros, and other configurable features, allows doctors to complete a patient record in under 90 seconds. Dermatologists can also use the e-prescribe function to prescribe medications electronically. 

Final Words about Dermatology EMR

When it comes to advanced functionality and the capacity to tailor the software to the peculiarities of specialty practices, dermatology is ahead of the curve compared to other EMR sectors. Given the wide range of dermatological-specific solutions available. Consumers looking for dermatology EMR software are unlikely to be pleased with a generic EMR crammed into a dermatology context. 

Orthopedics EHR

Orthopedic and sports medicine practices face a variety of challenges on a regular basis. They are always trying to enhance patient care, decrease costs, boost productivity, and speed up patient interactions. However, given the high volume of patient visits, they require top-of-the-line Orthopedic EHR features to support their practice and assist them in providing the best possible treatment. If you’re on the lookout for the best EHR software for orthopedics, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best EHRs for orthopedics available in the market in detail. So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

Orthopedics EHR Features 

Orthopedic practices must gather and record a wide range of clinical data for diagnosis and treatment. For this reason, an EHR must enable them to cope with high patient numbers, coordinate treatment across several venues, and minimize the danger of administering narcotic medications. 

Here are some of the EHR features that will help you achieve these requirements: 

Web-based vs on-premise 

EMR and practice management software can be installed on-premise (in your office) or delivered through the internet as a Web- or cloud-based solution. Software as a Service (SaaS) is the latter approach, which allows customers to pay for the system on a monthly subscription basis. 

Preventive treatment & long-term care 

Maintain post-operative and physical therapy progress charts, utilize health reminders and alerts for preventative treatments, and quickly add, alter, or renew drugs with indicated “favorites” that are particular to the patient or illness. 

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Orthopedic SOAP notes templates 

Neuropathy, PT lumbar spine, fracture, neck and back A/P, ankle and foot injury, knee operations and post-op, hip disorders and symptoms, shoulder injury, cervical disorders, lumbosacral disorders, and interactive range-of-motion and strength evaluation are just a few examples of template types. 

Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) 

Capture digital imagery from X-rays, MRIs, or electromyograms with a PACS in DICOM format and incorporate it into your orthopedic practice. Electronic photos and reports are digitally transferred and may be accessed from any location with an Internet connection. 

Attorney/disability/ workers comp management 

Orthopedists must assist their patients while they deal with accident attorneys and workers’ compensation claims, so the EMR should make the process as pleasant as possible, storing and printing reports, photos, and billing receipts in a format that insurance and attorneys will accept. 

Best Orthopedic EHR Software 

Before making any final decisions, it is best to list down and evaluate the best EHRs for your orthopedic practice. Keeping this in light, here is a list of the top 4 orthopedic EHR software available in the market: 

Phoenix Ortho EMR 

The Ortho EMR from Phoenix is available as a stand-alone product, with integrated PACS and practice management software. The system integrates effectively with digital x-rays and MRIs by employing an industry-first integrated imaging solution that links pictures (x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasound studies) to the patient file. It also allows for point-and-click, voice dictation, or traditional transcription. This removes the requirement for picture ordering, storage, and review, as well as technicians’ data entry and order entry. 

The product’s workflow is extremely user-friendly; it adjusts to physician preferences and does not need templates, which is a welcome time-saver considering the large patient volume that most orthopedic clinics experience. 

Exscribe Orthopedic EHR 

Exscribe’s cloud-based orthopedic software is one of the best-reviewed EHRs for orthopedics currently available. Along with the EHR, Exscribe provides comprehensive practice management and PACS features, as well as mobile device compatibility via a dedicated iOS app. 

E-prescribing and a patient portal assist users by allowing them to readily obtain health data without the need for medical documentation. One of the system’s strengths is its ability to improve operations without requiring substantial modification or development. Exscribe provides a knowledge base that allows for the production of personalized one-click treatment plans, surgery and therapy orders, prescriptions, patient education, and referral letters. 

Multiple providers can operate seamlessly with the system because of the solution’s flexibility in workflow and data entry preferences. 

ChartLogic for Orthopedics 

Practice administration, medical billing services, e-prescribing, and a patient portal are all included in ChartLogic’s cloud-based EHR solution for orthopedic offices. 

Orthopedic EMR templates and flow sheets are also included in the system, allowing for unique content and workflow customization. For time-crunched physicians, the most essential factor is ChartLogic claims that its technology allows users to create patient notes in under 90 seconds by removing unnecessary clicking and pull-down boxes and displaying the whole patient record on a single screen. 

Modernizing Medicine’s Orthopedic EHR 

Orthopedic EMR by Modernizing Medicine is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly solution featuring practice management, revenue cycle management, and telehealth capability. The system has a touch-based interface that allows users to automate forms, billing information, patient education, and e-prescriptions. 

The interfaces used in other mobile operating systems are heavily influenced by Modernizing Medicine’s offering. The Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) feature of the product can improve processes by responding to clinician preferences and facilitating clinical cooperation inside a company. 

This system’s features to offer practices with a MIPS scorecard, real-time peer benchmarking, and automated reporting is one of its standout ones, allowing providers to assess their performance under CMS’s recently adopted merit-based reimbursement software. 

Athenahealth EMR Software for Orthopedics 

Athenahealth is a cloud-based electronic medical record, practice management, and medical billing software that was named Best in KLAS for Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (10 or Fewer Physicians) and Ambulatory RCM Services in 2020. Revenue cycle management, care coordination, e-prescribing, population health management, Epocrates, and other point-of-care mobile applications are some of the key features. It has an integrated practice management module that streamlines orthopedic practices’ administrative and invoicing processes. 

The platform now has over 160,000 healthcare providers in its network. Users may handle orders, examine patient information, and monitor incoming test results using the homepage feature. The billing module from athenahealth EHR has constantly been updated. Rules engine and may be used in conjunction with the EHR or independently. Custom benchmarking, insight into daily tasks, proactive trend analysis, and other practice management tools are available. 



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