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Plagiarism Checker

The one thing that can totally take your website down the road is plagiarized content. When an individual starts his site he really wants it to succeed. In order to accomplish that he puts in all the hard work and efforts so that his site will get the rank that is required.

In this scenario, one thing that can totally sweep one such individual down the ladder is to need Plagiarism Checker because of plagiarized content. Plagiarising some other’s work is as if you are copying someone else’s efforts. It is a theft and you are deceiving people while stripping another content creator’s efforts away.

WordPress is in the business

For this WordPress has got you covered. Now you can check if your work resembles the work of any other content creator. We assure you that WordPress is in the business of making things easier for you. You can check your own work if accidentally it looks like that of any other content creator’s. Meanwhile, you can verify if anyone else has copied your efforts.

WordPress is an assurance of success for the people who choose this platform to build their sites. WordPress is home to many sites including those who can write an ESA letter online, and so on.

Just to begin with this, WordPress easily lets you establish your internet site. If you prefer any other platform to build your site things would become pretty much painstaking. A lot more money and efforts would be required if your platform was any different than WordPress.

WordPress has dedicated itself to make things effortless for the user and to make success his destination. And if all the plugins it has for its users were not enough, now it introduces you to check your content’s plagiarism.

You will find loads of plagiarism checkers on the Internet as well, but none of them is as authentic as the ones put forward by WordPress. Even after you check your work’s transparency through various plagiarism checkers, the chances are that there will be still loose ends waiting for you.

Consequently, we suggest you no other plagiarism checker is as proficient as WordPress plagiarism checkers alone. We enlist few WordPress checkers in this article that you have to be your choice when you check your content for the next time.

1# Copyscape

You have to install the Copyscape plugin on your WordPress if you want to examine your content and realize if plagiarism is present in it. The Copyscape plugin makes use of Copyscape API to verify if the content is free of plagiarism or not.

As you install this plugin a button appears on your WordPress website. Whenever you feel like checking your content’s transparency you can click on this. This is how you will be informed if plagiarism is present on your site’s content enabling you to fix it.

WordPress allows you to set the plugin in such a way that whenever you publish your articles, it automatically checks them for plagiarism before publishing. In this way, plenty of your time will be saved and all your work will be plagiarism-free. If you want to have a successful ride with WordPress, Copyscape will play an essential role for you to accomplish it.

If Copyscape detects the presence of plagiarism in your content, it generates a report telling you how many pages and posts it has found to be resembling your content. You get to know in what instances your content has matched the ones already published on the Internet.

2# Prepostseo

Apart from Copyscape here is another WordPress plugin that checks if your content has any plagiarised element. If you want to make sure that your content lacks duplicity and there is nothing that could be counted as plagiarised, Prepostseo is the right platform.

With just a single click the whole content will be examined for plagiarism. When you are done developing the content and you think it is time to check it for plagiarism, click on the scan button. This is how the whole content you developed will get checked for its transparency.

The sentences you write in your content can have a resemblance to any other content on the internet. Even if you didn’t deliberately copy someone’s words, there is a probability that you choose the same words as them. There is where the need for Prepostseo becomes real. It checks if any previous internet content looks like yours and indicates where plagiarism arises.

3# Plagiarism Checker Pro

Here we come with the third phenomenal plagiarism checker. As far as functional capability is concerned, it performs in the same way as the above-mentioned two. After you are done writing the content for your website, you can check it for transparency with just a single click. As soon as you do it, it suggests the plagiarism percentage along with the percentage of original content.

Unlike other plagiarism checkers, this one is very easy to install. All you need to do is download the Plagiarism Checker Pro plugin and upload all your extracted files on WordPress. Once you are uploading all the content you would like to check, activate the plugin.

For this, you have to go to the Plagiarism checker pro present on the admin panel. Use your API and secret key to get in.

Once you are done with it, you can dispatch on the ride of developing qualitative and transparent content with no plagiarism.

4# Plagiarism Auto-check

For a very long time, people believed that no other plagiarism checker on the Internet can outdo the performance of Plagiarism Auto-check. It is user-friendly and even a newbie can use it without facing any complications.

It suggests the precise number of how many times the original content got copied along with the source of it. You can know with it the whereabouts of your content stealer. It helps you learn the user name of your content stealer as well as his email. Soon, you get to reach your content stealer.

This plugin can be used for two purposes; to make your content safe as well as to decipher how many people got intrigued by your created content.

Another important feature of this plugin is that you can send an official notice to your content stealer as soon as you find someone copying your content.

5# TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker

Here we introduce another plagiarism checker that performs incredibly. This WordPress plugin helps you check the presence of plagiarism in your developed content. If it detects any plagiarism in your work, it suggests you immediately. All thanks to this plagiarism checker now you can make your work free from duplicity.

Another great thing TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker does for you is check if somebody stole your originally created content. Immediately after that, it finds out the copier of your content it further investigates his WHOIS information. It enables you to report the violation of your content to DMCA with the help of this plugin.

This plagiarism checker will really entice you with its user-friendly interphase. Its layout is understandable and friendly to use.

It performs automatically. You don’t have to run it each time, as it will itself check all the files and make your content plagiarism-proof.

Wrapping it up!

Now you know how your online content creation can have no involvement of plagiarism in it. These plagiarism checkers not only help you create original content but also track if anyone is stealing your content.


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