Best 5 Cyber Security Jobs in India 2021


Cyber security specialists, also known as data security analysts, have a broad range of tasks, but the most important part of Cyber Security Jobs is to prevent internet data from being accessed by unauthorized parties. As more and more of our private details are stored online, it becomes increasingly vital to strengthen security measures.

Cyber Security Jobs are complex, and a wide range of positions are available with financial institutions, retailers, and government entities. On the job, you can anticipate protecting a firm’s files and network, implementing firewalls, creating security policies, and keeping an eye on things to ensure everything is running well. In the event of a breach, you will be accountable for recognizing the problem and implementing a timely response to it.

Unlike other IT jobs such as network administrators or software engineers, cyber security jobs are relatively new but rapidly growing in necessity. Businesses have become more easily hackable and cyber-attacks as our world’s economy has increased Internet-based computers and communication. Similar to hiring security whenever a local police department exists, a corporation needs to hire cyber security personnel. Protecting intellectual data and any purchase history is ultimately the responsibility of the firm.

But cyber security experts are few. According to NASSCOM, India alone would require 1 million cyber security specialists by 2020, while indeed recording a 150% increase in cyber security requirements from January 2017 and March 2018. KPMG, for example, has increased its Cyber Security Jobs detail in the latest days.

A number of causes have contributed to the current overwhelming demand for cyber security, including:

1. Demonetised and Digitalization

However, according to NASSCOM senior director Ashok Pamidi, government measures like Digital India and demonization have made enterprises more exposed to cyber-attacks. As a result, firms need cyber security experts that can help them digitally modernize without sacrificing safety.

2. GDPR: General Data Protection (GDPR)

Organizations worldwide have been working to protect their databases from cybercrime and compliance with GDPR laws since late May 2018. Cyber security expertise is in high demand.

3. WannaCry Ransomware’s aftermath

In May 2017, the WannaCry ransomware infected over 200,000 systems in 150 locations in just three days, causing widespread disruption and disruption. It caused damages worth hundreds of billions of dollars, based on the latest estimates. The hack sparked discussion about data security and the urgent necessity for tighter cyber laws and security mechanisms. So many firms are now aware of the dangers of cyber security flaws and taking actions to protect themselves.

What Does This Mean for Information Technology Professionals?

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What matters is that there aren’t enough people skilled and competent in filling the expanding variety of cyber security responsibilities. It seems that despite having the world’s greatest IT talent pool, India lacks experienced cyber security personnel. The demand for skilled staff is so great that corporations are ready to pay top personnel beyond Rs 1.5-4 crore. According to PwC’s 2016 report, this boosted the cyber security budget by 71%.

This high increase in compensation is being experienced by the following 5 cyber security positions in India: cyber security analyst
Careers in Cyber Security

1. NSI Engineer (Network Security Engineer)

Each firm needs a network security engineer. This individual assures the organization’s information systems are in place to stop attacks. Their duties include system maintenance, vulnerability detection, and automation. They maintain firewalls, routers, switches, network monitoring tools, and VPNs (virtual private networks).

A network security engineer’s annual compensation ranges from Rs 4 lakhs to Rs 8 lakhs.

2. Uncovering and applying new cyber security features and controls. They closely monitor access control and conduct various security regular audits no security breaches exist. A cyber security analyst manages the network and does vulnerability analysis, risk analysis, and security assessments. addition to these duties, the analyzer educates co-workers on security protocols and best practices to avert security breaches.

A cyber security analyst’s pay starts at Rs 6 lakhs.

3. Security Architect

A security architect is responsible for creating a firm’s network and computer security architecture. The safety architect assists in security strategy, research, and design. A corporate security system is insecure without a security architect. The security architect initially designs the system depending on the company’s requirements, then works with the coding team to implement it. They not only design the architecture but also construct firm rules and processes for how personnel should utilize security systems, as well as decide on disciplinary measures.

A security architect’s annual salary starts at Rs 17 lakhs.

4. Cyber Security Managers

Cyber security managers are in charge of maintaining security measures across the company. They supervise a team of IT professionals to secure the utmost levels of data protection. A cyber security manager also regularly examines existing security rules to ensure they are still relevant. They also regularly verify all servers, switches, routers, and other linked devices for security flaws.

A cyber security manager’s annual pay starts at Rs 12 lakhs.

5. PWC found that over 80% of organizations now have a CISO on their management staff. This rise illustrates that businesses are increasingly aware of the dangers of cybercrime and the possible harm it may inflict. Assuring that the company’s cyber security strategy aligns with its vision, operations, and technology is the role of the CISO. The CISO collaborates with workers to discover, create, implement, and manage procedures that prevent security breaches. They react to crises and build up guidelines and procedures to reduce potential risks without disrupting the business operations. They also handle the organization’s security policies and processes.

Top CISOs make between Rs 2 crores and Rs 4 crores.

Final Words

Many more occupations exist and go unfulfilled, such as data risk auditors, firewalls and system security developers, security analysts, and vulnerabilities evaluators.
The job need will continue to grow as firms like banks, governments, retail, and BFSI actively hire Cyber Security Jobs. But the difficulty is to ensure that individuals are ready for these essential security roles. Exciting and lucrative employment awaits them once trained.

And, more seriously, if you want to become a cyber expert, then you need to meet with a flawless digital analyst, which is why the top digital forensics experts are included in the previous section.

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