Best 10 University to Pursue Ph.D. in Business Studies in UK

Best 10 University to Pursue Ph.D. in Business Studies in UK
Best 10 University to Pursue Ph.D. in Business Studies in UK


Because their abilities are so adaptable, students with a degree in business studies are seen as particularly employable. Business degrees may prepare students for various job options since they cover a wide range of topics, including economics, accounting, and entrepreneurship training, among many others.

Universities that provide business studies degrees frequently enhance the educational experience of their students by offering hands-on training outside of the classroom. Students can network with potential future employers and learn from industry experts through partnerships with businesses in the public and private sectors as well as LiveWebTutors may help make this a reality! We collaborate with hundreds of skilled experts from every branch of science and business to provide you with the Best Business Assignment Writing Help Online in UK.

London, one of the most important financial centres in the world, is located in the UK, making it a fantastic location to study business. London is the world’s largest currency trading hub and has more international banks than any other city. It also boasts several important commercial areas.

📌 2022 list of the top 10 business schools in the UK

  1. Cambridge University
  2. Oxford University
  3. London School of Economics and Political Science
  4. University of London
  5. UCL
  6. Warwick University
  7. Manchester University
  8. Edinburgh University
  9. Surrey University
  10. Leeds University

Selecting the best business school for you in the UK might be challenging because there are more than 100 of them. The best business schools in the UK are listed here, according to the Times Higher Education University Rankings 2022.


UCL’s 11 faculties offer undergraduate and graduate courses. The BSc in information management for business and the BSc in management science are the two undergraduate degree programs offered by the School of Management. Entrepreneurship, finance, management, and business analytics are among its master’s degree programs. Online classes, dual degree programs, and Ph.D. degree programs.

The School of Management concentrates its research on five key areas: organizations and innovation, marketing and analytics, strategy and entrepreneurship, operations and technology, finance, accounting, and economics. The impact of capital requirements on banks and the analysis of strategic discipline in new technology enterprises are two of its most recent research initiatives.

Students can pursue a career in business with the help of the school’s career services team. While the employer engagement team plans networking events all year long, the careers consultant team gives career advice and counselling. Students can network with companies to learn about hiring practices in their preferred industries at these events.

The employer engagement team has established partnerships with organizations including Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Expedia, Facebook, PwC, and Unilever. These businesses have previously participated in employer engagement programs designed to help students better understand potential occupations. Students have had access to employer-led CV checks, dummy assessment centres, and dummy interviews as part of these programs.

✅ University of London

The Business School at Imperial College London was founded in 2004.

The undergraduate program collaborates with the biochemistry, biology, biomedicine, and chemistry departments. Students enrolled in these programs finish their degrees with a business school final year in management. Additionally, a summer school offers three business courses to undergraduate and graduate students.

The business school also provides various master’s degree programs, including business analytics, accounting, investment and wealth management, and finance. Additionally, full-time, international online, weekend, and executive MBA programs are available to students.

PhDs cover a wide range of study subjects at the institution, including analytics and operations, finance, economics and public policy, marketing and strategy, and organizational behaviour.

✅ London School of Economics and Political Science

In 1895, the London School of Economics and Political Science was established. Since then, it has developed into one of the top institutions for social sciences worldwide.

With a focus on business and management, the management department has emerged as a global leader in these subjects’ education and research.

The management department provides a variety of programs at various degree levels. Undergraduate students interested in business and management might pursue a BSc in management degree. Graduate students can choose from a variety of master’s programs. Executive education is another service provided by the department to working professionals seeking additional education.

The management, psychology, and behavioural science departments work together to run the LSE’s Behavioural Lab for Teaching and Research. The laboratory was constructed to enable the controlled study of human behaviour. The lab’s state-of-the-art facilities enable research projects to be completed to a top-notch degree.

✅ Oxford University

Oxford University is a collegiate institution with 39 colleges, just like Cambridge. Four divisions—medical sciences, mathematics, physical and biological sciences; humanities; and social sciences—are in charge of the university’s approximately 100 academic departments.

Oxford began offering business courses in 1965. In 1996, businessman and philanthropist Wafic Sad made a substantial contribution to establishing the Saad Business School. Since then, it has developed into one of the top business schools worldwide.

The business school has 12-degree programs in management, finance, law, and economics. Open-enrolment courses are offered both in-person and online for students who want more freedom.

There are two primary locations for Sad Business School: Park End Street and Egrove Park. The Park End Street location hosts conferences, meetings, and gatherings on its lovely grounds. Only two miles from Oxford’s city centre, Egrove Park offers a home setting for business meetings within 37 acres of grass.

The Entrepreneurship Centre, the Creative Destruction Lab, and the Skull Centre for Social Entrepreneurship are the business school’s programs and centres that include cutting-edge facilities.

✅ Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge has 150 faculty and departments and 31 colleges. These are divided into six schools: technology, clinical medicine, humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, and arts and humanities. The School of Technology’s Faculty of Business and Management is part of that school.

The Cambridge Judge Business School is the focal point of the Faculty of Business and Management. The school strongly emphasizes educating students in business theory that they may utilize in various professional settings. The school encourages students to create new enterprises and products to support social enterprise.

The business school has formed ties with private sector businesses to make cooperation easier. Commercial students have the chance to collaborate on business and research initiatives with the university’s partners. Students can also utilize the adjacent incubators, scientific parks, and innovation hubs.

Accelerate the business school founded Cambridge in 2012 to provide three-month programs to help innovative enterprises. Students who want to start businesses are provided advice on how to do and grow it. The programs offer frequent mentorship and access to a shared workspace during the fall, spring, and summer periods.

The Entrepreneurship Centre, the Centre for Business Research, and the Psychometrics Centre are in the business school.

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