Best 10 reasons why NCERT books are good for CBSE students


The question arises in the mind of the students while studying about why they should refer to NCERT books and not other reference books for their preparation for the examination. To answer your queries, the Central Board of Secondary Education refers to NCERT books as they provide the information according to their guidelines, which is in-depth. 

The student’s goal is to score good marks in their final exams and their board exams. To achieve the goal, students refer to many reference books and confuse themselves with lots of new concepts that are not even related to the subject. Experts in the industry who provide quality education design NCERT Books to avoid facing any problem. They also offered NCERT Solutions for classes 6 to 12 for their reference to get their answers with logical reasoning.

The students preparing for their board exams refer to many books to get good marks in their examinations and end up ignoring NCERT Books, but they don’t know that more than half of the questions are from NCERT Books only. 

Today we’ll give you 10 reasons why NCERT Books are good for CBSE students.

  1. In-depth Information– These books are well defined and give in-depth information about the subject with all the information a student needs to understand the topic clearly. AFTER EXTENSIVE RESEARCH ON EACH TOPIC, all NCERT publications are written by experts to provide relevant and factual information to students. These books are there to help each student, regardless of their ability, knowledge, and experience. So NCERT books, if read carefully, can clear up all doubts giving you a complete understanding of complex topics. 
  2. Written in accessible language– Each NCERT book contains relevant and accurate information about all the critical subjects in your syllabus as efficiently as possible. So if you are having difficulty understanding any complex issue, NCERT books will free you. NCERT publishers designed these books to help the students in better learning. They also provide NCERT Solutions for a better understanding of the students. 
  3. Strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum– If students go through NCERT Books thoroughly, they can answer all the questions whether they are twisted or not. NCERT provides an in-depth reading that brings conceptual clarity, which is also helpful when it comes to answering the most difficult questions that students think come from the syllabus or another reference. Students have to accept that the concepts given in NCERT Books are factual and in easy language.
  4. Strengthen your fundamental knowledge- These books provide a syllabus with the basic information a student needs to understand clearly. If the students’ concepts are clear, they will be able to write in the examination quickly and do not need to cover everything repeatedly. All you have to do during the test is review the formulas, the terms, and the execution. That is why NCERT literature is suitable for comprehensive research to develop a clear concept.
  5. Helps in revision- No matter how much you learn and prepare for the examination, you need to revise it and prepare it before the inspection. NCERT Textbooks help you with the same. The concepts given in the NCERT textbooks are clear and delivered in the most accessible language possible. There’s also a list of formulas and essential points at the end of each chapter, which is very helpful as students do not have to waste their time going through the complete chapters. 
  6. Offer several problems to practice- NCERT offers a list of problems students need to clear their concepts. Once the idea and the basics are clear, the students will solve the twisted questions. You can find these questions at the end of the chapters. There are short type and long answer questions, which will give students a basic understanding of the questions they will get in the examination. You can also find NCERT Solutions for Class 10 as well for better practice.  Thus, to get a good score in the CBSE Board Examination, the student needs to solve these questions. 
  7. Enough to score a good percentage- It clears your mind and better understands the language. It has all the syllabus contents, and the advantage is that it is there in simple and concise language that will help you clarify your doubts and apply them to the test. CBSE recommended itself too, and you can stand out from the crowd and get the highest marks in the CBSE exam.
  8. Saves your time- Preparing for the exam is challenging. In addition, students are often anxious about tests. But if you read the books recommended by the CBSE board, preparing for your exams will be much smoother than you thought. You can save much more time than now which will help you revise. Also, it will reflect your final test results as well. It will eventually give you a good score.
  9. Major questions are picked from NCERT textbooks- In addition to all the facts, every CBSE student should be aware that all sets of question papers follow these NCERT books while preparing exam papers. You do not need to refer to any indicator while preparing for the test. These books contain essential details, formulas, and questions to help you prepare well for the exam. Therefore, to get high marks in your final exam or board exams, you should always refer to the NCERT books.
  10. Important questions at the end of the chapters are asked in inboards- The most crucial reason you should refer to NCERT Book is that all the essential questions given at the end of the chapters are asked in the Board examination. So, students must refer to those questions. Students do not need to refer to the many other reference books for essential questions as the NCERT Books provide all of their textbooks and their solutions to NCERT Solutions.


You should refer to the NCERT Books while preparing for the examination as they have many reasons for solving them. There’s absolutely no harm in using reference books for preparation but why waste your time and efforts when you can easily get a good score in your examination.


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