Benefits of pet boarding


Choosing somewhere for your pet to remain whilst you’re away is an important decision to make, and there are many possibilities to you. Find out why boarding might be a good choice for your pet by taking a look at simply a few great things about Healthy Hound pet boarding:

Planning on taking a vacation to a tropical island? Or maybe you have a work conference to attend. While these can be stressful enough to organize, you’ll also need to consider what you’ll do with your dog. You’re really left with only two options, a dog sitter or a dog boarding facility. While there are a few advantages of going with a sitter, it does mean letting a stranger into your home – and this can be a scary thought. However, with a dog boarding facility just like the Dog Stop, you can feel 100% comfortable knowing that your dog is receiving 24/7 care and attention in a safe environment. So here are a few of the key benefits associated with boarding your pet the next time you leave town!

What are the advantages of pet boarding?
Interaction and companionship
By taking your pet to a boarding facility, you’ll ensure your pet is provided with regular interaction. In case you have your dog, some kennels even provide playtime with other dogs where appropriate. The excess fuss and care is specially essential pet’s that are prone to separation anxiety!

Supervision, love, and attention
You may be thinking, but how much attention will my dog be receiving? Also to answer that, we can simply say that boarding your dog will mean they get supervised all day, every day. Actually, they’ll likely be getting more attention than if they were at home! Our staff are trained to manage packs of dogs in line with the AACPH (American Association of Canine Pack Handlers). This means that our staff completely understand dog language, and how to approach different behaviors.

Lots of activity
To add to the previous point, not only will your dog get plenty of attention, nonetheless they will also be fully stimulated and engaged with the activities at the facility. The Dog Stop features multiple indoor and outdoor activities, such as bridges, benches, wading pools and much more! If indeed they were to stay at home with a sitter, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll be getting the quantity of exercise they need and deserve.

Proper nutrition
Your dog will be eating tip-top food along with a constant way to obtain freshwater. Discuss your dog’s nutritional needs with your local boarding facility to ensure that your dog’s dietary requirements are met.

Safety protocols and measures
When it comes to dog boarding, safety is paramount. You will need to ensure that the destination your dog is boarding at has rigorous safety controls in place. This ensures that your pet dog isn’t at risk of injury from equipment or other dogs. Most boarding facilities have insurance and are up-to-date with pet first-aid. All this means is the fact that you can rest easy knowing that your dog is safe.

Getting your dog socialized is important for your dog’s overall wellbeing. Which has a dog boarding facility, they have the capability to make lots of new friends, while being supervised because of their total safety.

Proper exercise and nutrition
Pets, especially dogs, require daily exercise and nutrition. A well-run pet boarding service will offer exercise time and provide nutritious food, as well as be willing to work with you if your pet is on a particular diet.

Additional services
Many kennels and catteries offer additional professional services such as pet grooming and training classes, which can help boost your pet’s happiness and comfort during their stay!

Expert care
At a licenced kennels or cattery, your pet will be in the care of staff who are professionally trained to ensure your canine friend is looked after with skill and empathy. Many kennel and cattery personnel will be interested in animal care and have lots of professional qualifications and experience under their belts.

Pet boarding facilities are built with animal safety at heart, so you’ll have the ability to leave knowing your pet is unlikely to escape onto the streets! Many businesses take extra precautions to guarantee the safety of your pets too, for example implementing lock down procedures, alarms and CCTV security.

Pet boarding offer many benefits, but remember that all pets are different and get their own unique needs. Whilst pet boarding could be simply perfect for one animal, it could be completely unsuitable for another. Be sure to research your facts in advance to make certain you pick the right type of look after your pet.


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