Benefits of Outsourcing in Healthcare Industry?

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What intrigues healthcare facilities to choose to outsource? Does it cost-effectiveness or the increased performance level acquired through a consistent focus on the business’s core competencies? The sole reason hospitals and healthcare providers choose to hand over their business functions to healthcare call center services is that they expect to achieve operational finesse without making million-dollar investments.


The primary choice of a Healthcare organization is to maximize its in-house staff competency and provide ace-level patient care. Not every company is versed with hefty financial backup to get the needed resources and workforce. Even if you can hire a sufficient number of professionals, there is always the requirement to provide cross-functional training to these experts, which again requires time and money.


Thus, hiring a healthcare call center to maintain a sublime equilibrium is a feasible choice.


Perks of Outsourcing in Healthcare


The most commonly outsourced functions are IT in the healthcare industry. However, outsourcing in healthcare goes far beyond this one function and includes:


· Mental health services

· Pharmacy

· Laboratory

· Medical tourism

· Medical billing

· Rehabilitation

· Sterilization

· Patient transport

· Facility management

· Procurement and many more.


Outsourcing also plays a crucial role in helping the health care industry overcome various challenges associated with finding the right expert for each of the above-mentioned areas, especially in terms of remote areas. However, as a health provider brings in additional resources to manage these functions, it can better focus on efficient service delivery.


Efficient Cost Control


A healthcare BPO helps in cost control by minimizing administrative costs and fueling process efficiencies. For example, it reduces HR expenses for hiring and training new employees and also reduces turnover.


Creates a Competitive Edge


Healthcare providers can quickly achieve valuable scalability that is essential for supporting growth and fluctuating patient needs. Overall, BPO companies help in increasing quality and efficiency in multiple ways for better outcomes in different areas.


Outsourcing offers: 

Among many, here are a few outsourcing services a healthcare call center offers from pre-to post patient care:


1. Insurance Verification: Call centers to take care of patients every need, from verifying patient portfolios to eligibility verification. BPO services guarantee to mitigate all the financial risks patients and hospitals face. Outsourcing to Healthcare call center ensures smooth management of administration functions without taking the eye away from the patient and hospital care at the same time.

2. Physical Referral Services: Call centers to have access to specialty doctors and physicians who can be reached easily through their referral services provided to patients. Call centers will map you to specialized physicians by setting up appointments. Additionally, provide support to complete formalities for healthcare screening.

3. Claim Management: Medicare call centers automate certain manual functions of claim management that further help declutter the bottleneck in your revenue cycle. They also guarantee a clean claim by implementing automation in the claims management system to analyze and manage in a single pass. This call center service will eventually eliminate the risk of claims denial or short pay due to inaccurate or partial claims documentation.

4. Appointment Setting: If the healthcare authority is busy carrying on with their core and other emergency tasks, call centers will manage patient encounters efficiently through appointment setting services. By leveraging this time-saving service, you will be spared from handling appointments to focus on the practice.

5. Billing Services: BPO partners are responsible for tracking money owed to you in terms of consultation, screening, tests, and other healthcare services. Choosing revenue recovery services to outsource call centers will help you send patients and insurance providers reminders urging them to pay the pending dues.

6. 24*7 Healthcare Answering Services: To avail of round-o-clock healthcare answering services, outsourcing to Medicare call centers will help you interact with patients efficiently to resolve billing and invoice conflicts in no time. If you have a tightly-packed schedule, call centers have skilled agents to ensure no calls are missed during and after business hours.

Also, know a bit about the downside of outsourcing that will give you a better perspective towards the need for outsourcing: The success of outsourcing solely depends on choosing the right outsourcing partner, which might sometimes turn out to be a complex process.

There have been reports of security breaches and patient privacy issues while outsourcing in a few cases. Data breaches can be a significant risk for healthcare organizations that completely rely on outsourcing. Moreover, if a healthcare call center is not HIPAA compliant and follows the rules and regulatory measures must result in healthcare, it can cause serious problems. Sometimes, other outsourcing-related challenges include potential quality issues. These usually arise from misunderstandings about the scope of work and complete costs for the services. When choosing to outsource, healthcare facilities must consider the time and effort needed to accomplish duties and amicably agree on developing a rigid partnership at the front.


Apart from cost-effectiveness, outsourcing to a healthcare call center provides you access to a qualified and experienced workforce that can assist you in accomplishing various clinical duties and other healthcare related tasks efficiently and appropriately. To be ahead of the healthcare competitors and meet the growing industry demands within the healthcare industry, you must consider outsourcing the below functions to call center agents trained to meet healthcare standards.

Effective data collection and analysis: Outsourcing offers you the most updated technology for the collection of patient data without investing any extra capital. Many smart healthcare organizations have already outsourced their data entry duties to enhance their working efficiency and productivity. However, with the increasing patient demands for availing quality services, firms have started outsourcing data management processes for billing, clinical research, health outcomes, and more. A healthcare BPO can provide you access to healthcare professionals skilled in handling numerous important data and keeping them confidential. 

Error-free medical billing: Healthcare facilities and hospitals have to deal with thousands of medical records every day. In-house staff become overburdened in managing data and simultaneously managing patient care. However, unlike other industries, medical billing and coding can be complicated in the healthcare industry. Without the right knowledge and experience, healthcare providers may face costly errors in processing patient medical bills. Outsourcing your medical billing department can provide you with a specialized team of professionals to deal with these records error-free. In addition, making medical bills requires you to follow certain rules and regulations that a healthcare BPO can handle well. Outsourcing these duties to an expert can prevent you from getting any billing and coding hiccups. 

HR services: Outsourcing human resource services will help you manage administration and benefits assistance. Your outsourced BPO company can provide a better benefits package and health insurance at a minimized cost. BPO can also help you create employee manuals, hire and train new staff, and more—in addition, they will save you the cost of hiring an in-house HR

In a nutshell


Business process outsourcing is re-evolving in the seam of technological advancements and transiting patient preferences. As a result, the healthcare industry is now beginning to use outsourcing as an extension of its business strategy. With the state-of-art infrastructure, a team of professionals, and a seamless track record of meeting organizations’ expectations, your BPO company will not just help you to perform efficiently but will also raise your brand’s image by delivering an A-level of patient care.


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